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Season three of The Guild launches on MSN Video

<a href="" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time">Video: Season 3 - Episode 1: Expansion Time</a>
Everyone loves The Guild, the popular online series created by Felicia Day, especially us here at, just check out the pictures from our BlizzCon meetup and the liveblog from The Guild panel. The third series kicked off in the wee small hours of this morning when the first episode went live on MSN Video and (for Gold members) Xbox Live. It looks like it's off to a cracking start as well, the Knights of Good are still in chaos after the final episode of season two. However Codex hopes that the release of a new expansion will mend the rifts between the guildies. You can check out the first episode above.

The trailer was released last week and promises a guild war! Yes, they've found their nemeses in the form of a hotter group of players called the Axis of Anarchy (led by geek heartthrob Wil Wheaton who makes his series debut). On top of that the personal lives of the guildies seem to be in meltdown with Bladezz in four grand of debt, Tink is avoiding him and Vork's feeling like he skipped out on his GM duties. Oh and Zaboo's got a girlfriend! Due to the deal with Xbox Live, it's going to be a while before The Guild hits YouTube so for now check out the MSN Video page to get your fix if you don't have a 360.

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The Guild season 2 finale

Yes, The Guild season 2 finale is out now on MSN Video and Xbox Live, and it's a good one. There's revelations, revenges, an epic battle, and even some spiritual reflection on Vork's part. And it's probably fair to say that after this episode, The Guild will never be the same.

That's it for this season, but The Guild isn't going anywhere -- they're planning a live Ustream chat this evening with the cast and crew to talk about the season and the future of the show. This season's episodes should also be "unlocked" from Microsoft soon, so they should be showing up on YouTube as well.

We'll be watching, as usual, and we'll bring you news of the third season when we hear it. It's safe to say this season and the big Microsoft experiment turned out to be a big success (despite a few complaints about the exclusivity), so hopefully we'll hear more on what's next soon.

Thanks, Savant!

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The Guild episode 6 of season 2

It's Tuesday, which means The Guild is back yet again with more wacky hijinx. Episode six is out on MSN Video now (and on Xbox Live and Zune soon), and there's some blowback from the "eruption" at the end of the last episode. Clara continues her campaign of corruption, and Zaboo does something you should never, ever do to another player.

This episode seems long for some reason, but at the same time, it's kind of a breather for what we're sure will be an interesting episode next week. Felicia twittered the other week that they're working on editing down just the last two episodes, so the hard work for them is almost over, even though we're only halfway through the season so far.

And finally, The Guild got a tribute song last week, a video and tune put together by a fan. They're pretty excited about it, but we'll let you judge whether you like it or not. We will say that it is a nice effort, and it's good to see that there are fans of The Guild out there willing to put in the time and energy to do something like that. Rock on!

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Episode 4 of The Guild's second season released

The latest episode of The Guild is up, and as has been the case with previous episodes of this season, if you're not seeing it on XBox Live or Zune yet, it'll surely be there soon. It's a great episode, with plenty of the laughs we've come to expect from The Guild. I'm curious to see what impact this new character will have on the crew!

In other Guild news, a gag reel for episodes 1-3 is also available. It's short and sweet, but their bloopers are just as funny as some of the real scenes. It's not super surprising that even their flubs would be hilarious given the cast they have, I suppose. I'm almost as much of a fanboy of Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis as I am of Felicia Day. Almost.

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Felicia Day on having Microsoft as a Guildmate

In this day and age, you have to applaud geeks who take their ideas and make good on them. Take, for example, Felicia Day. Talented, beautiful, and geeky to boot, Felicia recognized that all the drama we know and love as part of MMO culture would make for one hell of a sitcom. She could have quit after networks repeatedly turned her down or told her they didn't get it, but she stuck to her guns. Producing the show herself and releasing it to YouTube, she's become a pretty epic Internet celebrity in her own right. Since then, The Guild has built up enough buzz that when it came time to distribute Season 2, she apparently had several offers to choose from. (No real shocker there!)

Why choose to sign up with Microsoft, then? Well, okay, beyond being able to send your video out on Xbox Live - which is pretty geeky from where I'm at - Microsoft isn't generally known as a heavy player in the sitcom business. According to Felicia in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Microsoft is not only is willing to distribute The Guild on Xbox Live, for Zune, and on MSN Video in high-definition, but they're also allowing her to keep full creative control and ownership of all of the work. The deal lets Microsoft have it exclusively for four weeks up to the end of the season, but after that period, she's free to post it to YouTube (or wherever she wants, really) so anyone who doesn't own a Zune, isn't on Live, or willing to surf over to MSN Video can still enjoy the second season of The Guild.

I just hope that Felicia and crew will keep us laughing with their geeky hijinks for a long time to come. Short of letting a baby nom on a powerstrip (and if you've seen that in real life, I don't envy you) there's quite a bit of The Guild that rings home with MMO geeks. Much like Jell-O, there's always room for more geeky humor - and more of the awesome cast of The Guild!

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First episode of the second season of The Guild now live

You can watch the first episode of the new season of The Guild over on MSN videos today. The video is not available for embedding currently because it's MSN, so you'll have to head over there.

In the episode there's some cuteness between Zaboo and Codex as Zaboo taunts her with a T1 line, and we're introduced to Clara's husband. The gang also gets a rare drop and are all contemplating spending their DKP. The drama unfolds...

Be sure to watch the video the whole way through. There's an easter egg at the very end featuring Zaboo.

And after you're done watching it head back here and let us know what you think. Keep an eye on WoW Insider as Felicia Day will be joining Mike Schramm on the next WoW Insider Show.

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