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Forum Post of the Day: Is this against the ToS?

Poster Gnipgnop claims he's taught his pet cat to play World of Warcraft -- and wants to know whether or not this is a violation of the terms of service. Tseric responds to the thread with a cop out answer -- but inquiring minds really want to know! I've chatted with a guildmate recently about teaching a cat to play World of Warcraft, and we feel that a hunter would be the best class. You'd just have to do some heavy keyboard remapping: bind a fourth of the keys to autoshoot, another fourth to pet attack, another fourth to tab targeting, and the rest to assorted directional movements -- combined with some cats' natural fascination with keyboards, and it could work! (Of course, you would have to take over the controls to tame new pets, sell phat lewts, etc.) So, Blizzard, intelligent people everywhere demand an answer -- is it against the terms of service to teach my cat to play?

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Embargoed Azeroth

Until I saw this article, I hadn't realized that any country with which the US had a trade embargo was prohibited from adventuring throughout Azeroth according to World of Warcraft's terms of service.  Even formerly embargoed countries, such as Iraq and Iran, remain specifically banned from playing WoW.  This doesn't mean that there are no players in embargoed countries - only that they may be permanently banned whenever Blizzard takes the time to enforce these rules.  It's an interesting look at the barricades between some players and the virtual world most of us take for granted.

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Around Azeroth

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