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Twitter Time: 10 words or less con't



blizatrex @wowinsider dwarf warrior in trouble. shield wall!

kesoleil @wowinsider "I'm down." "Forgot you were a rogue again?" "Shut up."

str1fe @wowinsider "If it's pretty, don't stand in....oh, dammit"

Pnut060 @wowinsider 10 year old guildie literally crying over loot on vent.

kesoleil @wowinsider Famous Last Words: "I can Solo heal that." *raid wipes*

rikitikitik @wowinsider Fresh from Naxx 10 full clear, we faced Malygos. Splat!

Elad @wowinsider "Are you all hard for this ready-mode boss?"

rikitikitik @wowinsider "Guys, the debuff is up. Don't move!" Release?

Elad @wowinsider Whoops, forgot Righteous Fury.

anjldust @wowinsider "This," he said, "is where the epics come from."

puzzill @wowinsider Cylindra bubbled her warrior, now to hope and pray

ruairi @wowinsider multi-tasking tank causes wipe

Pnut060 @wowinsider I can spend all night doing this rofl

ruairi @wowinsider bored healer causes wipe

XandosFiretree @wowinsider Twenty-four strangers departed Shattrath, hunted Illidan. Two dozen friends returned.

DLMDixon @wowinsider Hunter leaves pet on aggressive preparing for Algalon. Dooms Azeroth.

cwharton @wowinsider The gaping maws of Yogg-Saron filled her nightmares every night.

wow_acia @wowinsider | Healer story - "Get out of the fire or I won't heal you!"

ClakyDruott @wowinsider Tonight I ran out of ammo, last boss in Naxx....

locktart @wowinsider run up stairs. Oh shi- "YOU FAIL!" killed by Kologarn.

Pnut060 @wowinsider My naxx raid laughing at friend stuck behind a box.

benquinney @wowinsider Guiding Star dropped - and I got it. Awesome!

Brightbeerd @wowinsider Pug was OK. The tank was bad. Stupid hunter pets.

Aeire @wowinsider I murder things for honor, glory, and really pretty clothes.

FeistTheRogue @wowinsider "Walk into Ulduar, kill monsters, collect loot, rinse and repeat."

Aoikari @wowinsider Me and some undead chicks entered a bar, got lucky.

eyuzwa @wowinsider "we'll be alright since everyone has their Onyxia cloaks...right?"

Night0wl @wowinsider Ragnaros so close, sons to go, oh no we wiped!

Umatar @wowinsider My proct pally gets turned on my being hit hard.

omgitsafox @wowinsider "Hey, where'd your pet go?" "...Oh shit. PASSIVE, DAMMIT."

Serneum @wowinsider Atkallen the hunter shot Archimonde in the face.

LouGagliardi @wowinsider Warrior fights boss, wins and promptly celebrates.


Stoopid512 @wowinsider I withheld water from Ringo, just to watch him die.

Aoikari @wowinsider never going to let you down! Thrall said to Jaina.

paulje00 @wowinsider "Orcs, the other green meat"

Aoikari @wowinsider Never going to the undercity zoo again... must wash eyes!

awlbiste @wowinsider Nelf Rogue killing the Tarren Mill fightmaster. Can't get out.

tselmorrah @wowinsider He sought trade but found only Chuck Norris jokes.

TragicDog @wowinsider guys, don't go up to the top... damn it! RUUUUUNNNN

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Materinty test proves that neither are the baby daddy, GASP!

spasticsnap @wowinsider Tauren leaves her fertile homelands to battle frozen dead.

Night0wl @wowinsider Hydraxian Waterlords, need daily quests, Ragnaros respawns to slow, Farmed/

knight816 @wowinsider rain fell silently on the windshield; it was actually ichor

kiffar @wowinsider Titanium Node! Mine, Paladin! His head stuck to my pick.. <_<

Bytorsnowdog @wowinsider female elf dancing naked, sigh deeprun tram all over again!

tashalee @wowinsider The priest said to her, "My holy nova prematurely crits."

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Thrall and Arthas battle it out on the Jerry Show.

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Jaina rumored to be pregnant, with Arthas as baby daddy.

Aoikari @wowinsider I wake up and i'm in undercity with no liver....

Metrophelean @wowinsider Arthas would be less angsty if Icecrown had restrooms.

rmoore08 @wowinsider I teabagged an enemy player. It was hot!

Jaysen_N @wowinsider Jaina and Thrall will marry, then live happily ever after.

