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Silver tabbies as far as the eye can see

Thanks to tipster Enaress, we have a short video of an amusing (albeit potentially annoying) exploit ingame that allows you to summon an unlimited number of noncombat pets. From the date on the video, it looks as if this has been live since at least patch 2.3.0,and a few of the commenters have successfully tried it for themselves. A note of warning: be careful if you do this, as dropping out of sync with Blizzard's servers can definitely be considered an exploit, and, at Blizzard's discretion, could get you banned from the game. Odds are a fix is already en route.

I have to admit, I was amused at the prospect of having my small army of pets out and about, but from what Enaress has observed, doing this does have a tendency to contribute to the lag in Shattrath (which seems to be especially noticeable with complicated pets like Lil' Smoky). I don't think I'd try it for myself; Shatt can be bad enough during server high time. But there's something about the notion of my Druid as a dedicated cat-herder or, say, an Undead being followed by a swarm of cockroaches, that just made me laugh.

One more thing; would the Disgusting Oozeling's aura stack, you think?

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Ghost Wolf taming is here to stay

If you listened to our podcast on Saturday (which was heard on the new 24-hour WoW Radio), you heard us chatting about taming the Ghost Wolf, a neat little trick that Hunters (like our own Matthew Rossi's wife) have discovered to let them tame a very rare, very special pet. I personally made my opinion known on the show: that this was a great little reward for level 70 players willing to put the time and effort in to get the pet, and that Blizzard should definitely leave this as is, intended or not.

And now, the great Mania points us to this forum post by EU Blue Issuntril, who confirms that even though the taming wasn't actually intended, Blizzard doesn't have plans to address the issue-- Ghost Wolves are here to stay.

Great news for Hunters willing to go the extra mile for a cool pet (and for Hunters who have already done so-- would definitely be lame to log in after all of that work and find your spectral pet missing). Kudos to Blizz for letting the Ghost Wolves run free.

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