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Free character migration for EU realms

We're just now coming out of our Thanksgiving turkey-induced haze here at WoW Insider, so if you've seen this already, forgive us, but Blizzard announced late last week that there's relief on the way for EU characters tied up by queues -- they've got a whole mess of free migrations in the mix. We've got the whole list of transfers after the break as well.

Argent Dawn appears to be in the worst shape, as Blizzard is sending players from that realm onto three different realms. Magtheridon seems to be the least busy -- all they're transferring off there is the Horde-side players. They're also transferring players off of a few different realms to the newly-created one, Chamber of Aspects, so if you're looking for a new start, there you go.

These migrations are going until December 2nd, so now's your chance, EU players, if you're on the selected realms and have been waiting to jump ship.

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Free high pop to low pop server transfers incoming

Thundgot over on the EU forums says there's a pretty drastic solution incoming to the busy servers incoming: Blizzard is going to offer free server transfers from high pop servers to low pop, so if you've really been driven nuts by all the queues and lag lately, this might be just what you need. On the other hand, don't jump into anything too quickly -- traffic problems are pretty common, especially when big patches (and, you know, expansions) come down, and odds are that once the expansion actually releases, things will die back down after a little while.

Of course, if you just don't want to wait, and don't have any particular ties to the server you happen to be on, then by all means, keep an eye out for the transfers. We're not quite sure which servers will be affected yet, but We Hate PUGs saw Quel'thelas on the list already along with a long list of high pop realms, so while we'll probably see more servers added to the low pop side, the high pop side there now is probably a fairly good indicator of the realms Blizzard sees as trouble. If you're on one of those realms and ready to transfer, sit tight and wait for the announcement today, help is on the way.

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PvE to PvP transfer impact

Since PvE to PvP transfer option became available, I've kept a close eye on my own realm to see if there'd be any discernible change to transfer patterns both on and off. As far as I can tell -- no. I've seen a few people transfer off but there doesn't seem to be any more so than usual. Only a few players did so purely for the purpose of PvPing on a different battlegroup, and most of them, like Zach Yonzon, had previously been PvP-realm transfers or rerolls anyway.

The flood of high-level PvE to PvP transfers gloomily predicted by many doesn't seem to have materialized. People who'd rather play on a PvE realm are doing just that, and most of the people who'd rather play on a PvP realm were already there (never saw that one coming, eh?). I thought at the time that Blizzard's decision would probably have its biggest impact, not on PvP players, but on PvE raiders who had previously been restricted to recruiting PvP-to-PvP, PvE-to-PvE or (much less commonly) PvP-to-PvE only. If you've ever been in a raiding guild which found great recruits from the "wrong" kind of realm, you're probably familiar with what a headache that was.

I play on a medium population PvE realm that launched when Burning Crusade hit. Since we're not really at the cutting edge of either PvE or PvP content as a result, mine is probably a bad sample size as we're not a hotbed of transfers either way. So, I'm not sure if my own experience is representative. If you're playing on a medium-to-high population realm, either PvE or PvP, are you noticing any difference to the traffic patterns, on or off? If you're on a low-population realm, has your situation improved or worsened?

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Breaking all the walls down

Blizzard really shocked us all yesterday with the PvE to PvP transfers -- we'd been told multiple times before that it just wasn't a possibility (and Blizzard even got in trouble for doing it for some of their friends). So a lot of players are wondering: just what other current taboos will Blizzard give up in the future, for either gameplay or marketing reasons? Cross region transfers is one idea that's come up on the forums, and Blizzard has (not surprisingly) turned it down, claiming that with the current architecture, it's not possible. Bringing one forum poster to respond that "we can expect to see it in about a year."

Switching genders and factions of characters is another feature that Blizzard said will never be implemented, but of course after yesterday's news, who knows -- the last big feature that Blizzard has yet to add to the game is a brand new faction (the two expansions so far have given us new races and a new class), so if they do introduce a new faction, maybe they will allow us to fundamentally change our characters somehow. And the last bastion of change, the thing that Blizzard has implied that they'd never ever do, is allowing cross-faction communication or even grouping.

Which brings us back to some concerns from players yesterday -- the PvE-PvP gap was one of the things that made World of Warcraft stand out as a game, and by removing it, Blizzard has made their game less individual, and more homogeneous with everything else on the market. It seems unthinkable now that they'd ever allow Horde and Alliance to chat with each other or group together -- that war is what makes this Warcraft. But after yesterday, who knows what other walls Blizzard will be willing to remove to "provide players with more mobility and freedom to play with their friends"?

