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Spiritual Guidance: Further changes on Patch 4.2 PTR to consider

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Spiritual Guidance for discipline, holy and shadow priests. Dawn Moore covers healing for discipline and holy priests, while her archenemy Fox Van Allen tries to go back to the future -- or the past, or something. Dawn also writes for and produces the Circle of Healing Podcast.

It's been another exciting week for healing priests who have their sight focused on patch 4.2 and the next raiding tier. First, Blizzard announced that it was going to go ahead with its plan to change how critical heals worked. Previously, Ghostcrawler (lead systems designer) explained that the developers were looking to increase the value of crit for healers, since most classes were ignoring it in favor of other stats. Now that they've gone ahead with their plans, we'll need to examine the impact this will have on discipline and holy priests.

But before we do that, we have to look at the most exciting news for priests this past week: Our set bonuses got changed! If you missed it, last Thursday Zarhym hopped on the forums and announced that the developers had made some changes to the set bonuses of several classes. Priests were, of course, on that list.

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Breakfast Topic: Healers, are you anxious about Cataclysm content?

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

I'm a healer. Just a healer. My guildmates have two characters, three, four or more. I've got an addon that does nothing but tell me who someone is when they sign in so I don't have to tax myself connecting one druid to another paladin. Me, I've just got a priest with a full set of healing gear and a solid set of DPS gear, if the need arises. Like many other healers out there, I've gone through heroics and raids; even ICC doesn't pose all that much of a challenge anymore. When you know what's coming and when, it's just a matter of hitting your marks.

Now the whole world is changing for all of us. The banal, practiced and frankly monotonous task of keeping guildmates and PUGs alive is going to go the way of the dodo, for at least a good long while. Challenge will be in the air again, and maintaining resources will be an issue for the first time in memory since my guild first cleared Iron Council.

For some of us, and I imagine this includes myself, this is going to be quite a shock. Unless we're in heroic or hard mode raiding content, we've been able to put tape over our mana bars. Now the tape's coming off, and I'm about to be pressured into a triage mentality I don't remember ever having to maintain. Either someone was topped off or dead. Only two possibilities, only two states.

I'm very much looking forward to the pressure to maintain an even shade of gray, to keep everyone between those two absolutes. I'd love to know how the rest of the healers are feeling about the cataclysmic shift in technique that is about to be gifted to us.

Are you anxious about healing in Cataclysm content?
Yes, I have doubts about how quickly or how well I can learn the new style.2824 (28.5%)
Yes, I have doubts about other players' ability or willingness to adapt.5209 (52.5%)
No, I don't think it'll be all that different.464 (4.7%)
No, I'm confident everyone will make any necessary changes fairly soon.1423 (14.3%)

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The Light and How to Swing It: Triage in Cataclysm

Every Sunday, Chase Christian of The Light and How to Swing It invites you to discuss the finer side of the paladin class: the holy specialization. This week, we discuss how the next expansion will change our method of healing, and might even be for the better.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you're aware that Blizzard recently started their Friends and Family alpha testing phase for Cataclysm. While a select few lucky individuals are playing the rough version of the next expansion right now, I am left here in Dalaran with only my thoughts to keep me company. Recently, I've been thinking about how Cataclysm is going to change the healing landscape for holy paladins, and what I can do to prepare myself over the next few months.

We're obviously receiving at least one new healing spell, Healing Hands, and since Holy Shock is no longer our 31-point talent, it wouldn't surprise me to see another heal added in as well. How are those going to change our decision making process when choosing the right spell to cast? We'll actually have to think about mana costs and conservation now as well; will we flex between various heals or fall back to relying on Holy Light to solve every problem? We also have to consider that changes to the other classes affect our playstyle as well. Tank cooldowns may change drastically, and many DPS classes are picking up survivability talents and skills of their own. The real question is: what's not going to change for us in Cataclysm?

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Spiritual Guidance: Triage

Every Sunday, Spiritual Guidance shares all the insight on wielding the light as a discipline or holy priest. Priestess Dawn Moore does her best to guide innocent priests away from the shadowy influences of Fox Van Allen, propagator of gateway specs. She stands vigilantly, fighting to ensure that priests do not get lost in the dark world of demon pacts and mage hate. Remember: mages are our friends.

Last week, I began my weekly column by annoying you all with information about my GearScore. This week I will be repeating this needlessly pretentious practice by telling you my other GearScore. My other GearScore, you ask? Why yes, dear readers, surely you know that elite players such as myself have multiple gear sets for all of our PvE whims. So without further ado:

I have a 3390 GearScore.


Dawn is seen pecking away a laptop keyboard. An over-the-shoulder shot shows her computer screen just as she finishes highlighting the text "My other GearScore ..." We then see the cursor mouse over to a font styles menu where the following options are listed: Bold, Italic and Sarcasm. Dawn selects the last option.

Film school flashbacks aside, this week we are going to talk about triage. If you didn't already know, triage is the act of making a priority list for who to help first in a situation where several individuals require medical attention. Triage was referenced earlier this month in a forum post where Ghostcrawler answered some scrutiny to Blizzard's suggested healing philosophy for Cataclysm. Let's look at that post and talk about what it will mean for priests. I will also explain where I was going in my GearScore sequel from above.

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