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M'uru video, interview from SK-Gaming; third kill by Premonition

As the first guild to have killed M'uru, SK-Gaming has now released their video of the fight. You can see it above (if it's working; there seem to be some server issues on their end), or go to their site to download it in full-res glory. There are two different points of view: a BM hunter, and an enhancement shaman. I haven't been able to watch it yet because it's been down, but I'm sure it's an exciting fight.

The SK guild leaders also gave an interview a couple of days ago on their site. Here are some things they said that I find interesting:

  • SK is very impressed with the tuning on the fight, and think Kil'jaeden, the next fight, "might turn out to be the best encounter ever made."
  • Everyone gets to take an active role in the fight; for instance, there are adds that can only be killed by an offensive dispell, and melee gets to use stuns, mages get to polymorph, etc.
  • The viability of feral druids has been increased; they think Resto shaman is the "strongest overall class."
  • Most of the loot is pretty good, although they would have preferred a token system.
And of course they're looking forward to Kil'jaeden; who wouldn't be in that situation?

One final note: a third guild, in addition to SK-Gaming (world first) and Exodus (US first), has managed to down M'uru. Premonition, an Alliance guild on Alleria-US (and the first US guild to kill the Eredar Twins), took him down last night and received the following loot: Breastplate of Agony's Aversion, Bladed Chaos Tunic, Gloves of the Forest Drifter, and Sin'dorei Band of Dominance.

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Exodus gets US-first M'uru kill

Hot on the heels of SK-Gaming's world-first kill of M'uru, the penultimate Sunwell Plateau boss, the US guild Exodus has scored a place in the hall of records by being the first in the region to kick his Naaru butt, early this morning. Exodus live on Kel'thuzad, Horde-side, and apparently just got sponsored a few days ago, which endowed them with a brand-new website and plenty of bandwidth just in time.

If you want to see one of their players' personal thoughts on the fight, you can check it out on their forum (NSFW language). Apparently it was a nine-hour attempt (!), and they used six healers, four tanks, and 15 DPS, in case you were wondering. Edit: looks like that entire thread was a parody of a Nihilum thread about their Eredar Twins kill. I shouldn't post before I've had my coffee. One of the items that dropped for them was something we figured M'uru had, and is in my gallery from yesterday (Sin'dorei Band of Dominance), but the rest of them were not on that list: Harness of Carnal Instinct, Garments of Serene Shores, and Robes of Faltered Light. Congrats to Exodus!

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New M'uru items datamined

In the wake of SK-Gaming's world-first kill of the Sunwell Plateau boss M'uru, World of Raids has checked out the data files and found some other items that they're pretty sure are on M'uru's loot table. You can also see information on these items, and other new items as they are discovered, on Wowhead's new additions page, a handy resource. Pictured is the one-handed sword Muramasa, which looks pretty bad-ass if you ask me.

For this and the rest of the items, I've made a gallery containing the tooltips with all the stats, and the item models when appropriate. However, M'uru's loot table seems to consist mostly of rings and trinkets, so there's not much to show for those besides the tooltips themselves. I don't mind -- I'll drool just as much over stats as over an item's appearance. Click on, fellow stat geeks!

Gallery: M'uru loot

MuramasaGauntlets of the Soothed SoulSin'dorei Band of SalvationSin'dorei Band of riumphSin'dorei Band of DominanceRing of Hardened Resolve

[via World of Raids]

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M'uru world first by SK-Gaming

On the fourth day of the second Sunwell Plateau gates being opened there, the European guild SK-Gaming has achieved the world-first kill of M'uru, the fifth SWP boss. Good job, guys! This is all the more surprising because I don't think of SK-Gaming as one of the big-name guilds, but maybe I've just been missing out. Edit: D'oh! That's the guild formerly known as Curse. I knew the name looked familiar. Also, I would sort of have expected the US realms to get there first because their gates opened a day earlier. But on the other hand, Europe has been on top of the world firsts for a while.

You can see the loot above -- click to embiggen. That Shifting Naaru Sliver sounds fun.

[via MMO-Champion]

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Legendary bow Thori'dal, the Star's Fury "nerfed" on live servers

World of Raids has discovered something that might give Hunters a momentary attack of Angina: Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury has been found in the current game files, and while it still looks pretty tasty, it's also look weaker than the last known stats from the Pre-PTR leak. Namely, it's lost about 10 base DPS, having dropped from 148.7 DPS to 138.8 DPS.

