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WoW Moviewatch: Tribute

Work Warning: A bit of blood. A bit of cursing. A lot of tribute.

And Alex said*, "Play the best machinima in the world, or I'll eat your soul." So I played the first machinima that came into my head. And it just so happened to be the best machinima in the world. Look at this Tribute and it's easy to see, one and one make two, two and one make three.

So, reaching into the wayback machine, I'm sharing this Tribute with you. But the best machinima in the world didn't look anything like this video. This is just a Tribute.

*He didn't.

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WoW Moviewatch: Honorary Wonderboy

Their journey was long and arduous,
but for truth they hast now go.
And so they traveled onward...
... for what they could not know.

Today's Moviewatch isn't dedicated to a WoW machinima specifically but instead is a tribute to what should be immortalized in WoW in some way -- say, an expansion perhaps, in a cold north land. Where you got the power of flight. (That do anything for you?) Maybe include quests where you had to kill a yak from 200 yards away with mind bullets.

Well, either way, this video should be considered the WoW movie before it ever comes out (if ever). It makes perfect raiding music to quell the nerves when on a hard boss, and the scenery is right out of Dragonblight. The story of the video could easily be a WoW quest series.

Ladies and gentlemen, Conway Twitty Tenacious D and Wonderboy.

Interested in the wide world of machinima? We have new movies every weekday here on WoW Moviewatch! Have suggestions for machinima we ought to feature? Toss us an email at

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Breakfast Topic: How would you be honored ingame?

Being honored ingame with an NPC or an item is, I think we can all agree, the height of player cool. Not that this will ever happen to me, mind you. Realistically, the only thing I expect to get from Blizzard is a letter bomb, or possibly a bloodstained horse head for going live with that article on the Death Grip bug, and perhaps I deserve it. To this day I feel kind of bad, or at least I do until I remember my guild leader's Death Knight sending a goblin NPC flying off the dock, and then I laugh and laugh, and realize that I am a terrible person who should probably be locked up somewhere.

It's fun to wonder, though, and I've settled on two wishes. The first would be making my beloved main into a Thunder Bluff NPC among the Druid trainers, kitted in full Tier 6 with an Origin of Nightmares. She would be friend and counselor to all young Druids and full of unsolicited advice for them, most of it incorrect. The second, less dignified, and perhaps more realistic legacy I would leave to the game is a series of cow-shaped impact craters at the bottom of various Northrend cliffs and in Crystalsong under the Dalaran sewers' exit pipe, in tribute to the several falling deaths incurred while mindlessly jumping from heights without the benefit of Cold Weather Flying. Little signs could be posted below informing players of the sites' historical significance, although I'm not sure how Blizzard could squeeze the phrase "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........." onto the flavor text.

On the chance that Blizzard ever decides to honor your august self ingame, what would you want honored and how?

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BigRedKitty gets his own gun in Azeroth

We've already seen Blizzard developers give subtle, in-game nods to hard-working WoW community personalities. These special folks have gone an extra mile in helping us all feel like one big community. They help bring joy, fun, and some extra knowledge to help us all get a little more out of our game time, and they've gone a long way towards making our play a little smoother. For example, when well-known Resto4Life blogger Phaelia tapped out due to focus on family, Blizzard gave her a shout-out with the in-game item, Phaelia's Vestments of the Sprouting Seeds.

It's been four months since our good friend Daniel "BigRedKitty" Howell announced his own break from World of Warcraft. He's been desperately missed, and his fans created a goodbye video for him in April. It's just not the same firing off a gun or notching an arrow, without the watchful eye of BRK helping us out.

Blizzard has tipped their own hat to BigRedKitty with the inclusion of the BRK-1000 in patch 3.2. It even drops from the Argent Crusade Tribute Chest, though that's probably just happy circumstance. The BRK-1000 is a fairly respectable Hunter weapon and is appropriately a gun. The very best part? It smells faintly of raspberries.

[Thanks to Ken for the tip!]
Patch 3.2 will bring about a new 5, 10, and 25 man instance to WoW, and usher in a new 40-man battleground called the Isle of Conquest. will have you covered every step of the way, from extensive PTR coverage through the official live release. Check out's Guide to Patch 3.2 for all the latest!

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Crusaders' Coliseum details released

Bornakk just released some major details of the Crusaders' Coliseum, the new 5/10/25 man dungeon that will be released with Patch 3.2.

First and foremost, this will be the next tier of raiding. There was some speculation that this would be an interim tier of raiding, however that is not the case. The gear that will come out of the Crusaders' Coliseum appears to be Tier 9.

Secondly, the encounters will be unlocked one per week until all five encounters are available. This mirrors very closely the way the Sunwell Plateau was handled back in Patch 2.4.