Metrophelean @wowinsider DOWN DRUID! That is not what EPIC MOUNT MEANS!

Aoikari @wowinsider magtheridon took me back to his lair, hes dirty. ;]

professorbeej @wowinsider Body of an elf, a dwarf's face, orc's smell: love.

arkbites1 @wowinsider Thrall takes Stormwind. Starbuck's soon opens in the auction house.

brigwyn @wowinsider mike and turpster were caught in the game closet together

Ashayo @wowinsider So this one time, at (band) Camp Taurajo, I /shindig'ed.

chuckenorris @wowinsider a priest and a gnome walk into a bar

JoshJosa @wowinsider Walking in the Fjord, Carosh discovers three frost wyrms mating.

nickhuber @wowinsider When the candle factory closed, Kobolds all over Azeroth wept.

maziltov @wowinsider Low railings on Thunder Bluff bridges = long fall, possible lawsuit.

kryptongirl @wowinsider The druid turned into a dog tree. He barked.

profetacinque @wowinsider Arthas wanted to go see the zoo; Jaina said "no".

Matt_LRR @wowinsider Arthas looked on, coldly. "who left the air-conditioner running?"

Curtis_Hanna @wowinsider Baby Gnome shoes for sale. Never worn.

ravenette13 @wowinsider Sometimes, death knights just like to pick flowers. The end.

lttleknownceleb @wowinsider You know, I really thought that gnome was dead.

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Twitter Time: 10 words or less

Reginald and Beartato (c) Nedroid.comI've been manning the official Twitter for the past few nights and having a great time of it. The three nights previous to last, I did some reader-participation art and ended up drawing a tauren rogue and two druids (undead and gnome!). Tonight I thought I'd go a little more literary and had the Twitterati, in the spirit of tweets, send me WoW-related stories of ten words or less. Here are some of my favorites, and the rest are after the jump.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YOU TOO MIGHT SEND ME BRIEF MESSAGES SOMETIME. I'll see you there!

Frito_KAL @wowinsider No matter what the humans say, gnomes are NOT piñatas.

@wowinsider "Thanks for the summoooooooooooooon...." the rogue yelled up the cliff.

kryptongirl @wowinsider The druid turned into a dog tree. He barked.

MsJenni @wowinsider We entered Deadmines nude, voting who came out best dressed.

TheCorruptOne @wowinsider Armor drops from a clear desert sky. Incoming gnomish engineer!

threeparts @wowinsider How many edge of winter's does this damn dryad -have?-

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Ten

By popular demand, we're returning one of the reader favorite columns. For as many different World of Warcraft players as there are out there, there are equally as many different WoWspaces for people to game in. Each week, we'll bring you a WoWspace sent in by one of our readers and let them tell you all about it. Would you like to share your own personal space? Just drop some pictures and your description to us here at readerwowspace AT!

This week we have a WoWspace that includes not just our regular reader, Ten, but also Ten's husband's WoWspace so that they can kind of game "face to face" together. Curious? Read on for all the info, courtesy of Ten, aka Laelvalin / Vijanwi!

My workspace is truly a bubble of space in itself. I sit directly across my husband's computer desk, and together, our computer 'island' (flooded with light from the huge windows, hiss!) takes up a third of the living room. Which I incidentally think is just the right amount.

I've been playing WoW since 2005 and have severe altitis, but my two mains (yes, two) are my Warlock Laelvalin and my Warrior Vijanwi. Prot all the way from level 1 on. Altitis has a side effect of masochism, I guess. I raid a little and level alts a lot, but I'm really in the game for the RP with my awesome guildies. My husband tried to get into the game as well, but he just can't find much fun in it. A shame, since our computer space is so optimal for beating each other up on screen.

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Multiboxing in formation with Xzin

Xzin, always ready to show off his multiboxing setups, sent us a video of movement tests for his 10 boxing group. Yeah.

I don't know-- I don't really find this exciting at all. I mean, sure, there's a little bit of skill in actually coding this stuff all out and hooking it all together, but after you do that, what's the point? Isn't this close enough to botting that Blizzard would frown on it? Sure, if you pull this off, you'll be able to win a whole BG by yourself, but if I had a couple grand in cash to waste on all this stuff, I'd just hire Pandemic to come and do it for me.

Are you guys interested in news about multiboxing or not? If there's a large group of you who finds this fascinating, I'm more than happy to post this stuff when we see it come through. But while I can see the skill in coordinating 10 computers to do your will, the results just don't thrill me that much.

Thanks, Xzin!

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