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World of WarCrafts: The infamous Three Dragon Azeroth shirt

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That's right, folks -- you could do better at BlizzCon 2010 than a Three Worgen Moon T-shirt. No, we're not going retro on you and suggesting you turn back to the original Three Wolf Moon tee. What you need is something more au courant, like the Three Dragon Azeroth from MagicalMelonBall at Sadly, this cataclysmically excellent design isn't actually available for purchase on a T-shirt ... Still, we felt the design represents a worthy upgrade from its howlingly lunar predecessor.

Ready for more fresh takes on art about Azeroth? Join us after the break for a buffet with a little something for every taste.

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Three Worgen Moon graces Jinx

I had never stepped foot inside an instance before now. My life had been one of roleplay and sitting AFK in Alterac Valley's luxury "Starting Cave" resort. And then she came to me. My precious. She was heralded originally by our own Mike Schramm, and now she's here. My incredible Three Worgen Moon T-Shirt. She's a second gen shirt, much more powerful than her Three Wolf Moon original.

Now? Now, Arthas lays dead on the ground under my feet. Alexstrasza clings worshipfully to one of those feet, while Sylvanas looks up pleadingly from the other. Their adoring eyes proclaim the legend of my deeds. There's not much room on the floor for the defeated Lich King, but that's okay. I feel like Ash on the cover of the Army of Darkness posters. Hail to the king, baby.

No. Hail to the Three Worgen Moon T-Shirt, now on sale over at the JINX store. Available in sizes all the way up to 4XL, the Three Worgen Moon T-shirt should be all it takes to bring your game to another level. Forget a snazzy mouse, forget about primitive technology like computers. Three Worgen Moon will let you interface with the game directly via its incredible mojo, powering your character to levels that you never even imagined. You barely even have to think, before the magic starts happening.

Enough for now. I have to go kill Deathwing. Solo. You chumps who lack the totemic Three Worgen Moons can just wait until Cataclysm. Jaina just gave me a call, she's gonna go with me. Apparantly, she dumped Thrall as soon as I unwrapped the shirt from its box.

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