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WoW Insider Show Episode 93: Avoiding the scam

Our podcast was so much fun last Saturday that we went even longer than usual -- this week instead of the usual hour, you get nearly an hour and ten minutes for your download (and all for the same low, low price of free!). Robin Torres and Lesley Smith joined Turpster and me to talk about what I did at E3 last week (meeting Michele Boyd was definitely a highlight), the new Druid forms and how they look, what's new in the game with 3.1.3, and some recent player achievements, including Ensidia's big win, and the no-deaths character. Plus, we talked with Robin about her recent scam experience, and how you can avoid having something like that happen to you in the future. One quick note: during the show, we guessed that Blizzard would never ask you for your Authenticator passcode, but that's not true: they do require you to give it to them when you sign in on their site. But our other tips are valid: if you make sure that you're the one typing the URL in to "" or "," then you'll never have to worry about any sneaky sites grabbing your name and password.

And of course we answered your emails as usual -- if you have any movie posters to send in to us this week, you can send them along to Enjoy the show, we'll see you next weekend.

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Barrens Chat: Be careful what you ask for

Megan Harris, who usually does the Barrens Chat comic here at WoW Insider, had a computer breakdown earlier this week, so she wasn't able to get a comic done for you. However, I have always harbored a secret desire to create art (despite my being terrible at it), so I offered to step in and help out, and Megan kindly accepted.

She'll certainly regret it once she's seen what chaos we've wrought. I say we because despite my best efforts, I had a hard time coming up with a comic idea, and it was actually Turpster (he of the WoW Insider Show and his upcoming Dingstravaganza) that came up with the script for this one. I just put a few screenshots together, so all Hunter hate mail goes to him.

Gallery: Barrens Chat

Spoiled RottenBubbles bubbles everywhereAlways a catchDead RingerRevolution evolutionAll hands on deck

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Upper Deck's Spectral Safari tourney is tomorrow

Tomorrow's the big day for the Spectral Safari tournament that Upper Deck is organizing. At various locations all around the country, TCG players will be competing for prizes of all kinds, including the coveted Spectral Tiger mount. The good folks at Upper Deck have also posted a guide for would-be tiger winners -- they've broken down a few classes in the TCG game, so even if you haven't been practicing maniacally for the last few months, you can still read up and and have a chance at winning the tournament.

And don't forget that even if you're not playing, Upper Deck wants you to go anyway; send them pictures or reports of the event, and you might get chosen to win even more prizes. And if you do go, drop us a note here on WoW Insider about what it was like -- obviously, UD is hoping for this to be a big event tomorrow, so it'll be interesting to see who shows up at the various locations. If you are going to compete, good luck! Win yourself a tiger mount!

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World of WarCrafts: Night Elf on her mount

night elf on mount
Today I want to show you one of the fan crafts that are being made by other WoW fans. While I love to craft this is something that I doubt I'll ever be able to create. Saturn over on the Craftster forums made this Night Elf lady on her mount. Made entirely of sculpy (craft clay) this lovely Night Elf seems to have gotten herself the Swift Zulian Tiger from Zul'Gurub since this tiger is a little more orange than the typical Frostsabers the Night Elves get.

I think she must be pretty uber leet too because she is hardly wearing anything and from what I have gathered the armor gets less and less....there as the game goes on. She must be a hunter too because it looks like a high end mail set to me. This just goes to show you just how creative you WoWers can get.

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Breakfast Topic: Knowing when to quit

How do you know when you've had enough of Azeroth and it's time to go do something else? Do you play for a certain amount of time every day? Do you PvP until your eyeballs get all red and puffy? Do you grind and grind until you at last have something to show for your effort?

Personally, on most days, I have lots to do, and commitments force me to say "I gotta go!" But on days when I have the whole day off and nothing specific planned, sometimes I feel like I can just let loose and play as long as I want. Other times I feel the need to limit myself to a certain amount of time with WoWTimer.

I try to listen to that little intuitive meter inside my body that is always measuring whether or not whatever I'm doing is still a good use of my time. Seriously, when I'm spending too much time on WoW (or on anything really), I get this feeling in my chest and in my back, something like a tensing of muscles that tells me I should be more productive. It's different from sitting in a chair too long... it's more psychological, perhaps.

How do you prevent yourself from getting carried away?

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