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Say Hola to Latin American WoW July 25th

Blizzard is once again expanding its World of Warcraft player base. July 25th will mark the launch of Latin American Servers for Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. The expansion will be supported and sold in other countries in the future. New players can also purchase the Burning Crusade and 60 day prepaid game cards. A free trial is available at

The launch will be accompanied by celebratory events with Blizzard staff:

July 25
Blockbuster Pilares
Av. Universidad #697
Del Valle,

July 26-27
Plaza Satelite
Estado de Mexico,

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Gamers on the Street: Thaurissan and transfers

Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

This week there was only one choice for where to go and interview players -- the Oceanic realm of Thaurissan has been at the center of realm population issues in the last week, as Blizzard opened up transfers from PvE to PvP realms for the first time ever. I rolled a Dwarf on the Alliance side (where Horde reportedly outnumbers players at huge ratios) to see what things were like and if I could find some people with opinions on the transfers.

Things seem to be better than they were before at first glance -- we'd heard reports that only double digits of people were playing during even prime time, but when I logged on (about 6AM server time), there were quite a few people in the /who list. Ironforge was far from bustling, but I saw groups running around the Isle of Quel'danas, as well as running Magisters' Terrace.

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Reading between the lines: are more PvE to PvP transfers possible?

The announcement earlier in the week that Blizzard was allowing free transfers from a couple Oceanic PvE realms to the Oceanic PvP realm Thaurissan lead to a storm of speculation that Blizzard could be considering opening up PvE to PvP transfers on a wide scale.

Blizzard has recently said that they won't be allowing large scale transfers from PvE to PvP servers. This rule was supposedly in place for a number of reasons, the main one of which has always been the relative ease of leveling a character on a PvE server compared to that of a PvP server. Having done both, I can say that it wasn't too different – a few more tricks had to be used when leveling on the PvP server, but in no way was my leveling prolonged on the PvP server because of the PvP elements.

Drysc chimed in on this very topic yesterday.

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Ready Check: End of the road?

Ready Check is a weekly column focusing on successful raiding for the serious raider. Hardcore or casual, ZA or Sunwell Plateau, everyone can get in on the action and get mad purpz. Today, we look at the increasing numbers of player departures and wonder when enough is enough.

In this column I've talked about what makes raid guilds as a whole break up, but not what makes individuals decide raiding isn't for them. Having seen multiple guilds go through this process en masse recently, and breaking up as a result, here's a point-of-view on raiding and when it's time to stop or move on, based on personal experience in a European PvE guild.

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Free character transfers for April 18th

Bornakk announced today that free character transfers are available for the following realms:
  • Illidan
  • Mal'Ganis
  • Sargeras
  • Tichondruis
  • Warsong
You can transfer from the above realms to:
  • Azshara
  • Maiev
The transfers are available from today at 12:00 p.m. PDT until next Friday April 25th at 12:00 p.m. PDT. Of course, Blizzard reserves the right to shut down the transfers if they meet their internal numbers prior to the close date. They have been known to close down transfers early, so transfer soon if you want to take advantage of this.

WoW Insider will always keep you up-to-date on the latest realm news, so stay tuned!

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Don't expect PvE to PvP transfers anytime soon

One of the larger complaints about the ability to transfer servers is the lack of PvE to PvP transfers. You can transfer your character from a PvP server to a PvE server, but not the other way around. Some folks see this as discriminating against the PvP servers, while others see it as a good thing.

Blizzard is firmly on the side of those that see it as good. In a recent blue post Bornakk has came out and said that while the option is there, they have no plans to allow it. Apparently this has "been on the table" for the past two years.

Personally, I'm glad they won't be allowing this. The ability to transfer from PvP to PvE makes sense since you won't be disrupting the gearing balance. But think about what would happen if you could transfer from a PvE to a PvP server. Everyone would level their characters on a PvE server, and then transfer them to a PvP server at 70. This would make it nearly impossible to get a group or have any pre-70 game play on the PvP server. I know some of you are going to say that it already is impossible, but it would just become more difficult. So I'm with Blizzard on this one.

What do you think? Is it a good policy, or should Blizzard change their ways?

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Free character moves for March 28th

Bornakk, ye ol' blue poster, has announced a good bunch of character moves tonight. These moves will be active from March 28th (tomorrow) at noon PDT, and go until April 4th at noon PDT (next Friday). Get your character moves in fast if you want to take advantage of this, they often are shut off early.