Now, it's hard to call this a "nerf," perse, since the bow hasn't actually appeared on any live or test server yet as an actual item. It's possible that the pre-PTR leak was a hoax (not likely though, since it got the other stats spot on), or that Blizzard's internal testing made them think they needed to tone back the damage a bit. It's a bit of a blow to think what might have been with the old damage anyway, of course.

That said, Kil'jaedan isn't even killable yet on live realms, so the stats could change again before it drops. Even if they don't, it's still an awesome bow that will make the Black Bow of the Betrayer look like a peashooter for damage, and comes with the added bonus of a free bag slot, so I'm sure there will be plenty of Hunters aiming for it, and good luck to them. My Hunter is still going to be holding out for a Legendary Gun out of Thor Modan.

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Nihilum's live stream postponed

Some of you may be excited about Nihilum's live stream of a Sunwell Plateau raid, which was scheduled for today at 1 PM EDT. I know I was looking forward to it about it. However, sad news -- it's been delayed, so we'll have to wait a little bit longer to see how the cutting edge of WoW raiding does things. The reason for this delay is the opening of the new gate; I imagine they want a chance to try M'uru first before fighting him (her? it?) live in front of the world. Tentatively, the new date for the event will be in one week, May 7, but that could well change. Stay tuned for more updates.

The event itself remains the same. You'll be able to pick from four streams to follow -- Kungen (prot warrior), Darmor (fire mage), Johnnyr (holy paladin), and Buzzkil (destruction 'lock). The stream is supported by Xfire, so their software may be necessary to view it; Nihilum haven't been quite clear on that yet. I hope not, because it doesn't look like there's a Mac version. By the way, it looks like Nihilum is recruiting. So if you're a holy priest, resto shaman, holy paladin, BM hunter, or destruction Warlock on the European realms with some T6 gear, preferably Sunwell experience, and a desire to raid more than is probably healthy, click on over to apply.

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Second gate open in US

When the North American realms came back online after maintenance today, the second Sunwell Plateau gate was open. This means that all you high-end raiding guilds now have a chance to tackle M'uru, SWP boss number five, while I cry softly to myself and work on melting Malchezaar's face off. The first SWP gate was opened after patch 2.4 had been live for two weeks, and the second, today, was three weeks after that. This makes the likelihood seem pretty decent that the fourth third gate, allowing access to Kil'jaeden himself, will open four weeks from today, but we'll have to wait and see.

Nobody killed M'uru when 2.4 was on the PTR, so we don't really know what he might drop, although four trinkets named "...Naaru Sliver" seem fairly likely, as they are SWP drops and M'uru is a Naaru. See World of Raids for stats on the trinkets and some information on the M'uru fight. The European realms will presumably get the second gate open tomorrow, after their maintenance.

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Blizzard interviews itself on Sunwell, Wrath

In a piece called "Fury of the Sunwell and Beyond: an Insider Interview" (were they thinking of us when they named that?), Blizzard Europe sat down with J. Allen Brack, WoW lead producer, as well as art director Chris Robinson. They talked about the recent patch 2.4, as well as a bit about my favorite topic, the upcoming expansion Wrath of the Lich King. As usual in these interviews, there isn't a ton of solid, new information, but it's still a good read.

Here are the parts I found the most interesting:
  • Sunwell Plateau is the evolution of what Naxxramas was for the original game. They learned some lessons from Naxx; for instance, Naxx was just too big for many guilds to be able to get through it before The Burning Crusade hit.
  • Northrend will have "a very Nordic, gothic fantasy feel" -- sounds cool! To set the scene, players will be rewarded with "Northrendy" items early in Wrath: "for example, say, a two-handed axe that's made of a dragon jaw, covered with spikes, leather, and other traditional materials. We want players to see the new gear and think, 'Yeah, that guy's been to Northrend.'" I want my dragon jaw axe now please. can make that with +heal, right? And give priests axe skill?
  • As the player treks through the zones of Northrend, the landscape gets bleaker and players get more spread out, escaping the hyper-population of the starting zones. Blizzard wants to invoke a "growing sense of isolation and dread" as players get closer to Arthas.
  • The two starting zones are at opposite tips of crescent-shaped Northrend. They wanted to give us an easy way to travel between them, so we get boats. But not just any boats -- turtle boats! Brack talks about "a giant turtle with a deck mounted on top of its shell." Best form of transportation since Captain Placeholder, if you ask me.

