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New Jinx designs revealed for fall lineup

Jinx, purveyor of all things World of Warcraft-themed, has debuted some of its new designs for the fall lineup of WoW-inspired clothing. The new designs include a lineup of shirts signaling a player's Dungeon Finder role (tank, DPS, healer) and some new Deathwing designs just in time for patch 4.3. In true Jinx spirit, women's sizes and versions are available for all of the new fall designs.

Jinx's designs incorporate WoW elements as part of their motif or in straight-out reference the game, so there is always something for everyone, which I appreciate. I'm the guy who will wear a video game shirt but not something that says "I am a mage" on it. The new role icon shirts are particularly cool to me, since I love minimalistic video game designs on T-shirts and really want that tank shirt. See, world? You need me in your dungeon queue.

Hopefully, Jinx will have just as large of a showing at BlizzCon this year as it did last year, with a gigantic booth and that crazy murloc hoodie that had me scared and amazed me simultaneously. Check out the new fall lineup over at Jinx.

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Swagdog will print your guild's logo on a hat

Our good friends at Swagdog (who are sponsoring our Guild of the Month contest -- have you entered your guild yet? only a little while left this month!) have added a new customized guild item to their lineup: hats. CEO Mike Horn tells WoW Insider that they've "had great success with the personalized Guild Shirts and had numerous requests for accompanying Guild Hats," so wish granted. To buy the hats, just go through the system, and once you get your guild information in there, you'll be able to choose whether you want a hat or a shirt.

They run a little pricy for hats, at $24.99, but each hat is custom made to order -- you get your guild logo (with all of the game's choices and colors, or pulled straight from the Armory if you want) on the front, and a Horde or Alliance icon on the back, as well as your guild or character names if you'd like. Hats are flexfit and come in two sizes: Small/Medium or Large/XLarge. Paladins, you'll likely need the larger version.

Pretty smooth -- I like the fact that it's just the tabard logo. The shirts can be a little overboard with all of the tabard art and the text and the class icons, so if you want to show some guild pride a little more subtly, this seems like a great way to go.

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Enter to win one of two giftpacks from SwagDog and WoW Insider

The holidays are upon us, and what better gift to give the Warcraft player in your life than a customized t-shirt from You may have seen them right there on our gift guide, but we're making it even easier for you to give one away, by giving two lucky readers a gift certficate of their own (and if you want to use it for yourself, we won't tell anybody).

Yes, we're giving away two different prizes from SwagDog -- a hoodie gift pack (retail value $65, includes a customized hoodie and free shipping), and a t-shirt gift pack (retail value $30, includes a t-shirt and free shipping). To enter, just leave a comment on this post between right now and Friday, December 12th at 6:00pm Eastern, and we'll choose two random winners then to get the gift packs. One comment per person, please, and make sure to use a real email so we can contact the winners easily. Must be 18 or older and live in the United States to win (Canadians can enter, but they may have to pay a few bucks extra for shipping, as the codes only pay for free shipping to the US). Click here for complete Official Rules.

And if you don't win, don't worry -- SwagDog offers gift certificates of all kinds, and we're told that anything ordered from the site by December 16th should show up before the 25th. Good luck to everyone who enters the contest, and let us be the first to wish you a happy Winter's Veil! That's right, it starts next week!

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Reminder: Declare your loyalty to enter to win a T-shirt from SwagDog!

Have you declared your faction yet? and WoW Insider are teaming up to give away a trio of their custom t-shirts -- to enter, you've just got to leave a comment on our post from earlier this week (not this post -- leaving a comment on this post gets you nothing but a grimy sense of self-satisfaction), and make sure you declare your loyalty to the Alliance or Horde.

Why? Because we're giving away three custom-designed t-shirts in total -- one to a random Ally, one to a random Hordie, and a third to a random commenter of the faction with the most supporters. If more Alliance comment, they'll get the third t-shirt, or if more people shout that they're "For the Horde," then an Orc, Troll, Forsaken, Tauren, or Blood Elf will get the extra freebie. We haven't tallied all of the comments yet, but I believe (this is an unofficial estimate) that the Horde currently have a slight advantage. So if you're Alliance, or you have some Alliance guildies who haven't commented yet, tell them to "grab your sword and fight the Horde!" and send them over to the post. Or if you're Horde, you might want to try and solidify your lead.

The contest ends tomorrow night, Friday the 3rd, at midnight, so while you can only comment once (remember, on that post, not this one), you've only got a day left if you want to get your comment in. Good luck!

