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Sunday Morning Funnies: Where the engines are

This week, in addition to your regularly scheduled comic updates, I'll be adding in links to the few comics that slipped through the cracks while I was in, and just returning from, WiFi hell (and the wonderful Kelly Aarons filled in).

This week's list is pleasantly long, but I'm always looking to stretch it. Was something overlooked? Did a comic update late? Do you know of a comic that isn't featured on this list, but is related to WoW? Leave a tip in the comment section!

Speaking of the comment section, this week's discussion topic involves pointing out a few of your favorite panels of artwork from any of this week's comics and saying a bit about why you love them. Don't forget to mention your favorite one-liner, too!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Ride 'em

This week we have an ocean adventure, a suspicious "murder," a shrewd case of blackmail, and much more.

In related news, my WiFi troubles have cleared up! Big thanks to Kelly Aarons for filling in last week.

This week's discussion topic, should you choose to accept it, is:

Leave a comment about your opinions on artwork in a comic that might get overlooked by many readers. Tell us why you think it's awesome, unique, quirky, or otherwise floats your boat - or your ocean rider 3000, for that matter.

This week's topic was inspired by last week's discussion that resulted from some not-so-constructive criticism left by a commenter. Trolls are inevitable, of course, but the incident reminded me that we see a lot of comments about the super popular comics, and less about the rest, even though there are plenty of positive things to say.


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Sunday Morning Funnies: Takeover edition

Unfortunately, Amanda has become of a victim of the mob 'Terrible Wifi,' so I'm running this joint from now on! Ha!
Well, not really. Mostly until she comes back. But for now, enjoy some comics!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Spring in your step

It's Spring time! The flowers are blooming, the pollen is making me sneeze, and the plant monsters are extra green. It must be May.

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Sunday Evening Funnies: Dramatic rescue

Welcome to the late-day edition of Sunday Morning Funnies! It's probably breakfast time somewhere, right?

This week's list is pretty long, but you can always help make it longer by dropping off tips about new WoW-related comics or ones that I've missed in the comments section.

This week's participation challenge: Which comic haven't you seen on the list lately (most likely because it isn't updating) that you really miss and why? My answer: The Scout Report and The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf.

Don't forget to list your favorite one-liner from this week's selection of comics!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Awkward

Fun fact! Six comics on the list this week end their titles with an exclamation mark. Well, five, plus the fact that Byron, the Tauren Rogue, has one inherently.

You'll also find a couple of comics that are new to the list, and hopefully this will help dry your tears over your missing favorites. A surprising number of comic artists are too busy this week, but promise to be back soon.

Last week, commenters picked out their favorite one-liners from the selection of comics. This week, I challenge you to do it again; but this time, add in what you're doing, or what you usually do, while reading SMF.

It'll be like our own personal "state your name and tell us something about you" awkward round-the-table banter! Either that, or it'll strangely remind you of your Twitter feed. A random, confusing, but somehow hilarious phrase coupled with a TMI about your breakfast habits - how could it be wrong?

That, or you know, debate the merits of the new sparkle horse. Dealer's choice.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Bun bun

There are no newcomers to the list this week, but it does seem to have been overrun with bunnies. There is even an entry that was posted on a certain tricky day earlier in the month, so beware!

Don't forget to leave tips about WoW-related webcomics in the comments section, or send an email to the team.

As for last week's challenge, several people gave their opinions about the artwork from that week's list. Thanks for participating!

This week, drop in a comment describing your favorite line from any comic on today's list. Whether it is funny, awkward, or profound, we want to hear about it.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Shlorp

Happy holiday weekend - and Noblegarden, of course. This week's selection is pretty varied, although there are no newcomers this week. Only you can change this. Send us tips! Also, let everyone know if I missed an updated comic in the comments section. It happens.

Thanks to everyone who posted various comic archives last week for the perusal of those who hadn't heard of them.

For next week's challenge: What percentage of the comics listed will be about Noblegarden? Guess. Predict the future.

Challenge #2: I'll add a second one, since the first one is pretty... well, based in nothing. Whose artwork really struck you this week, and why?

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Drink the satisfaction

Cru the DwarfThis week's list is long and full of new things as well as old favorites. As always, if you have any tips, leave a comment. I'm always on the lookout for WoW-related comics!

Don't forget to read through the comments section; this week, there are a couple of comics that haven't updated. Often, the artists will stop by and leave a link if the comic was only a little bit late getting posted.

In a related note, Manic Graffiti is back sort of! It isn't on a regular schedule of updates, but every now and then, something will come up.

This week's challenge: In the comments section, leave a link or two from your favorite WoW-related artist, or for a comic that perhaps no longer updates; because if other people haven't seen it, it's new to them.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Do hug ghosts

I've been laid up all week with a nasty case of the flu.