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Hybrid Theory: Brutallus and You

Every week, Alex Ziebart comes to you with Hybrid Theory. A column with... theories about hybrids, I guess. I mean, that's what it says at least. I guess it could be something else, but probably not. Honestly, you should probably just read it and find out for yourself.

In the past here on Hybrid Theory, we've discussed what Hybrids are capable of doing in a raid, as far as beneficial talents and utilities. We talked about the fact that a few well-placed hybrids in your raid can take your DPS from 'good' to 'horrifyingly good.' All of this comes to the front again in a boss that many high-end raid groups are clashing against right now: Brutallus.

If you haven't read anything on this boss yet, it's the single largest gear check in WoW yet. It's Burning Crusade's Patchwerk, mostly. To beat Brutallus, you need roughly 29,000 sustained DPS across your entire raid. If you don't pull that off, you hit his enrage timer and he destroys all of you. Simple as that! If you're lucky you can burn off a final two or three percent of his health after the enrage, but that's about as far as you go. That three percent is about 300,000 health, so don't get too confident.

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Sunwell raid temporarily disabled

For those of you who have hitting the PTR to attempt WoW's hardest raid yet, the Sunwell Plateau, it's going to be turned off for a little while, until the next PTR patch, which "will be very soon." Updates on the various bosses:
  • Kalecgos is close enough, will be finished internally and therefore presumably disabled on the PTR when the Sunwell comes back
  • Brutallus's stomp will remove burn when he comes back, only for him to be tested briefly and then disabled.
  • Felmys and the Eredar Twins will get "major changes"
  • Trash (or, in Blizzard's euphemism, "the oh-so-compelling, non-boss mobs") gets "a good deal of tuning" as well
What have your impressions of the Sunwell been so far?

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PTR Notes: Undocumented changes

Today a big new build went up on the patch 2.4 PTR, and every change that was in the patch notes was detailed here. However, inevitably, there were some changes that didn't make it to the patch notes, and for that we have the intrepid researchers at MMO-Champion and World of Raids. Here's what they've managed to tease out of the realms:
  • Most of the Tier 6 belts, boots, and bracers found in the Sunwell raid have had their Stamina removed, and other stats increased to compensate. The exception is the Warrior tanking set, Onslaught Armor. Edit: And the Paladin tanking set, Lightbringer Armor.
  • The five epic BoP jewelcrafted trinkets we learned about previously have had patterns added; they're available at the Revered level from the Shattered Sun Offensive quartermaster.
  • In what must be a bug of some sort, rank 1 of the Warlock talent Emberstorm now increases the casting speed of Incinerate by 2%, as well as its previous effect of boosting all fire damage by 2%. Other ranks of the talent are unchanged.
That's everything discovered so far. Seen anything else that wasn't mentioned in the new patch notes?

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Phoenix pet drop found

Thanks to tipster Panagiotis of <Horde Hit Squad> (EU-Mazrigos-A), and to valiant PTR testers, we now know where patch 2.4's new non-combat Phoenix Hatchling pet can be found: it drops from Kael'thas, in Magister's Terrace. This is kind of cute if you think about it, since the version of Kael'thas in the Eye drops the Ashes of Al'ar. Big Kael'thas, big phoenix; little Kael'thas, little phoenix. According to MMO-Champion, it drops it normal mode, but not in Heroic. If you need any help with your normal-mode Kael'thas strategy, check out this video. Still unknown is what the drop rate is. I'd guess pretty low, as these "frill" items tend to be that way (Baron's mount, anyone?).

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Magister's Terrace videos

Spoiler alert: this video shows a successful kill of Kael'thas, the final boss of the new 5-man Magister's Terrace in patch 2.4.

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Legendary ranged weapon confirmed

Like MMO-Champion says, this isn't the biggest surprise, but we now have confirmation (en français) that a legendary ranged weapon will drop in the new 25-man raid in patch 2.4's Sunwell Plateau. Specifically, it will be a direct drop, like the Warglaives of Azzinoth, and not the result of a quest chain, like good old Thunderfury. Still unknown is which boss it'll be from (though Boubouille reasonably supposes that it'll be the last boss, Kil'jaeden).

Also unknown is what type of weapon it will be: bow, gun, or crossbow. Vosh makes the guess that it will be a crossbow, because guns would benefit dwarves and bows would benefit night elves trolls [sorry!], due to their racial bonuses, which makes sense, although I wouldn't bet on it either. What do you guys think? What will this weapon be like, and hunters, how excited are you?

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