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WRUP: A very thankful staff

Turkey day approaches, like the looming weight gain we all know it will be. And while it's still a few days away, obviously, a little thankfulness is always good for the soul. And so, we asked our dear staff what they're playing this weekend... and what they're thankful for. We all have a little extra room for a bit of thankfulness in our lives.

Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) I'm leveling a new mage up, and I'm have an absolute blast.

I'm thankful for three things.

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Arcane Brilliance: Things I'm thankful for

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Arcane Brilliance for arcane, fire and frost mages. This week, Arcane Brilliance is feeling especially festive. Pyroblasting a turkey will do that.

So apparently it's the holiday season. I'm still burping up cranberries and stuffing, my wife has started forcing Christmas music upon me (and frankly, if it's not Mannheim Steamroller, I don't want to hear it), and I've reached the point in the year when -- for my own mental well-being -- I refuse to look at a bank statement until February. To those of you who survived yesterday's annual gladiatorial bloodletting and emerged victorious from the front doors of Walmart or Old Navy, hoisting your hard-won set of hand towels above your head like a trophy: I salute you. To those of you who, like me, stayed home and bought stuff on Steam and Xbox Live: I also salute you, only I do so from my chair, by typing in an emote. Because, really, we're all pretty lazy. But damned if I don't feel well rested.

In deference to the spirit of the season, we here at Arcane Brilliance thought it might be nice to spend a column thinking about the things we're grateful right now. You'll find the mage-related stuff behind the jump, but here's my non-mage-related short list of awesome things:
  1. flatbread chicken sandwiches
  2. getting randomly tagged on Dragon Quest IX while walking through the airport Tuesday night
  3. troll druid cat form
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. Mumford and Sons
  6. discovering the brilliance of Arrested Development and Friday Night Lights on Netflix
Taco Bell, Netflix, Square Enix, etc. ... feel free to make any and all endorsement checks out to Christian Belt, care of WoW Insider. Also, screw you, AMC, for canceling Rubicon. I was just starting to enjoy that one. And screw you double, FOX, for putting Fringe on Fridays, where all good FOX shows go to die.

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Breakfast Topic: Thankful

About this time every year, we Americans go into food coma lockdown mode, hop on board planes, trains and automobiles and head to family and friend gatherings. Thanksgiving is happening in the United States, and much food will be eaten, relatives will be awkward and some delicious pie will be baked. We also usually spill our guts about what we are thankful for.

On the nerdy side of things, we lost a lot in World of Warcraft in the past few days. The Shattering took a lot of our old-world nostalgia and focus and replaced it with the beginnings of Cataclysm and a whole new experience. I'm pretty damn thankful to Blizzard for creating essentially World of Warcraft 2 without making us all switch over to some new world and splitting the playerbase.

On the less nerdy side of things, here in the real world, I'm very thankful for the very fact that I get to type these words into this text editor and hit "post." I'm incredibly thankful that I have the opportunity to work with WoW Insider and talk to so many fans and WoW enthusiasts. Above all, I'm thankful for your comments and discussions and how incredibly wonderful you all make me feel with supportive emails and feedback. I'm thankful that you enjoy my writing and my ramblings on the WoW Insider Show. So thank you all.

What are you guys thankful for this year? You don't have to be from the United States to get in on this sap train.

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Happy Thanksgiving from WoW Insider

America today is celebrating Thanksgiving Day, a holiday where we all sit down with friends and family, eat loads of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and all the other good stuff, and give thanks for all the blessings we've received throughout the year. WoW Insider would like to wish you, our readers, a happy Thanksgiving and a great and safe holiday season. We are thankful for many things, but mostly for you: it's because you come and read and visit the site that we get to keep it going every day of every week the rest of the year. Much appreciated -- thank you.

Many of our bloggers are also with their families and attending their own celebrations this weekend, so posting may be slow around here today and tomorrow. Odds are that you haven't reached 80 yet, and even if you have, odds are even better that you haven't grinded all the reputations you want, so just head on into the game and work on that for a bit, and we'll be back after this weekend with our usual news, views, and insight into this game and its players.

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Forum post of the day: Thank you

It seems like far too often we take the contributions of our fellow players for granted. Whether that happens when moments are tense or we forget that the other four people in our instance (or 24 people in our raid) are real folks, Bellwether of Dark iron set out to change that on the official forums today. She posted a well considered list of the roles that everyone should be thanked for in the game, just for doing their jobs. Here are some of her comments:

To Warriors:

  • Thank you for standing in front of me and letting things hit you.
  • Thank you for shouldering the massive repair bills that come with your job.
  • Thank you for preventing my death.

To Shamans:

  • Thank you for every single totem.
  • Thank you for Brain Heals.
  • Thank you for Ankh and saving us from having to run back

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RSS feed has errors, will be fixed soon

Just wanted to thank everyone who has sent in tips about the error messages on our RSS feed (which you can find right here, when it's working, which is most of the time). We are aware the feed is broken, we have forwarded every one of your notes on to our technical guys, and hopefully the error will be fixed soon.

And while we're at it, I'll take this opportunity as well to remind everybody about our tips form, ready and willing to receive any news you have for us. If you've heard or seen something big about the World of Warcraft that we haven't posted yet, feel free to drop us a note. Unfortunately, due to the volume of tips coming in, we can't answer everything you send (although we do try to-- some folks have sent technical questions about the game to us, which we try to answer to the best of our ability, as well as on our Ask WoW Insider feature). But we do read each and every note sent through that form, and there's no better way to contact us with tips, feedback, errors like the RSS feed problem, or anything else you'd like to tell us.

Thanks for reading and letting us know what you think. We appreciate it!

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