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The Daily Quest: A daily dose of Top 10 lists

Here at, we're on a Daily Quest (which we try to do every day, honest) to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere. Is there a story out there we ought to link or a blog we should be following? Just leave us a comment and you may see it here tomorrow! Take a look at the links below, and be sure to check out our WoW Resources Guide for more WoW-related sites.

It's Wednesday -- are you getting your BlizzCon tickets tonight? Here are a few top 10 lists to read while you're waiting in what is bound to be a very, very long line -- and if you didn't make the line, don't worry. There's always Saturday.

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What a year it's been for the World of Warcraft. We've had three big content patches, a BlizzCon, an expansion announcement, and perhaps out of all of the five years this game has been running, this was the year with the most surprises. A few things players thought would never happen (including faction changes) finally did, and we saw quite a few new tricks from Blizzard, both in terms of game features and in the way they run the game at large. 2009 was also a year of expectation: we thrilled to leaks and rumors about Cataclysm, and all year long, we looked forward to the villian that has been set up for us ever since 2008's Wrath release: the Lich King himself.

As we've done for the past couple of years, let's take a look back at the most popular stories of 2009 here on We'll start first with number 10, which also came as a surprise to many players, right after the break.

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US Arena qualifier results in

Blizzard has announced the final results of the qualifier rounds on the US Arena Tournament realms, and there they are -- you can see that Death Knights are probably the most dominant class in the lineup. Their teamup with a Paladin and a ranged DPS (specifically a Warlock, though there is a Hunter in there) is pretty devastating so far. Shaman have made a nice comeback as well, serving both as utility and healing on a few teams. And of course the old Arena standby of PMR finishes out the top ten.

Blizzard will invite the winners from the qualifying round into regional finals -- they will invite the top eight teams, but apparently, according to a few commenters in the forum thread, both "well then" and "GET TANKED" are somehow the same players on the same accounts (but different characters, even though they're same classes), and the same is supposedly true for The Phuox Den and Almost Eighty on Live. So we're not sure who they're inviting -- either these two teams will get to play twice in the tournament rounds, or Blizzard will pull in some more teams to fill in the spots.

Or maybe Blizzard will have to come up with something else: we're not entirely sure about which players are on those teams, but certainly Blizzard can check that very easily. At any rate, congrats to all of the winners so far, and we'll keep an eye out for the next round of Arena battles.

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Top ten reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh

So, there's this Wrath-release event happening. One of the side-plays during the event is a duel between Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream. And while Thrall was busting out all the Shaman mojo he could, he ultimately loses to Garrosh. Over and over. Why, Thrall? How could it come to this? Where did we go wrong?

In an attempt to understand how the Warchief could be struck low by the young pup, we here at WoW Insider bring you the Top Ten Reasons Thrall got pwned by Garrosh:

  1. Thrall is secretly a keyboard turner.
  2. Thrall forgot to repair his gear before the queue popped.
  3. Garrosh has been studying the art of war at a Retribution Pally temple.
  4. Thrall broke Line-of-Sight from his druid.
  5. The Warchief was distracted by worry that Jaina might be in danger.
  6. Since the release of 3.0.2, healing in PvP has been dang near impossible.
  7. Thrall's heart just wasn't in it, since there's no Arena points this week.
  8. Warriors still need a good nerfin'.
  9. The RNG hates Thrall.

    ...and finally...

  10. In Wrath of the Lich King, the devs all play Garrosh.

We hope this short list helps bring solace to the millions of orcs who have found their hero laid low by Garrosh Hellscream. We hope you can gird your courage, and find strength to join us on the way to Northrend. As the saying goes, it ain't over till it's over.

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WoW Insider's top ten WoW stories of 2007

We had a gigantic year at WoW Insider-- from January 1st to December 31st, we've posted over 4,500 stories here on this very site, about nearly every facet of the World of Warcraft (and you guys didn't slouch, either-- we had over 150,000 comments on the site in 2007). We've reported on everything from hearthstone soaps to Norweigan mooses, and everything from Arena PvP to Zul'Aman. We've posted guides, rumors, insights, jokes, and everything else we could find connected to this game that we all play (17 hours a week on average).

And seeing as 2007 is just about to end, we figured it would be fun to take a look at the year behind us, and list the top ten stories that we reported on during that time. From comedic to controversial, these ten stories run the gamut, and they also comprise the most important news that happened in the World of Warcraft this year. As a staff, we collected all of the biggest stories of the year, and then rated them from one to ten.

So click the link below to finish out this year, and check out WoW Insider's Top Ten WoW Stories of 2007. Before the year ends, let's take a look back at what happened in Azeroth and the culture surrounding it.

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Breakfast Topic: Where's WoW?

MMO sites across the 'net have recently been abuzz with the question of what everyone's top ten MMOs are, inspired by a forum thread on As of this morning, f13 has compiled the following rankings:

814 pts. - World of Warcraft
514 pts. - City of Heroes/Villains
471 pts. - Dark Age of Camelot
459 pts. - Ultima Online
450 pts. - EverQuest
435 pts. - Eve Online
349 pts. - EverQuest 2
348 pts. - Star Wars Galaxies
308 pts. - Lord of the Rings Online
219 pts. - Planetside

Though our game of choice, World of Warcraft, is ahead of the competition, this morning I'd like to ask you where WoW would rank in your own top ten list. Is it number one, matching f13's list, or not?

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