There are two transfer groups available.

For the first transfer group, you can transfer from llidan, Mal'Ganis, Tichondrius, Gurubashi, Warsong, Mannoroth, and Burning Blade to Azshara, Maiev, Zuluhed, and Lethon.

For the second transfer group, you can transfer from Argent Dawn, Zul'jin, Ghostlands, and Aggramar to Muradin and Sisters of Elune.

Bornakk also tells us that the realms you can transfer off of have been chosen because they have had the highest sustained queues. The realms you can transfer to are the lowest population realms. This is an interesting tid bit of information from generally closed-door decision making.

Enjoy your transfers!

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Free US transfers now open

Once again, it's time to balance the server load a bit. Free character transfers are available on select North American realms, starting a few hours ago at 12:00 PM PST and going for one week, until Tuesday, March 4 at 12:00 PM PST. Here's the server list:
  • Group A (PvP)
    • From: Illidan, Mal'Ganis, Sargeras, Stormreaver, Tichondrius
    • To: Vashj
  • Group B (PvP)
    • From: Arthas, Burning Blade, Mannoroth, Mug'thol, Warsong
    • To: Zuluhed
  • Group C (PvE)
    • From: Area 52, Arygos, Ghostlands, Hellscream, Zul'jin
    • To: Velen
As usual, the transfers may close early if the population levels get to where Blizz wants them, so transfer early if you intend to. And again as usual, the realms chosen are based on Blizz's extensive internal stats, so at least in theory, the realms that you're transferring from are the most overpopulated, and the realms you're transferring to are the most underpopulated. Will you be taking advantage of these transfers? If you're on Vashj, Zuluhed, or Velen, do you welcome the newcomers?

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Free character transfers

Blizzard CM Bornakk announced that the following free character transfers will be available from Wednesday, February 13th at 12:00 p.m. PST until Wednesday, February 20th at 12:00 p.m. PST. Of course, these times are fully dependent on Blizzard reaching their transfer goals.

For the PvP servers, you can move from Illidan, Mal'Ganis, Skullcrusher, Smolderthorn, Tichondrius, and Warsong to the Anetheron server.

For the PvE servers, you can move from
Aman'Thul, Dath'Remar, Khaz'goroth, and Nagrand to the Caelestrasz server.

Be sure to move as soon as possible! The transfers have been known to shut down early when Blizzard reaches their goals.

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Blizz opens up brand new realm, more transfer opportunities

Blizzard has launched the first new realm since the release of The Burning Crusade. It's a PvE realm called Ghostlands, and it's part of the latest batch of free realm transfers. You ready for the list of available transfers? Okay, here we go!

If you're from the PvE realms Aerie Peak, Aggramar, Alexstrasza, Alleria, Argent Dawn, Blackhand, Cenarius, Doomhammer, Hellscream, or Whisperwind, you can move to Ghostlands.

The rest are PvP servers. Arthas, Burning Blade, Illidan, Skullcrusher, and Warsong residents may all move to Balnazzar. Folks from Mal'Ganis, Mug'thol, Sargeras, Tichondrius, and Twisting Nether may move to Onyxia. Finally, if you've been playing on Gorefiend, Kel'Thuzad, Mannoroth, Shattered Hand, or Smolderthorn, you can jump on over to Malorne.

Phew. So there it is. Anyway, it's exciting that a new realm is opening up. The community's been twiddling its thumbs for a while now.

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Ever-enlarging WoW realms spell continued success

In a forum post about the ultimate downfall of WoW, Drysc pops in to explain that WoW still has a long lifespan ahead of it. People who say that the lack of new servers proves there are fewer and fewer new players in the game are missing the big picture. Back before The Burning Crusade was launched, Blizzard did a series of server upgrades that left each realm down for a few days. At the time, they said this was to make things ready for the expansion, but little did we know it would be to such an extent.

Apparently these upgrades allowed Blizzard to keep pushing the maximum realm population up all this time, as more and more players joined the game. There are some relatively "low" population realms, of course, but only in comparison to the new much-increased maximum limit. As Drysc says, "aside from literally a handful of realms (I could count them on one hand), every other realm has a population that would have been considered high to overpopulated before the launch of Burning Crusade." Only recently have certain realms become truly crowded enough to merit free transfers to other realms.

People always like to talk about the eventual downfall of the strongest player in any arena, but the steady growth Drysc is talking about continues, it looks like WoW will be the biggest 800-pound gorilla in the MMO jungle for a good long time to come.

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