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Popular WoW streamer Swifty detained by police during live stream

The WoW streamer and all-around well known player Swifty had the police called on him during his live stream last night. The officers arrived at his residence and proceeded to question him, searched his home, and then detained him to go down to the police station. This was, apparently, the second time the police were called inappropriately. The video above is from a VoD of the live stream, you can see the entire incident play out when Swifty left. In another VoD, you can see the police arrive for the first time.

The call to the police was over a false accusation that Swifty was threatening someone with a knife. Swifty and his streaming companions have said that they are quite upset over this, and that they're not taking it lightly. Filing a false police report like this can land the accuser in quite a bit of trouble, police have much better things to do than joke around with false threats of violence.

Given phone tracing and IP logging, we'd be surprised if this person isn't caught. We'll bring you updates on this as we learn of them.

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Blizzard responds to Swifty ban incident

As you might have heard, Razer WoW gamer Swifty, along with numerous other players, were banned due to server disruption violations during one of Swifty's live streams that crashed a server. While Swifty acknowledged that he never intended to crash the server, Bashiok responded to the bans by stating that even if no one intended to crash servers or disrupt gameplay, the emote spamming and influx of players brought down many servers.

Swifty livestreams events with his guild on occasion and even hosts parts of the stream himself. Being the WoW gamer celebrity that he is, his stream attracts a good number of viewers. His own YouTube video response to his ban acknowledges between 4,000 and 5,000 people were watching his livestream. People flocked to the server, and the disruptions began. A number of players, including Swifty, were banned. Over the course of the day, Blizzard reviewed the information and decided to unban Swifty.

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