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Breakfast Topic: What is your class theme song?

In a past edition of The Queue, evoxpisces asked,
If each class had its own theme song, what would they be? Or at least what genres would each represent them?
Some commenters answered with their opinions, but I didn't read them because I wanted to form my own list without anyone's influence. What do you think of my list? What theme song or genre would you choose for your class or all classes?

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Breakfast Topic: Theme Songs

Imagine this is my Death Knight instead of Arthas. Yeah. It's that epic.
So I broke out the old movie soundtracks for my listening pleasure while doing some writing this weekend, and one track struck me as especially awesome: Tarawa, from Snow Falling on Cedars. The music is especially swelling and epic. The type that makes it hard to, you know, sit still and write. So I ended up lost in my imagination instead.

I couldn't help but imagine my Death Knight striding into Icecrown Glacier accompanied by the music, striking down scourge left and right, then raising their corpses under his own command to leap upon groups of unsuspecting cultists and gnaw their faces off. The climax, I think, would be a one on one fight with a massive, super-powerful abomination. We're talking Blizzard cinematic quality mano-a-flesh-golem blade-on-oversized-meat-cleaver action here.

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