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The Queue: G-Men

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo) will be your host for today.

I don't think I need to say anything other than the fact that it was a really good game. Sorry, Brady.

exogenesis. asked:

"I did the Love is in the Air bosses this morning - and the necks that dropped were not upgraded. Is this intentional, or a bug?"

This is intentional. Remember, the Cataclysm expansion released at the beginning of December, with Love is in the Air launching with an updated form in February 2011. At the time, these ilevel 346 necks were a huge boon to players who were still slogging through Cataclysm heroics at the opening of the expansion, some of the hardest casual content Blizzard has ever released.

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Breakfast Topic: Are You Ready for Some Football?

It was sort of lost in the shuffle between Love Is in the Air and the fact that we're technically not a sports blog, but this weekend featured one of the biggest events in American sporting, the Super Bowl. Believe it or not, even some of us uber geeks here at's world headquarters like sports. Some of us even watched the Super Bowl. Some of us even watched it for a reason other than the commercials. (And honestly, the commercials sucked this year. Except the Google one. That made me melt and go all gooey and squeal with warm fuzzies.)

Anyhow, it was a good game, if not the best Super Bowl I've seen in years. But what it really got me thinking of was Warcraft football. Believe it or not, football in Warcraft is totally canon. If you don't believe me, you should watch the end credits for Warcraft III. With that in mind, I got to thinking about what an Azerothian football league might look like, what cities and villages would field teams, and who'd win the superbowl.

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Paul Sams owns part of the Steelers

Ok, admittedly, this is about as far away from the World of Warcraft as we go on this site, but stick with me here, it'll be worth it for the jokes: Blizzplanet has discovered that Blizzard COO Paul Sams and his family are now major shareholders in the Pittsburgh Steelers, of all things. The connection seems a little hard to find, until you check the rest of the list: Thomas Tull is also a shareholder, and he happens to be CEO of Legendary Pictures, the same company that has made a deal with Sams and Blizzard to make the Warcraft movie. I can't say I know that many CEOs personally, but I have to imagine that the conversation went something like, "Hey, wanna own part of a football team with me?" And who would pass up an opportunity like that?

Fortunately for Sams and his team, they're supposed to do pretty well this year (and of course they're coming off of a Super Bowl win last year), so the investment is likely a good one. But, more importantly, we can now point out that if the Steelers make their way to the conference championships and half of Blizzard travels to Pittsburgh to see the game, we'll know why the patch isn't coming out that week.

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WoW in 3D doesn't work so well

3D seems to be making a reemergence lately -- there was a 3D commercial on the Super Bowl last week, I'm going to see Coraline in 3D this weekend (Neil Gaiman and stop motion for the win), and Nvidia's 3D Vision cards have recently been integrated with World of Warcraft. But not so fast there: apparently while the system does make WoW stereoscopic (sends a different picture to each eye), and while it does work for some media (apparently watching 3D HD content with the system "feels like your monitor is a window"), analyst Rob Enderle over at TG Daily says WoW in 3D isn't all that amazing.

Let's not forget, of course, that this is a game going on four years old, and while it has a terrific art style, and has recieved multiple graphic updates since then, we're still dealing with old technology in terms of a graphic engine. So Enderle says that the 3D really makes you realize that there are no real physics in the game -- "the objects," he says, "look like flat cutouts fanned out in a 3D field." The physical limitations are there, too -- you need a special monitor, apparently, and it's only 22" big, which might seem fine for most, but anyone who works all day on a computer (like yours truly), is used to a little bigger screen.

Not to mention that, as he says, any technology that requires you to wear glasses isn't quite as cool as it could be yet. But 3D is obviously making progress, and the more popular it gets, the easier it'll be to make and experience. Maybe someday we'll all see Azeroth as a 3D world around us.

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Vork shows up in the Super Bowl

Is that... Vork? Quite a few tipsters have spotted this Super Bowl ad for, and about halfway through, what appears to be The Guild's Jeff Lewis in his skivvies jumps on screen (we've preserved the image in a quick screenshot above -- you can thank us later, ladies). We actually checked in with The Guild, and they confirmed that yes, that is everyone's favorite GM. Feel free to cheer/ swoon/ shudder appropriately.

Lewis met up with us (and the rest of The Guild's cast members) back at BlizzCon, and it's good to see his star is.. rising? (we kid!) Keep an eye on the rest of the ads for the big game this Sunday night as well -- it looks like Coke has an online gaming reference coming with their "Avatar" ad, and considering how gigantic World of Warcraft is on TV lately, we may see some other sly winks towards our favorite game.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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