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What's the perfect transmog?

What's the perfect transmog

When Mists of Pandaria was first released, my boyfriend asked me if I'd put together a transmog outfit for his pandaren monk. He didn't give me any guidelines on what he wanted to look like though, so I settled on gathering him all the appropriate pieces for an Orgrimmar Grunt's outfit. I figured since he's an officer in an Alliance guild, he'd find it funny.

Unfortunately, he didn't even recognize what the outfit was supposed to be when he put it on (/cough Alliance noob) and as such, didn't really like it all that much. He opted to just wear the chest piece (he enjoyed how the male pandaren's belly stuck out the front) and left the rest in his bank. Sigh, silly boys.

Though mildly annoyed, I wasn't especially bothered by my boyfriend's rejection of the outfit I sent him... At least, I wasn't initially. A few weeks later he sent me a link with the proclamation that this was, "the best transmog ever."

I curiously brought up the link, wondering what would make him respond in such a way. Would it be a recreation of a recognizable character he liked? Maybe it would be something he thought looked cool? Unfortunately, it was nothing like that and honestly, what I saw made my heart sink. The "best transmog ever" was just a mismatched outfit. Yellow leaf shoulders, silly red hat, there might have even been a piece of Wrath-era frost resist in there. Was this all it took to impress him? Sigh, stupid, silly boys!

So the question is, what kind of transmog do you like? What kind of transmog outfits do you want help putting together? Answer the poll below, or give us some ideas in the comments so we can make them for you!

What kind of transmogrification outfit do want?
I want to look pretty.930 (12.6%)
I want to look awesome.4194 (56.7%)
I want to look as ridiculous as possible459 (6.2%)
I want to look like a recognizable character.453 (6.1%)
I want to look like something else not listed.586 (7.9%)
I don't transmog.779 (10.5%)

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Show off your transmogrification prowess in the Mogolympics

Show off your transmogrification savvy in the Mogolympics
Attention, mogging athletes! Amateur Azerothian is hosting the Mogolympics, a transmogrification competition that consists of nine medal sports, including:
  • Hammer Throw Build an outfit around a two-handed hammer.
  • Cycling Build a biker outfit to complement Mekgineer's Chopper.
  • Javelin Build an outfit for wielding a polearm.
The costumes will be assigned an ID so that the judges won't be able to play favorites. Here's who will be judging: Random tabard-wearing WoW factions are chosen for each entrant to represent. The competitors must submit a flagbearer as well as entries for all nine events. For full details, see the rules for the contest, the list of entrants, and the clarifications.

The deadline isn't until July 31, so you have plenty of time to put your costumes together. Check out our transmogrification posts for some training tips, but a true mogolympic athlete probably doesn't need them.

Good luck!

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Transmogrification, the hottest new game of dress-up

If you're anywhere near as addicted to transmogrification as I am, you've likely been collecting gear and creating multiple sets ever since the feature was introduced. Likely, your bank is full of sets, and your void storage may very well be full of sets too. In the last post of the Cataclysm post-mortem series, Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer Greg Street) talked about what worked with the expansion as well as what didn't -- and transmogrification was firmly on the amazing feature list. According to Ghostcrawler, it opened an entirely new avenue of gameplay, and more and more players are jumping into old dungeons and raids looking for the perfect look for their characters.

But what transmogrification has really accomplished is that it's given us a way to customize our characters in a unique and profound way. Let's face it -- the character creation screen in WoW doesn't exactly have a ton of options to choose from. No matter how unique you think your character looks, in a game with millions of people playing, there are likely millions of players out there with exactly the same hairstyle and face choices. And with tier sets becoming so prevalent, particularly in Cataclysm, all the characters had started looking like carbon copies of each other.

Transmogrification allows players to get that thing that they've been after since the early days of WoW -- a distinct and unique look for their characters.

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Shifting Perspectives: Not seeing your gear is no excuse

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Shifting Perspectives for cat, bear, restoration and balance druids. This Tuesday, hunter polearms are tossed into the trash bin and are then very quickly retrieved.

As many of you know, transmogrification -- from the ancient Greek trans, meaning "To make one's gear look better," and mogrification, meaning "Than it actually is" -- is coming to the game in patch 4.3. As such, we are joined again by Letitia, the official fashion consultant and Snark Passenger to the Shifting Perspectives column. Some of you may already know her from Shifting Perspectives: Fun with race choice, in which we pronounced one particular human model a perfect in-game example of Stalinist realism, and Shifting Perspectives: The druid of 2010, in which Allison was scraped off a bus station bathroom floor in order to write the article.

In the interests of not seeing a flood of druids run around in uncoordinated ensembles, we have assembled a set of suggestions you may wish to review. They were compiled and ranked according to the scientific rationale of not wanting to flinch whenever I shifted out of form. Our priorities are the helm, shoulder, cloak, and chest slots -- the ones that really define an outfit -- and I'll revisit the series on some future date, or whenever I can get Letitia away from her chosen career of throwing garbage at Los Angeles stylists.

Oh, and as an important aside -- Anne's World of Wardrobe series has a lot of good tips for anyone looking to put together a complete tier set. Reddit's WoW Transmogrification subreddit also has a lot of good tips, as do Wowhead's blogs on unique items and NPC sets to copy. The Visual Roleplay Gear List is also an incredibly addictive site, though not all of the sets it features will be possible to use for "mogging."

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The Queue: Purple is perfection

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

You know, the Crystalforge set doesn't look bad at all when you put it on a Draenei. With the right accessories to accompany it, it actually looks very good! The problem is that there are races other than Draenei that have to wear it. It doesn't hold the same charm when a Human male wears it.

Ice asked:

Do you think 4.3 will last almost year like ICC (~11 months) and Sunwell(~10 months) did? Or do you predict that this time its possible that the expansion release start of the 2012 unlike end of the year considering that theres few upcoming MMO's coming at those times too?

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