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WoW Rookie: Cataclysm troll starting area

Editor's Note: This walk-through was performed on a druid. There will be small differences if you play a different class. Additionally, there are spoilers contained herein.

When you begin the new troll starting zones, the narrator warns you that Vol'jin knows that Garrosh could tear the Horde apart. It will come down to cunning trolls like you to keep things on the straight and narrow. As you begin the game, Jin'thala tells you that the Darkspear have always been outcasts. But this time, you're being led by the wisdom of Vol'jin, and it's time for the Rise of the Darkspear. Vol'kin sends you off to Zen'tabra to begin your training.

Zen'Tabra likes to start things simply, so she'll help you cover The Basics: Hitting Things. All around the Darkspear training grounds are tiki-themed target dummies. Blow up six of them, using your favorite method for blowing up stuff. After this impressive display to skill, you're off to A Rough Start and have to go kill enough cats to bring Zen'Tabra six Wildmane Cat Pelts. Go kill some kitties. If the starting area is busy, it can take a while to find enough cats, so take your time.

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