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39 days until BlizzCon

It's coming up fast. Pretty soon we will all be standing in that huge line wrapping around the Anaheim convention center, buzzing with excitement. The tickets for this year's BlizzCon sold out in only three days, and if you missed your chance, well be sure to enter the WoW Insider ticket giveaway.

We now know a little more about the event than we did ten days ago. For instance, we know that Blizzard will have a playable Starcraft II demo on the convention floor. If the multiplayer is as enjoyable as it was in the original game, I'm going to need to wear some extra comfy shoes to stand in the line to sit down with the game. Blizzard also announced that Video Games Live will be performing selections from the game's soundtrack. And then there's the infamous Murloc Suit. Need I say more? It's going to be a hell of a time.

How do you plan on getting to BlizzCon this year? I've seen some requests for carpools from various points toward Southern Cali, and honestly, I think I will be hitting the road myself in order to arrive in a timely fashion. But maybe the car isn't your thing. Will you instead fly, or perhaps Amtrak it to the convention center? I know from personal experience there's a shuttle from the Anaheim train station near A's stadium to Disney and back, so that might be an option. What is your chosen means of transport to BlizzCon?

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Who's got BlizzCon tickets? We've got BlizzCon tickets!

Yes, if you're going to BlizzCon, you can expect to see plenty of WoW Insider staff on-hand to cover all the excitement. And if you aren't at BlizzCon, we'll be posting every last scrap of interesting information we find there on the site, so you'll see everything we see! But, no, I'm not making this post just to mock the poor folks who didn't have a chance to purchase tickets because they sold out. I'm making this post to let all of you know that we have some BlizzCon 2007 tickets to give away! So for those of you who were hoping to go to BlizzCon, don't give up yet. We'll be giving away our tickets by random drawing next week -- so stay tuned!

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