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SwagDog and Blizzard team up to offer custom t-shirts with guild and toon info

The BlizzCon tickets are slowly (and unsurely) being sold, and the first few lucky buyers have been linked to a "BlizzCon Exclusive" from -- apparently they've teamed up with Blizzard to offer real-life versions of your guild tabard on a t-shirt, and folks who attend BlizzCon will get their pick of the first shirts off the presses.

Note to Blizzard and SwagDog: feel free to send the royalty checks over to me whenever you want. The bad news is that they've eschewed the idea of "t-shirt as tabard", and instead it looks like they're making a custom-printed shirt for everyone, so it'll have not just your tabard on their shirt, but your guild's name, and your character's name and realm, race, class and faction as well.

As neat as these are, I think I'd like something a little more subtle -- all that text and the icons muddy it up a bit. But otherwise, definitely seems like (assuming the prices and shirt quality are respectable) a fun way to show off a little guild and toon pride.

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LFG sells a Richard plushie, Resto4Life sells t-shirts

The Richard character on the WoW comic LFG seems to be pretty divisive -- either you want to rip his guts out, or you just can't love the guy enough. For both of you, there's good news: the folks behind the comic have released a plushie of the character, so either you can pick it up and torture it for being such a violent jerk (ah, the irony), or you can love and cuddle the maniac as your own. The item is in pre-order right now, and will supposedly ship in November of this year.

And speaking of things you can cuddle, Resto4Life has some sharp new T-shirts in the mix -- they're rocking a Druid "Waffles" design, and the cheetah-skinned "Warsong Flag Carrier" (man I hate those sneaky Druids in WSG), but the best is the "Doncha wish your boyfriend cast 'hots' like me" shirt -- I don't know any boyfriends that would actually wear it, but it made me chuckle. Awesome to see these great fansites hopping with cool swag.

Update: Not to be outdown, our own BigBearButt blogger also has some nice Druid wearables for sale. Don't miss the trucker hat -- perfect for showing off your feral side.

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New WoW class shirts at J!NX give a stat buff

The official WoW webpage is sporting a new advertisement for some class-themed T-shirts available at J!NX for priests, druids, shamans and paladins. They say that these shirts come with "a +20 buff to pwnage," which is quite a lot, so for those of you out there is running short on pwnage, be sure to wear these shirts at all times! Also, if you need glowing eyes and wings sprouting out of your back, be sure to buy the priests' shirt in particular, as seen in this photo displayed at their website.

The designs actually look pretty cool. I've taken the liberty of copying them for you below so you can see what I mean. Even if you don't need any extra pwnage, one might want to buy a shirt just for the beauty factor alone.

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Wearing gamer pride on your sleeve

Looking for a new way to show your WoW gamer pride? How about a t-shirt! Lfnotter of Beasthold graphics wrote in telling WoW Insider about their CafePress store featuring WoW themed t-shirts after reading Krystalle's recent post on WoW-themed crafts and toys. My personal favorite is the one pictured. How could you not like a Murloc stew shirt?

Currently there are only a few graphics available, but they promise more are coming, and no doubt they will be as cute as these. I know I am considering picking up one or two for BlizzCon gear. Have a Warcraft-related project you'd like to let people know about? Let us know!

[via lfnotter]

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WoW at PAX (or lack thereof...)

Hey everybody! I'm back after a long weekend away (did anybody miss me?) in Bellevue, WA, visiting the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX, for those of us in the know). Joystiq did a great job of covering the whole event (and I wrote up my own PAXperience), but they left one question unanswered: where was WoW?

Not at PAX, apparently. MMO makers Mythic and NCSoft made a nice showing (more on that in a second), but Blizzard didn't have any official presence at all at what is quickly becoming one of the bigger public gaming events. I did see a few neat t-shirts (and one awesome guy who pinned his name and server on his back, but walked away before I could snap a picture), and hear a shoutout during a Q&A panel to the PA guild on Dark Iron (last item), but Blue and the Burning Crusade were nowhere to be seen. Maybe that means that six million players is enough for Blizzard, or maybe it means they really do want to get the expansion out before the year ends.

But while WoW was missing, there were plenty of WoW competitors there. I got to play Guild Wars, Lineage II, and Auto Assault at the NCSoft booth (and got free copies of each, thanks!), D&D Online from Turbine, and I was able to check out and play an early alpha of the WoW clone (or killer, depending on who you talk to), Warhammer Online. I asked a guy from Mythic exactly what the difference between WHO and WoW will be, and he said they'd like to make a game that lets a player completely focus on PVP, rather than having PVP as just one element. Unfortunately, playing it seemed to me to be a little too much like Dark Age of Camelot (which Mythic is also responsible for), and it just didn't have that polished and shiny Blizzard magic, early alpha or not. So, is it possible to surpass World of Warcraft? From what I saw at PAX, not yet.

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