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The dying Hunter?

The folks over at Ten Ton Hammer have a post with some anecdotal data about Hunters -- they claim that Azeroth's ranged DPS pet class is on a decline lately, and they've got only some guild application numbers to back the theory up. Mem over there says that there are a few diehard Hunters still floating around, and lots of alts, but that as a class, it's fallen off in terms of popularity for sure.

Is he right? Fortunately, there's a site that tracks numbers (as reliably as you'll find for public information, anyway -- certainly Blizzard has access to much more information) on exactly that. WarcraftRealms' list of classes over time does prop the "declining Hunter" theory up -- as you can see (from both Alliance and Horde totals), Death Knights took a nice bite out of all the classes for a little while, and Hunters have been on a pretty steady slope down since mid-January, when patch 3.0.8 hit the realms. That, of course, was the harsh Beastmaster nerf, and ever since then, Hunters have had some real trouble recovering (not to mention that all class playtime is declining in general -- despite their slope downwards, Hunters are still in the top three classes played anyway).

Is this the end of Hunters? Not at all -- Blizzard has already said that they are cyclical about balancing classes, and a heavy set of nerfs on one side of the cycle is usually accompanied by a burst of buffs on the other. Not to mention that the most interesting Hunter changes, the ammo revamp, hasn't yet found its way to the game. Reworking of ammo (in addition to some likely buffs there), will probably bring lots of Hunters back to the stables, so to speak. But it's true, Hunters are on a downward turn lately.

[via WoW LJ]

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More Death Knight news and clarifications

Having had a few hours to sleep and then a few more to digest the new information on the Death Knights, I'm finally getting a clearer picture of what the Death Knight will be able to do and how they'll fit into the existing hierarchy of classes, and I have to say, I'm still just as excited. There's a lot of questions that have risen from a lot of corners, but new information has come to light that may answer at least a few of them.

First, let's look at some of the clarifications the CMs have been offering, and clear up some other questions from the comments of this morning's article about how creating a Death Knight will work:

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Insider Trader: Alchemy, the final stretch

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

While alchemy is certainly not the most flashy or popular profession out there, alchemists are an integral part of the game, and any guild worth its salt has at least one, preferably several, working to supply guildmates and fill the guild bank with stacks of consumables and transmuted items.

This week's leveling guide will feature the usual cheapest route, and the most useful, to 375 for solos and casuals.

For those of you who will be working for your guild (and hopefully are also being financed, or supported by herbalists), we'll show you how to reach 375 by making the most useful items. They might cost more, but your guild will be requiring them anyway, so you might as well get your skill points that way, rather than making stacks of items you won't be using.

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Insider Trader: Leatherworking, the final stretch

Insider Trader is your inside line on making, selling, buying and using player-made products.

If you have ever rolled a druid, rogue, shaman or hunter, it is quite likely that you ended up choosing leatherworking as one of your professions. Because it can be a valuable source of gear for the leather and mail-wearers, it is a common choice. If this is the case, you are going to want to hit 375 skill in order to make your end-game epics.

If however, you chose leatherworking as a companion to skinning in order to make money, you will only need to reach about 325. Once there, you will be able to convert any type of skin into its available higher form in order to maximize your profits.

Still, leatherworking, like any profession, can be an extremely costly skill to cap. This week, Insider Trader will be taking an in-depth look at some of the best ways to reach 375 from 300. Hop through the break for tips and analysis.

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The mount lowdown

From the day your character learns about his or her history and steps onto the sands and soils of Azeroth, there is one thing that every player has in their sights; a sweet ride. If you're wondering how to get one, or which to get, there are several guides out there that are worth a look.

Ten Ton Hammer just released a guide to the mounts of World of Warcraft. Although it sadly lacks screenshots, it provides an excellent summary of the mounted experience.

Here is what you will get:
  • Speed information
  • Skill level and cost breakdowns
  • Mount restriction details
  • Lists and locations of faction-only mounts
  • Reputation and discounts available
  • Class-specific mount information
  • The low-down on mounts that are obtained through the Trading Card Game.
Of course, you can always read through Blizzard's official mount pages, complete with dynamic screenshots. While Blizzard's does provide much of the info that the folks at Ten Ton Hammer review, their guide is less compact and perhaps a bit overwhelming to newcomers.

Although, if you are looking to find specific information about the reputation grinds and drop rates on various rare mounts, neither guide will suffice. For the truly in-depth, expert knowledge, I recommend taking some time (up to a few hours) perusing Wowwiki's mount pages.

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Wintersaber rep guide

The folks over at Ten Ton Hammer have released a reputation guide focusing on getting yourself a Wintersaber. While this is nothing new to the game, I was thinking about all those new players that have joined the fold in recent years. Perhaps you haven't gotten a chance to experience some of the older rep grinds. For those of us who have been playing for a while and are fond of prestige mounts, you might remember the Wintersaber fondly. Good news is that the reputation with Wintersaber Riders is being revamped on Tuesday, so it will be easier to try your hand at getting yourself a big white (or are they purple?) kitty.

At its essence the Wintersaber is another Alliance epic mount, attainable as a faction reward from doing quests for the Wintersaber Riders in Winterspring. Yes, people actually used to go to Winterspring for something other than Mountain Silversage and the Midsummer Fire Festival. The Ten Ton guide gives you nice simple tips for how to get to exalted so that you too can ride the winter(saber.)

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Women in raids

Epic Dolls recently gave a woman's perspective to the Ten Ton Hammer article on women in raiding. Essentially the original article brought up some extremely valid points about females in the raiding sphere, and Leala took the time to respond to some of the statements made in the article, explaining them from a female point of view.

What I love about this is the fact that what we have here is an intelligent dialog. In no way is the Epic Dolls response claiming that Ten Ton "doesn't understand us" and that they write "biased work because they hate women," both of which are common misconceptions on either side of the gaming gender divide. Leala first begins by explaining that the article on Ten Ton was well written and interesting, and then proceeds to respond to some issues brought up in the article.

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