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Blood Pact: Soloing the vanilla raids for pets and more

Blood Pact Soloing the vanilla raids for pets and more MON
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill laments being knocked successfully up past the Suppression Room, only to pull the boss and be knocked back down and across the Suppression Room while the original knockback mobs die. UGH.

Well, Naxxramas is big enough that I'll leave a whole article to it. The other raids from the original raiding scene of level 60 can fit into one since they're relatively easy to do. The roadblocks to finishing them are largely mechanical tricks, not damage output or survivability problems.

There's no real difference between the specs in these earliest raids. I run as destruction mostly because it's fast-paced, but any spec and almost any talent setup can do these raids.

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Two Bosses Enter: Illidan Stormrage vs The Twin Emperors

Two bosses will enter... but only one will get to leave! Every week at WoW Insider, we pit two of the baddest bosses in the World of Warcraft against one another in a fantasy death match -- in the end to emerge with a single boss of bosses, victorious above all others. And the best part? You get to tell us who walks away the winner and who doesn't get to leave our arena at all.

Today, the terror of the Black Temple, Illidan Stormrage throws down against Ahn'Qiraj's double trouble, The Twin Emperors. Who will survive to move on to the Final Four and who will face defeat at the hands of a superior foe? Read on for the details and the chance to cast your vote

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One Boss Leaves: Twin Emperors vs. Chromaggus wrap-up

As you might guess from the image above, the Twin Emperors came out ahead in our last matchup, though the final votes were close. As usual, debate raged over the abilities each boss would be able to use, with complaints being raised over both the Twins' healing ability (which we considered out -- and come on, folks, if it were allowed, there wouldn't have been any point) and Chromaggus' breaths (which eventually turned the target into a drakonoid) considered in. In the end, however, the Twins winning by 40 votes. Interested in more boss on boss action? Check back tonight for the next fight in our line-up, Lady Vashj vs. Princess Huhuran!

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Two Bosses Enter: Twin Emperors vs. Chromaggus

Two bosses may enter... but only one will get to leave in WoW Insider's fantasy deathmatch series. Every week we pit two of Azeroth's raid bosses against one another in a battle that your votes get to decide. This week we have Ahn'Qiraj's Twin Emperors going up against Blackwing Lair's Chromaggus. Both present unique challenges to player raids, but would they be any harm to one another? Ultimately, that's for you to decide -- so read on!

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