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BlizzCon 2014 Talent Contest now open for submissions

The sign-up page for the BlizzCon 2014 Talent Contest is now open and taking entries. For the Talent Contest, entries should be a 2-minute video of a Blizzard-themed performance. This year, Blizzard has obtained the rights to several different songs that can be used during the performances, either as a backing track, or even as a Blizzard-themed derivative version -- in other words, parody tracks using the approved songs are completely fine. The full list is available on the official announcement post.

Semi-Finalists in the Talent Contest will receive $500. Four Finalist acts will be chosen and provided with airfare, tickets and hotel accommodations to BlizzCon 2014, where they will perform their acts for the judges, who will then decide the winners. The Fourth Place winner will receive $800, Third Place will receive $1,250, Second Place will receive $2,000, and First Place will receive a whopping $3,000. But if you want to throw your hat in the ring, you better get moving -- all entries must be received by 11:59PM PDT on August 5.

As a reminder, those looking to enter the Blizzcon 2014 Art and Movie contests only have a few days left to enter -- submissions will be closed on July 7. Good luck to all who enter!

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BlizzCon 2014 Art and Movie contest submissions now open

If you're an artist or a movie maker with a penchant for all things Blizzard, now's your chance to show off your talents and win some prizes. The Art and Movie contests for BlizzCon 2014 are now officially taking submissions, and there's a sweet list of prizes to be had. For the BlizzCon Movie Contest, third place will receive $850, second place will receive $1,300, and first place will receive $2,000 and an Oswald Statue. Prizes for the BlizzCon Art Contest are $700 for third place, $1,000 for second place, and $1,500 to the first place winner ... but that's not all. Each winner for both the Art and Movie contests will also receive either a ticket to BlizzCon 2014, or an additional $175 cash.

Keep in mind that the submissions for these contests don't necessarily have to be Warcraft related -- you can take your inspiration for your artwork or film from any of the Blizzard franchises. But if you want to enter, you might want to get a move on -- the deadline for submissions is 11:59PM PST on July 7. For more information, official rules, and submission guidelines, head to the official site.

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BlizzCon 2014 - Many contests, handle them

I have never been to BlizzCon, so I assume it's a lot like a raid. This year, amongst the many encounters will be a series of contests that you have the opportunity to defeat. As is customary, there will be an excellent costume contest (at least, it's always been excellent when I watched it on the stream) with some fairly sensible rules, like 'no real weapons' and 'please design your costume so you can see and walk because otherwise you'll fall down a lot'.

Then there's the expanded talent contest. Can you sing, dance, or make people laugh? Send 'em a YouTube link with your intended performance and make sure you keep it within their suggested limits so they can use it during the con if they like it and you.

There's also an art and a movie contest, for the artistic and visionary types among us. So go ahead and check out the dungeon journal for the BlizzCon contests. There's also an email address for any questions you may have -

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Reminder: Entries for the BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest due August 6th

Reminder Entries for the BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest due August 6th
If you're interested in showing your talents to the world on the BlizzCon stage, here's your reminder that the deadline to enter the Talent Contest is fast approaching. And if you've got Blizzard-themed talent to show off, don't let not having BlizzCon tickets deter you: the top four teams will get round trip airfare, hotel lodging, airport shuttle transportation, and admission to BlizzCon 2013 so they can perform their routine on the BlizzCon stage. And that's in addition to some very nice cash prizes.

Think you have what it takes? You'll have to record a 2-minute video of your talent to submit to Blizzard by August 6th. Check out the official rules and Blizzard's contest page for full details.

And, of course, good luck from WoW Insider!

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BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest prizes updated

BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest prizes updated
If you've been waffling on whether or not to enter the BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest, you might be interested to know that there's been an update to the prizes offered. Four Grand Finalist acts will be chosen, and members of the Grand Finalist Acts will each be provided with round trip airfare, hotel lodging, airport shuttle transportation and admission to BlizzCon 2013. In addition to the four Grand Finalist acts, four other acts will be chosen as Finalist Acts, who will each receive $500 USD.

The Grand Finalist Acts will be awarded cash prizes -- First Place receives $4,500 USD, Second Place receives $3,500 USD, Third Place receives $2,500 USD, and Fourth Place winds $1,500 USD. This is in addition to the airfare, hotel, and BlizzCon tickets. Needless to say, there is a pretty big haul to be had! To enter, head to the BlizzCon contests page -- and while you're there, be sure to take a look at the official rules as well.

As a reminder, all entries are due by August 6 -- so get moving, and good luck to all who enter!

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BlizzCon Talent Contest now open for entries

BlizzCon Talent Contest now open for entries
Have you got a special talent up your sleeve? Blizzard has just announced a new contest this year for BlizzCon 2013 that might be right up your alley. The BlizzCon 2013 Talent Contest is looking for incredibly talented gamers to show off their skills for the chance at some incredible cash prizes. Those who wish to enter the contest just need to make a two minute video of themselves performing their talent, post it on Youtube, and then submit the link on the official contest page.

Blizzard will then choose finalists to perform live at BlizzCon 2013 for a chance to win. Finalists will be chosen based on talent, live performance, humor, entertainment, originality, creativity, and strong Blizzard theming, of course! Submissions are now open on the BlizzCon contests page -- you can check out the page to enter, or take a look at the official rules as well.

As for prizes, according to the official rules, the first place winner will receive $4,500 USD, second place gets $3,500 USD, third place will get $2,500 USD, and fourth place will receive $1,500. In addition, all acts that are chosen as finalist acts will each receive $500 USD. Even if you don't enter the contest yourself, it sounds like the live show should be incredibly entertaining for attendees. If you'd like to enter, better hurry -- submissions are due by August 6. Good luck to all who enter!

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