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Breakfast Topic: To talk or not to talk on Ventrilo

I like Ambrosyne's Vent chart, even if it is a little harsh. It's true, when you're not part of the raid leadership (and especially when you're a talker like me), it's sometimes a little hard to tell whether it's ok to try and crack a joke in the middle of the raid on Vent or not. Usually: no. I've learned the same thing by my own experience -- no matter how easy the fights are or how your guild is doing, the raidleader probably won't appreciate you trying to play some "Safety Dance" over Vent during Heigan's dance-off.

However, in my experience, there usually is a place for joking during raids, and it's the guild chat channel. Actually, that's where I do most of my communicating -- I leave the Vent chat open for raidleaders to address the whole raid with the actually important stuff, and the rest of us hang around in the peanut gallery of raid chat, grats'ing each other on good loot and slipping in some commentary for the raid. You've got to have fun, right?

Raidleaders, are there any good times to open up Vent and let everybody talk? And everybody else: have there been problems in your raids thanks to an unwanted Vent outburst, or does your guild pretty much understand that silence is golden?

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Chew some fat

I mean this in the 'talking' sense rather than the 'eating whale blubber' sense.

One of the things I really enjoy about playing WoW, even all these years later, is the game underneath the game. While I'm awful at math, the old D&D geek in me still enjoys considering my stats, mixing and matching gear to see how it best combines for what I'm going for (in this case, high defense and avoidance.... with the right set I can push 40% block, for instance, but it's a gimmick set, not something I'd actually tank real content in). Last night, due to my raging insomnia, which has in the past rewarded me greatly, I had a very interesting conversation with another warrior in my guild about weapon speeds, co-efficients and why I should keep tanking with my Sun Eater instead of the new dagger I just got.

Obviously I'm comfortable with my knowledge of the warrior class and the game (or I'd probably not be able to write here without crying and hiding under my desk) but there's a lot to keep track of, and it was good to have another person to bounce the relative benefits of the weapons off of. One of the benefits of this being a social game is the people: when you have good people around you, make use of them. Ask them for help for quests and instances. Go help them do the same. Heck, just talk to them. Talking about the game, heck, even just talking about why my character's name sounds vaguely like a kaiju has livened up wiping on Malacrass because the mage gone one-shotted by an add before he could sheep it again.

There are unpleasant aspects to interpersonal contact in the game... barrens chat, bad PuG's, people who clog Trade chat with their egomaniacal rantings, that one enchanter who spams with his various enchants but when you actually ask him to do one is always afk, constant 'duel me outside Ironforge, if I win you pay 10g, if I lose you get 100g' posts from people who won't actually pay up... but man, a good group of people can really override all that junk with useful sounding boards and fun times. Make sure to keep good people once you find them, because they'll make the game ten thousand times better.

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Cross-faction trash talking on carebear alts

blueskydei on WoW LJ learned the best reason for doing PvP on a PvE server: cross-faction trash talking. Yep, there's nothing more classy than getting ganked (or ganking), and then logging on to a different toon just to start something up. I'm embarrassed to say that I've been a part of it before-- I can't remember if it was me that logged to chat with a gnome Rogue that I started fighting with, or if he logged in to chat with me, but either way it, as usual, didn't end well: threats of level 70 alts ensued, and I even had one of his guildies sending trash talk tells to me. Ah, carebear PvP.

Is there a way to avoid this? And even if there is, do we want to? As frustrating as random ganking can be, cross-faction trash talking is a weird but strangely effective way of getting back-- you may not be able to actually take on that high level Mage that took out your accidentally flagged lowbie alt, but at least you can give him a good talking to, right?

As you can probably tell, I'm not proud that I did it, and 90% of the time, I just give up and move on. Logging out to temporarily break Blizzard's language barrier is more trouble than it is anything else, so these days even if I am unfairly ganked, I just shrug and move on. But every once in a while, you can't help but log an alt and give that guy a piece of your mind.

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Sometimes I find myself just standing around somewhere while lost in a deep conversation with a friend, perhaps wandering my character around in some pattern while I talk. It feels good to just let go of time, and immerse myself in that conversation.

Some of my friends, however, would never do this, because they have solid goals that they always want to work towards achieving. Whether it's getting keyed for a high-level instance, attaining some new gear for fighting in PvP, or even just leveling up a new alt they like, many players seem to be in motion all the time. Sitting down to talk just doesn't feel productive, especially if they've reached the level cap and there's no such thing as rested experience anymore.

Once, a friend of mine told me about his brother's 3 level 70 characters and several other characters getting close to 70. He said his brother is always doing something related to leveling or gear whenever he logs into the game. Sometimes I inspect someone I know, and as I mouse over their various epic items, I feel like I'm getting left behind, like maybe I should get busy like my friend's brother, doing something --anything -- to get farther along in the game. Something inside me says, "What do I need to do to get that item or level up that kind of alt? ... but wait a minute... How much do I really want that? Am I playing this game for the loot, or am I playing it for something else?"

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"go as sd d a p" Means I Love You

Isbah from Thunderlord asks over on the Priest forums if it's possible to communicate with the opposing side. The answer? It is, but it's not easy. By now, everyone knows that if Alliance hears a Horde player saying "kek," they're really saying "lol." But it's also possible to go the other way-- if you do it carefully, you can say what sounds like nonsense to you, and the opposing faction will hear words in English.

Most of the solutions players present to Isbah come from the great Project Azeroth (we've covered it here before), a "Language Annex" that's compiling a list of what works crosslanguage and what doesn't. But a few of the players in the thread offer combinations that even Project Azeroth hasn't documented yet.

Robble says that if you're Horde, you can say "qq" and it will come out as "ha" (which is really funny). "ok" appears as "no" to Alliance when Horde says it (very useful), and "ok ivx" comes out as "no kil" (if you're trying to avoid a murder, I guess).

And Relic from Balnazzar has even better combinations, built from Project Azeroth phrases:

What Alliance Says = What Horde Hears

"go as sd d a p" = "me love you"
"d a p yu vb" = "you lose"
"d a p go a zz fff bb a zz" = "you me one verse one"
"p bb go ee fff" = "use me lover"

"you lose" and "you me one verse one" might come in pretty handy on the battlefield, but "me love you"? Too much of this cross-faction talking, and the war in Azeroth might come to an end!

*By the way, I'm the gnome in the picture above. Anyone want to figure out what the big cow was saying to me? It's "kek maza kaz" if the picture is too small.

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