Fortunately, I think I have managed to avoid passing it on to anyone by staying indoors and suffering in silence. Here's hoping that all of your weekends have been better!

We have a couple of new comics to add to the list this week, as well as some updates from comics that only refresh sporadically. What do you guys think about the newbies?

To compensate for my lack of trivia inspiration this week, I shall send everyone "flu immunity" vibes. That has to be at least as good, right?

You'll also be happy to note that Battlemasters is back! Zack, coincidentally, had the flu a couple of weeks ago. Isn't spring wonderful?

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Durable underwear

This week, we have a healthy crop of WoW-related webcomics for your perusal. Before we get into that, let's look at last week's challenge.

I asked everyone to make some comments about the week's comics, hoping for some funny, astute, honest, and observant ones. Lots of you rose to the challenge, and to you I bequeath a virtual and imaginary collection of kaleidoscopic thimbles. I'll even throw in some chocolate flavored lemon drops and your very own pretend mini hippopotamus.

For this week, I want you to try reading a comic or two that you don't usually bother to read, or that you haven't paid much attention to, and let us know what you think about it. Next week, I'll give you guys another trivia question. Ready? Go!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Me want

Last week's trivia challenge produced several great answers, although no one guessed what I had been thinking about; My Pet Monster! Still, that was only worth bonus points. Thanks to shadowQQ for guessing Bull from Where the Wild Things Are, and Correlation and Undra for guessing Sully from Monsters, Inc.

The other bonus trivia question was of the "one of these things is not like the other" type, and Noekh was the winner; all of the items were something that Canada is known for. Cartmensfoe also gets points for noticing that everything included in the list was edible. Apologies for forgetting to exclude the elephant shrews wearing berets with the ascots and toast. That probably confused a few people.

As for your virtual and imaginary prizes, you have all earned robots that know how to do laundry (although they are known for their laziness), bottles of detangling spray that are rumored to bring good luck when used, magical and unpredictable pink highlighters, and a lifetime supply of butterscotch-flavored gum that will help you see the future.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Big tongues vs puppy men

This week, we have several newcomers to the list! I love having new comics; you never know what will become a core feature for each week's entertainment.

For last week's trivia, there were so many winners, that I'm frankly just too lazy to list them all. You guys did a great job, although the consensus did seem to be aimed at Frankenstein and its famous comedic little brother, Young Frankenstein. This is going to require some sort of mass prize awarding distribution system (MPADS).

First, I shall create a virtual and imaginary, but giant, Frankenstein's monster pinata. I might duct tape it on the inside just to make you work for it; your epics should be able to get through it in time. Inside, there will be toast, poutine, a white Christmas, a family of elephant shrews wearing tiny berets, and butter tarts with a side of real maple syrup, topped with Smarties. There will also be enough ascots for all.

This week's trivia question can be found buried within the comic list, so you'd better get cracking! Bonus extra trivia points if you can tell me which of the above virtual and imaginary prizes does not belong (not counting the ascots or the toast - those were just necessary) and why.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Red shirt mistake

Alas, this week's list is merely an average size. What does that mean? Many artists are busy, away, injured, or have websites that aren't working. Fortunately for us, there are some really great comics this week to make up for the loss of bulk.

As for last week's trivia, GI_Prophet wins with 'American Psycho.' Hex will share the glory for recommending the book. You both win a virtual and imaginary lifetime supply of custom business cards, which happen to taste like jelly beans. They're non-toxic, don't worry.

This week's trivia question is: What is being referenced in LFG's comic #332? I will accept several answers, so feel free to be creative. Of course, the prizes aren't real, but there's always the glory, right?

As always, I'm taking tips. Have you seen a WoW-related webcomic not listed here? Has an older such comic been reactivated?

Drop a note and a link in the comments section, or respond by sending a tip to the site's main tipline.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Ribbon-wielding cultists

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Pudie and Antubis and Sukugaru won last week's trivia! Pudie was the first to identify the origin of the song, and Sukugaru and Antubis reminded me that I had asked for the name of the song in specific, and not the movie title. The full answer was The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music from The Sound of Music. Lys' idea of Beauty and the Beast would also fit, and it hadn't occurred to me.

You each have won a virtual and imaginary pet bunny prize! These bunnies shall come from outer space; very savvy and and genteel bunnies of witty and adventurous natures.

As a bonus, for identifying the My Little Pony, Serthida wins a virtual and imaginary epic purple Valentine's Day cake! It tastes however you wish it to taste, and contains no calories, sugar, fat, etc. Heck, it's actually nutritious.

This week's list of comics only appears to be of moderate length; it's actually quite long.

As always, leave your comments, and send tips about WoW-related webcomics through our tip form, or leave them in the comments section as well.

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