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The Queue: Something about tabards

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley will be your host today.

Tabards tabards tabards tabards ...

Roguesan asked:

I've been doing the dailies in Tol Barad for a couple of weeks now; I reckon that spectral horse will match my mage's (eventual) tier 11 quite nicely, and hopefully by the time I manage to claw my way exalted with Baradin's Wardens, it will coincide with having managed to slap together a gear set.

My problem is this: Having been randomly browsing through the achievements list last night looking for a handful that could be worked on during the course of my day-to-day stuff, I found the one for completing 100 dailies in Tol Barad -- with the counter set at 0/100.

What gives?

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The OverAchiever: Twenty-five tabards

Twenty-Five Tabards is one of the cooler achievements to do -- not only does it reward a pretty neat-looking tabard in the end, but having the reputations necessary to pull it off (unless you're cheesing it with a lot of TCG tabards) is going to help you a lot while going for The Exalted.

The first thing I'd like to point out is that you don't need to do what I did while getting pictures for this article and run around like a headless chicken collecting tabards from all corners of the world. The easiest way to re-collect any tabards you've previously owned is by visiting Elizabeth Ross in Dalaran or a tabard vendor in any major city. I do need to mention that they sell tabards for the currency each faction uses (e.g. you still have to pay 10 Glowcaps to purchase a Sporeggar tabard from them) so if you don't have the currency on you at the time, you'll still be making a field trip to collect it.

For this guide I'm assuming that you do not necessarily have access to now-unobtainable tabards like Competitor's Tabard or Tabard of the Protector, so if you do have pieces like this sitting around your bank, you're just that much closer to the achievement. As mentioned previously, you can fudge Twenty-Five Tabards by getting TCG tabards like Tabard of Nature or Tabard of Frost, but I'm also assuming you don't have access to any of these. This achievement is very much doable with a little hard work and a pinch of luck, so let's get rolling.

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