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Patch 5.2 PTR: Reputation gain changes

Patch 52 Reputation gain changes
One change that's arrived with the latest patch 5.2 notes is one that has to deal with bonus reputation. Players have stated how grinding and repetitive the reputation can be. A suggestion that was offered was to bring back reputation tabards so players could continue to earn reputation while participating in dungeons. This would offer players two methods to earn reputation: Dailies and dungeons. Blizzard disagreed they didn't want players to double dip as dungeons already reward loot from bosses along with valor points. The developers mentioned sometime back in December that they were planning a way to include bonus reputation through dungeons. A suggestion was brought up by our own Matthew Rossi where players could represent a faction for a limited time.

That looks like the compromise solution we were looking for!

Patch 5.2 PTR and Patch Notes
You can now earn bonus reputation for your first dungeon and scenario of the day. You can select which reputation you choose to champion by selecting it from the reputation panel on the character screen. When you queue for a dungeon or scenario, the UI will remind you which reputation you are championing and allow you to change the reputation from there. (You cannot change that reputation once you are in the dungeon or scenario.)

The UI has changed so that the Reputation panel in the character screen displays which reputation they have purchased Grand Commendations for. That's great for people like me who've accidentally purchased the same reputation commendation twice.

How about it guys? What do you think of this alternative way to earn reputation? You can still knock out your dailies but between the commendations and the bonus reputation from dailies, I wager you'll be able to hit Exalted at a nice rate.

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Reader UI of the Week: Light and shadow

Reader UI of the Week Light and shadow
Last week we featured a very different UI from Bull, which he had largely created from scratch with his considerable programming knowledge, and cunning use of custom textures from the game. One thing that was notable about Bull's UI was how it functioned well across several different characters. Bull, it seemed, was playing the same role over several characters, being DPS, and this week we're looking at a UI that has to perform a somewhat harder task.

Nesavare is a priest on Jubei'Thos, and plays both as holy and shadow. While Nesavare's UI only needs to function (for the purposes of this column) for one character, the different demands of a healer and a DPS are difficult indeed to cater for with a uniform UI. And Nesavare makes a good stab at it, using ElvUI as a base, along with several additions, but as always, there's room for improvement! Nesavare sent over several screenshots, out of combat, raid healing, group DPS, and a test mode screenshot, showing off all his weakauras.

Let's dive straight in with Nesavare's email. As ever, I've had to whack it down a bit with the editing stick!

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Reader UI of the Week: Mostly minimal

Reader UI of the Week Amazing Map
This week's UI comes from Buzzardbait of Winterhoof, US. He's been keeping an eye on us at Reader UI of the Week, and felt like he should send his version of a good-looking UI over. As you'll see from his email, Buzzardbait is a fan of minimalism, and doesn't like to see a cluttered UI on his screen. Each to their own, I, personally, agree with Buzzardbait to an extent -- as you might recall from my own UI, I like to keep things clean, but I also like to have everything on show that I feel I need.

It's a fine balance between minimalism and utility, and Buzzardbait uses some clever ideas to lean heavily towards the minimal end of the scale. He makes great use of some macros, as we can see from reading his email. He also sent me a link to a full album of his UI screenshots, which you can see here. I've also grabbed a few relevant ones for you, in case the gallery doesn't work, so here's a solo screenshot, here's a 5-man screenshot, and here's the one in the header.

Hit the break for Buzzardbait's email.

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Reader UI of the Week: Crazy Castbars

Reader UI of the Week SOMETHING HERE

I really wanted to make a special, seasonal, Winter Veil UI, but alas I ran out of time. Next year, maybe! If you made a special Winter Veil or other seasonal UI to pretty up your screen over the festive period, do send it in, I'd love to see it!

Instead, we've got Palanorma's paladin UI, which he sent in in response to last week's column. He said in his email that it reminded him of his, and I can definitely see why. Palanorma included two screenshots, one not casting, and one casting.

If you want to send in your UI, drop an email to Do let me know what addons you're using, and if you have any thoughts on elements of your UI that you're particularly proud of or unhappy with, do put that information in, too.

Also, someone suggested a while back that we should run a UI surgery, where you send in a UI that you're unhappy with, and the community and I have a bash at fixing it for you. If that sounds like fun, or like it might help you, send in your UI!

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Reader UI of the Week: Pretty in pink

Reader UI of the Week
Tweedlebop probably won't be happy with the title of this piece, given that the UI's color probably isn't really pink, as such. But he sent in all these screenshots with the most adorable of race-class combinations, being, of course, a gnome death knight, with pink pigtails, and I had to do it. Apologies, Tweedlebop!

The other thing I could have called this column was something about Weak Auras. I've had a few UIs recently which have put this very powerful addon to great use, and, as we'll discuss, Tweedlebop's is no exception.

