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WoW Moviewatch: #Machinima Collaboration

Warning: This video involves some not-safe-for-work imagery. That includes a scantily clad female, as well as more artistic nudity near the end.

In order to really "get" this piece, you're probably going to need a little back story. First, there's this wonderful IRC channel where many of the superstars of machinima hang out. It's a little bit random chat, it's a little bit artist's studio, and it's little bit of a lot of other things.

As the story goes, about two years ago, there was a new kind of project being attempted. A handful of machinima creators decided to collaborate on a new video. The idea was that one person would work on a piece, then pass it off to the next. That person would then add their own segment, and pass it on to another.

As things sometimes happen, the collaboration was never completed. The work seemed lost. Until this past weekend, when Dopefish and Baron Soosdon were able to ferret out the whereabouts of each piece of that collaboration. And then, Dopefish uploaded the video.

This #Machinima Collaboration video includes work from Olibith, Nyhm, UncleTom, tehtaco, Telemora, Dopefish and Baron Soosdon. You should definitely take the time to check it out. As I warned above, though, there's a few not-safe-for-work pieces in it. But in a safe environment, this video is going to be an awesome treat.

Thanks to Selserene, who gave me the hookup to this video. You can see the video behind the cut.

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WoW Moviewatch: We Will Rock You

Before Telemora went on to make his Warcraftmovies recommended The Luckiest, he created a little music video, We Will Rock You. He finished the film way back in March 2006, but it just reached over one million views on YouTube yesterday! The video is part music video, part battle, but all rock and roll.

By today's standards, this might not be considered a spectacular machinima, but back then, it was chock full of special effects, color correction, and transitions, in a time when not so many were doing that. Telemora went on to be one of the higher ranked WCM contributors, however hasn't released anything since last year, which is a shame. If you'd like to watch a higher quality stream, check out the version on WeGame.


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