Finally, there will be a new "Crusaders' Tribute" mechanic. The mechanic appears to track the number of times you attempt an encounter, and the fewer times it takes you to complete the encounter, the greater the loot will be for the final boss. A type of raid where you are going for the Tribute rewards will be called a "Tribute Run."

For further information about the upcoming patch check out's Guide to Patch 3.2.

The full details of the announcement after the break.

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Breakfast Topic: Your own in-game item

Yesterday, we posted about one of the coolest news bits I've read in a while. One of the items in Ulduar was named after Phaelia, one of the most respected voices in the Druid blogging community. Phaelia recently chose to put away the keyboard (or her Belkin Nostromo N-52te) to focus on her new baby -- or I should say, her sprouting seed. It's a fitting tribute to one of the game's most helpful players.

Blizzard has been known to insert tributes in-game to the player community, the most notable of whom was Breanni, the mascot of Breanni was honored with an appropriate NPC in Dalaran selling cool vanity pet-related items. While getting a full-blown NPC named after our characters is probably way out of our league, a nifty in-game item is easier to fantasize about. Blizzard does it all the time, after all, with numerous items named after their employees or their characters, from ice cream to epic shields.

It's daydreaming time. If you were to get an in-game item named after you, what would it be? Give it a name, describe what it can do. I honestly wouldn't mind a gray item myself, as I think many of the coolest stuff in the game are gray. On second thought, a gray would probably be way too cool for me. At best, I'm probably better suited for an "of the Whale" forgettable green. How about you? What would your World of Warcraft item be?

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Breakfast Topic: Real Azrothean Heroes

Alex Ziebart and Elizabeth Wachowski do an excellent job of filling us in on the stories behind our World of Warcraft adventures in the regular Know Your Lore columns. I had very little experience with the real time strategy games that led to our beloved MMORPG. I find that learning the lore gives a bit more meaning to my level grinding.

As I've leveled up I've come across some really interesting NPCs, some more famous than others. I'd like to take some time to look at some of the lesser known heroes of Azeroth. Caregiver Inaara has to be the hardest working character in the game. Stationed as the Innkeper of Sun's Reach Harbor on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Reportedly an excellent companion, Inaara serves up cold brews to thousands of thirsty characters, tired from endless daily quests. Even as a newcomer to Azeroth, we know little about this blue beauty, except that she is a surviver and serves her patrons with an unflinching smile.

Sure there are famous folks like Jaina Proudmoore and Rexxar, but let's take some time to salute the little people. Who's you're hero?

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Dungeon depth in the past, present and future

The other day, Kromzul of Burning Blade posted a thread in the official Wrath of the Lich King forum about dungeon design. He asks if instances will be deeper than those in the Burning Crusade, and I agree with most of what he says. Essentially, the epic, sprawling dungeon crawls of old have gone extinct with BC.

chimes in to say that The Burning Crusade dungeon design was heavily influenced by player feedback, wishing for more Scarlet Monastery-esque dungeons. I can see that, and to an extent, I agree with that, too. Scarlet Monastery, while shorter and more linear, was also pretty cool.

Personally, I don't think that it really comes down to one or the other. Take Dire Maul, for instance. Each wing could be tackled in a straightforward, linear fashion. However, each of them also had alternative routes, and some of them even had alternative ways of defeating them. For example, Tribute Runs in Dire Maul: North. Plus, they were even connected via the library. If you really want to, you could go from one wing to the other without any loading screen.

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Blizzplanet corners Walter Simonson on the comic

Blizzplanet has posted an interview with Walter Simonson, and is it me, or is it time to stop poking around for information on the new comic? Just let the nice people write and draw the thing already!

Simonson doesn't actually confirm the non-secret secret that Varian Wrynn is the amnesiac starring in the comic, but that doesn't keep Blizzplanet from prodding and poking everything they possibly can out of him. He says the comic will be set in the present, but when they nerd it up with some more lore, he admits it'll actually take place before the Burning Crusade. Simonson tries to drop a hint that the hero will end up in Orgrimmar, but then he's eventually exasperated enough to reveal that Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and the Pools of Vision, Ashenvale, Darnassus, and the Eastern Kingdom will all make appearances inside the comic. And while Blizzplant has heard rumors that Dire Maul will be featured in the comic, they eventually get Simonson to tell them that "we're going to witness an event involving ogres (and others) that occurs regularly in a hitherto underutilized part of Dire Maul." And that sounds, of course, like a Tribute Run.

I can see how, if you're a big fan of the comic already, learning stuff like this might be fun and interesting. But at some point, you've just got to leave Simonson alone and read the comic for yourself. Enough interviews, enough hinting, enough speculation. Just let him write it so we can read it already!

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