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Patch 5.3 PTR: Tiger's Peak Arena

Patch 53 PTR ShadoPan Arena
Editor's Note: This arena first appeared under the name Shado-Pan Arena on the PTR. The article's title has been edited for clarity.

It's always exciting to get a new arena to play with, and come patch 5.3, PvP fans will have had two in just one expansion. We really aren't sure what to do with ourselves! The second new arrival is Tiger's Peal, as pictured above in the header image. You can hopefully make out two tiger statues, facing each other, and behind the right-hand statue you can see a dark door, through which the teams enter the arena.

The run from the door to the tiger statue is very short, and therefore allows you to quickly enter cover, as, of course, they provide good line of sight blocking points. You can also see from the picture that, at the other two corners of the map, are two raised platforms, which have fenced edges. These act a bit strangely, and I am wondering if they are bugged or subject to further adjustment.

When looking at them, one might expect that the fence or steps side of the platform would block line of sight from players below, but actually they don't. It is perfectly possible to cast up or down. The fence can easily be jumped, too, so these, at the moment at least, are simply larger, flat blocks which break line of sight on the lower level, but not from top to bottom at any point we were able to discover.

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