If you would like to send in your UI, I'd be very happy to receive it, pop an email over to, and please include some screenshots, a list of the addons you're using to create the visible elements, and tell me what you're happy with and unhappy with in your UI.

Tweedlebop went a step further, and sent me a link to an online gallery showing off his UI! I will be pulling down some key images and linking back to them as they become relevant, but you can see that entire gallery here.

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Reader UI of the Week: Damage over time

Reader UI of the Week
I'm excited to be getting more standard UI challenge screenshots arriving in my inbox at the moment, but I still want more! Play without addons? Completely standard UI with no modifications whatsoever? No problem! Send it in! There's still customization available within the standard UI, without addons being used at all. And if you don't use the standard UI, have a go! Send it in, the only rule of the challenge is that you can't have any non-standard UI elements visible.

To send in your UI, drop an email to, and include your addons, your likes and dislikes about your UI, and some screenshots! I can take video submissions, but they need to also come with screenshots -- not everyone can watch videos!

This week's UI submission comes from Tinala, of Moonrunner US-H. Tinala was extremely helpful in their submission, sending in not only one combat shot, but a second, solo one to go with it, as well as a "map" which shows which addon is which, an out of combat image, and a timeline showing UI evolution over the past 2 years. And many gold stars were issued to Tinala on that day!

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Patch 5.1.0a official patch notes

Fast Patch 510A Notes
Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera posted on the US forums today documenting a recent update to WoW, bringing the game up to patch 5.1.0a.

Notes for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria patch 5.1 can be found here.
Patch 5.1 hotfixes can be found here.

Bug Fixes
  • Pet Battle Abilities that use a shoot or missile animation will now properly display their visual effect.
  • Disabling Loss of Control in the Interface menu will now also disable the red cooldown swipes on the action bar in addition to the notification in the center of the screen. Loss of Control Alerts can be disabled in the Game Menu by going to Interface > Combat > and un-checking Loss of Control Alerts.
  • When Loss of Control Alerts are enabled, the red cooldown swipes will not be displayed for abilities that were already on cooldown and in situations where that cooldown will last longer than the loss of control.
  • Night will now fall at the proper time on all realms.
  • Objective icons in Scenarios will no longer incorrectly persist until the Scenario is complete.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes during Pet Battles.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash to occur during in-game cinematics in OSX v.10.6

The most interesting element of these notes to me is the updates to the loss of control notifications. Those red cooldown swipes, which didn't seem to be present in the PTR, were seriously irritating to those of the playerbase who didn't care for them, and couldn't previously be switched off.

It will be interesting to see whether these fast patches are a sign of things to come, or simply a renaming of hotfixes!

Mists of Pandaria is here! The level cap has been raised to 90, many players have returned to Azeroth, and pet battles are taking the world by storm. Keep an eye out for all of the latest news, and check out our comprehensive guide to Mists of Pandaria for everything you'll ever need to know.

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Breakfast Topic: Do you ever play with your UI turned off?

Breakfast Topic Do you ever play with your UI turned off
So I was zipping around the other day snapping screenshots for an article, when I discovered I'd been playing for a short while -- actually playing, even returning to town -- without having turned my UI back on. I had no text, I had no NPC or player names -- and I had no stress.

I can clearly remember a time when I was trying to streamline my UI when I experimented with turning off as many names as I could. I hated the lack of information; in fact, it was shortly after that that I went out and got my first tooltip mod. I suppose my change of heart the other day was due to my relaxed engagement in zones where I was in absolutely no danger. (It wasn't even a PvP realm.) Still, it struck me how pristine the experience of making my way through the zone and through town was. Was I headed in precisely the right direction? Who was this woman? Did that fellow over there have the herbalism supplies, or was it something else?

I'm guessing there are roleplayers who partially or completely turn off their UIs in town on a regular basis. Do you? What about out in the world, when you're adventuring? How minimal could you go and be effective and have a good time?

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Reader UI of the Week: Slim here

Reader UI of the Week Slim
Slim here. I warned you I'd do it.
It's an ominous way to open a column, and an ominous way to start an email with a UI submission. Slim, a regular in the comments here on WoW Insider, did indeed warn me he'd send in his UI, and you should all do the same! We're not elitist here, nobody's going to be awful to you. As I said in my first column with my own UI, there's no right or wrong answer to UI customization, no such thing as the perfect UI, only your perfect UI. I would say, though, that if you're plagued with errors, that might warrant some changes.

If you want to submit your UI, do send me an email on Let me know what addons you're using, what you like, and what you don't like so much. I've had a few UIs for the challenge I set you all a couple of weeks back to create a UI using Blizzard standard elements, but I'd love a few more!

But on to Slim. A full-size screengrab of his UI can be found here.

