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More WoW-themed cakes

Thanksgiving seems like an excellent time to update our gallery of WoW-related confectionary masterpieces, also known as WoW cakes. This dragon and Alliance-themed cake above was made for Valaar of Kargath by his girlfriend Erelia for his 30th birthday. She also made the Cake of the Lich King that we posted a while back. Talented lady!

And elsewhere in the updated gallery, you'll find this Moonkin cake, made for Mark by his mother, sister, and girlfriend. Yes, those do appear to be real feathers on the cake. Probably not the most appetizing topping, but maybe they were just making it to show off. It does add a very Moonkin feel, that's for sure. If you have pictures of an awesome WoW-related cake, feel free to send them along on our tipline, and you may see them right here in the future!

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The world's deadliest dessert

We've seen Hordecake, Alliance cake, Horde-oken cake, and now we have a cake from Fatalis Sciurus, the 'Deadly Squirrels' of the Uldum realm. According to Kronq, a member of the guild, Fatalis Sciurus is a pretty small, tight knit group that all gets together in person now and then for "food, drinks, and whatever." Guildie Hallana decided to go the extra mile and put together a themed chocolate cake for the gang, bearing their adorable yet deadly namesake. I don't know about you guys, but that picture makes me want to lick the Horde emblem right off of the thing. Delicious, delicious sugar!

I have to admit, I have some pretty serious envy about the regular guild get-togethers. I enjoy gaming with my long distance friends (and yes, I consider them real friends), but there's just no substitute for hanging out in person sometimes. I wish I could have more of my guildies over at my place or vice versa regularly, the few times I've been able to do it were amazingly fun.

From now on, I think we of WoW Insider should start requiring that you guys send us a piece of the cake along with the pictures. It's just not fair to taunt us with sweets like this!

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Well Fed Buff: Fizzy Faire Drinks

Every Thursday, Well Fed Buff will be serving up the tastiest dishes to boost your HP and stats, just in time for your weekend gaming.

In honor of the impending Spring season, and the traveling Darkmoon Faire, this week's Well Fed Buff will feature an improved version of [Fizzy Faire Drink "Classic"]. Don't worry, we won't be going anywhere near 'New Fizzy Faire Drinks'.

The Improved Fizzy Faire Drinks can be prepared in a variety of styles and flavors, with fun colors and yummy garnishes. As such, several different combinations will be featured, and their mysterious buffs revealed.

In fact, I wanted to create a purple and green float as a symbol of the Darkmoon Faire, but all my local grocery store offered would have made a grape-mint combination. If any brave souls try this, or can snag lime instead of mint, send us a screenshot!

If you're curious, and itching to start off the ice cream season a little early, hop on through the break.

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