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New WotLK bestiary entry and screenshots posted

A face only a mother could love? More expansion news today as Blizzard has just posted a new bestiary entry and a set of screen shots to the official WotLK site. The new monster is a strange creature called the "Shovel Tusk," which the page describes as a territorial and cantankerous moose-like beast. The concept art looks a bit like some mad scientist tried to splice together a moose, a ram, and an elephant. We've seen these before at Blizzcon, where they appeared in Howling Fjord in a fashion similar to the Clefthoof packs near Oshu'gun in Nagrand, with one hostile "leader of the pack" leading a group of neutrals. Mike Schramm's speculation was that they might be a Clefthoof-like Beast of Burden for the Tuskarr, which seems to have been proven wrong for now. I'm actually thinking that this would make a pretty awesome quest or faction mount, sort of like the Talbuk, that other species over in Nagrand.

In addition, they've added some new screenshots as well, something I always love seeing, since I've been impressed with their clarity and detail. I can only hope my system can display those graphics half as well when the game (or beta!) makes it into my hot little hands. The screenshots on the bestiary page are primarily the Shovel Tusk in its natural habitat, though there's a ruined tower in the background of one shot that looks vaguely Elven, and in another, one of the possibly Vrykul-related Dragon heads of the Howling Fjord, and further in the background, a mining rig and a settlement. Over on the screenshots page, I can't help but notice that the first posted screen shot looks to be some sort of a fort fronted by flags with a dragon's head coat of arms. We already know we'll be dealing with the Red and Blue dragonflights and the Proto-dragons of the Vrykul, so that flag could point to a lot of lore possibilities as well.

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The rest of the Wrath bestiary

Matthew posted the other day that Blizzard has posted a bestiary for Wrath of the Lich King, and noted that they've posted news about two new beasts we'll find in Northrend: The Nerubian Vizer, part of the spider people that follow an "unseen emperor," and a Plague Eruptor, the "most destructive" part of the Scourge's army. But what Matthew didn't mention was that there were eight other creatures mentioned in the bestiary. What, you might wonder, are these guys all about? We don't know (well, at least one of them we do). But we can guess. Get out the speculation salsa and chips!
  • Shovel Tusk: "Tusk" brings us to the Tuskarr, a race of Walrus-men in the Borean Tundra. And Shovel hints that this is a beast of burden or utility for the Tuskarr-- something like the Clefthooves in Nagrand.
  • Darkfallen: Your guess is as good as ours on this one. Sounds like something to do with the Scourge-- maybe someone that has fallen into ghostlike or demon form.
  • Ice Troll: No big surprise here-- we already knew there were trolls in Northrend. But it'll be interesting to see what trolls look like in the ice and snow-- surely they can't walk around with just those loincloths, right?
More, including the one member of the bestiary we at WoW Insider have already seen, after the jump.

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A distinct lack of murlocs

Micromachine drops a question that I can't believe we forgot to ask at BlizzCon: Will there be murlocs in the next expansion? There definitely was a distinct lack of murlocs in Outland-- but for the few packs in Serpentshrine Cavern and the Dancing Murloc quest, we didn't hear that throaty gurgle almost at all. And as much as I hate it, I... kind of miss it.

It's not like they wouldn't fit, either-- Northrend has a coast that we'll be visiting, and while it's a little colder up there, Murlocs are pretty adaptable creatures. Plus, the Tuskarr are a race of fishermen-- errr, fisherwalruses-- and they'd probably love to have the Murlocs around, for dinner if for northing else. I'm not sure exactly what an Arctic Murloc would look like, but I'd definitely like to find out.

Then again, as someone mentions in the thread, we'll probably get our fill of Murlocs whenever Blizzard gets around to making the Maelstrom expansion and tells us what all the Murlocs are doing on land in the first place. But until then, while it's OK to leave Murlocs out of Outlands (because how are they going to get there in the first place), it's unacceptable to completely leave Murlocs off the northern continent of Azeroth. Bring on the gurgle!

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