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New Talent Calculators Online

Everyone seemed to complain that the talent calculators on the official web site were slow and difficult to use.  The talent calculators on Wowhead seemed to be favored by nearly everyone I encountered, with their slick design and layout.  Blizzard has taken note of this when redesigning their own talent calculators, which are now online.  I find Blizzard's borrowing from community projects interesting (note also there are several features that are awfully similar to CTRaid Assist coming in patch 1.11) - any other opinions?

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Mage Talents Updated

...and in a very good way.  Changes include the following:

Arcane Tree
Arcane Subtlety: Now a 2-point talent that reduces your target's resistances to all your spells by 5/10 and threat caused by your arcane spells by 20/40%.
Wand Specialization: Now only a 2-point talent.
Magic Absorption: New 5-point, tier 2 ability.  When you resist a spell, you regain 1/2/3/4/5% of your maximum mana and increases your resistances by 2/4/6/8/10.
Improved Arcane Explosion: Now a 3-point ability that increases the critical chance of Arcane Explosion by 2/4/6%.

Fire Tree
Burning Soul: Now adds threat reduction as well as prevents you from loosing casting time by taking damage.  Threat reduced by 15/30%.
Improved Scorch: The fire vulnerability DoT has been improved to 3% each, and still stacks 5 times (for a total of 15% increased fire vulnerability).

Frost Tree

Frost Warding: Moved to tier 1.
Elemental Focus: New 3-point tier 1 talent that increases your chance to hit with fire and frost spells by 2/4/6%.
Improved Frost Nova: Moved to tier 2.
Permafrost: Moved to tier 2.
Frost Channeling: In addition to the mana cost reduction, this talent now also reduces threat caused by frost spells by 10/20/30%.
Shatter: The pre-requisite for this talent is now Improved Frost Nova rather than Frostbite.
Winter's Chill: Changed functionality.  Now causes a debuff that increases frost crit chance by 2%.  20/40/60/80/100% chance to apply the debuff.
Ice Barrier: Now receives 10% of the benefit of +frost damage gear and can stack with a priest's Power Word: Shield.

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Mage & Shaman Talent Calculators

Official talent calculators have been released for the recently reviewed mage and shaman talent trees.  These provide a clearer picture of the mage and shaman revisions than the already available text-based descriptions for the classes.  To those dissatisfied with these changes, I can only encourage you to wait until we see how they play out on the test realms. 

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Breakfast Topic: Class Reviews?

We've recently seen the completion of the mage and shaman reviews, leaving every class reviewed besides the rogue.  But have they all been for better or worse?  Do you look forward to class reviews or do you cringe at the thought?  Are official reviews a new beginning for a class, or the end of them?

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What Would You Do with 61 Talent Points?

You may have heard that the upcoming Burning Crusade expansion will raise the level cap of the game from 60 to 70.  But what doesn't seem to be such common knowledge is the fact that you will receive ten additional talent points to spend, and that all of the talent trees will be expanded to accommodate these extra points (likely providing each talent tree with a 41-point talent).

So, the question remains - what do you plan to do when you have ten extra talent points to throw around?

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Priest Talent Builds?

Have all of the priests in the audience decided how they want to respec when the servers come back up?  Despite having spent some time considering available options, during the my play-time on the test server I've been unable to reach a conclusion.  Fortunately, Azrathil of EU server Kel'Thuzad has put together a fairly comprehensive list of possible talent builds for 1.10.  For those of us still indecisive, there are a few pages of commentary in the thread, as well as additional build suggestions.

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Patch 1.10 News: Priest Updates Considered

Now that everyone's had some time to read and think about the announced priest changes, it's time to talk about what the changes mean.  What talent builds will be best for raiding or PVPing under these changes?  Are these new talents really as good as they sound?  Theoretical builds and commentary after the jump.

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