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Reader UI of the Week: Blast from the past

Reader UI of the Week Blast from the past
That's not very "from the past", you say? That's a current tier raid, Feng the Accursed to be precise? Well, you'd be right. But, ladies and gentlemen, this is the UI of a chap called Justo. Justo emailed me his UI, and let me know that he'd had a UI featured once before back in 2007, five years ago! In that original article, Justo referred to his UI as "controlled clutter" presenting this out of combat image, and this in combat one. I have to say, he was right about the clutter, and I'm impressed he was able to maintain control.

Skip forward over five years and here we are. Justo's back, and it's really interesting to see how his UI has evolved! I was inspired by Justo's email to look back through my screenshots and get an idea of the evolution of my UI, but alas up until fairly recently, that is to say the last couple of years, I didn't really think my UI was worthy of many screenshots. It seems I preferred to hide it and take pictures of the world instead! If you have pictures of your UI going through the years, do send them in, I'd love to see a UI evolution take place!

But anyway, here we are, 5 years after the original article. Justo's UI now looks more like this, when he's in combat, and this, when he's not in combat.

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Patch 5.1: Pet battle UI changes

Patch 51 Pet battle UI changes
Blizzard has integrated the features of many current add-ons into the pet battle UI for patch 5.1. The journal, wild pet tooltips, and battle UI now display information making it easier to choose which pets to capture and which to kill.
  • During battle, the quality of the pet is shown in the color of the opponent creature's name as well as the border of the icon. This renders Pet Battle Glow unnecessary.
  • Mousing over a pet in the wild now shows how many of that creature you have collected, if any. It does not show what the highest quality of that particular pet you own, however. So the Pet Caught add-on will still give more information than the new UI.
  • Mousing over the opponent creature during the battle will also display how many of the pets you own, but again, not their qualities.
More changes are after the break.

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Reader UI of the Week: Busy busy busy

Reader UI of the Week Busy busy busy!
This week I'm taking a different approach with the UI sent in to me by Vanard, you can see it in the header image if you squint really hard, but for those of us with normal vision, here's a link to the full size image.

Vanard sent me his UI with a detailed email telling me exactly what he's using, and you should do the same! We're getting a lot of healer UIs, we had Synchrony's priest UI last week, and my own UI the week before. We need some tank and DPS UIs! If you do email me on, tell me what addons you're using, why you're using them, what you like and what you'd change. And don't think you have to use a ton of addons, I'd love to feature a customized version of the standard UI.

I challenge you!

Actually, let's call that a challenge! Send me your best UI customization that only uses standard Blizzard UI elements. You can use addons to move them around, reposition, re-size, but it has to be exclusively Blizzard frames visible. Points awarded for using fewer addons, and for innovation, or doing things that most of us don't realize the Blizzard UI can do! Do still send me your normal UIs, as well.

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Reader UI of the Week: Dark and handsome

Reader UI of the Week Dark and Handsome
Welcome back to the second instalment of the new version of Reader UI of the week! Thanks so much for all your comments on last week's column, I'm doing my best to take them on board, but if there are things I'm failing at, do make suggestions! Feedback is always welcome.

This week, we're going to take a look at Synchrony's UI, which he sent in via email. If you want to do the same, please do, drop me a line by clicking the link, or send an email to with some high quality screenshots of your UI, and let me know what addons you're using, why you've gone for the layout and look that you've chosen, what you like about it, and what you are still working on. UIs are always a work in progress!

Anyhow, let's get down to business.

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Reader UI of the Week: In the Interest of Honesty

Reader UI of the Week In the Interest of Honesty
Welcome to the latest iteration of Reader UI of the Week. I'm your new host, and we're back thanks to popular demand. Well, frankly, the popular demand was for Mat McCurley's column. I've taken the reins and am hoping to at least hold a candle to Mat's work.

I've been reading back over the past years' Reader UI of the Week columns, and trying to work out what it was that people enjoyed. It's a little bit of judgement, a chunk of advice, a little bit of looking at the good and bad sides of UIs and a big bit of discussion. It seems obvious to me that UIs are intensely personal. There's no right or wrong answer to the question "What's a perfect UI?" The question, in my opinion, should be rephrased to "What's your perfect UI?"

Nonetheless, we all like to judge. It's rather like the WoW equivalent of a home improvement show, this column. And on those shows, I always want to see the presenter's house. So that's what we're doing today. The above image is my own UI. This column has been a great motivator to fix up some of the UI elements on my own screen that have been bothering me since the start of Mists, but that I've been too lazy to repair!

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Patch 5.0.4: Changes to the spellbook

Patch 504 Changes to the spellbook
With patch 5.0.4 dropping today, there are quite a few UI changes you'll need to get used to. Many of those changes are coming to your trusty spellbook. The way you find and use spells has changed slightly, and the spellbook now includes some handy hints to help you grasp your class and spec's role and abilities. Here's the basic rundown:
  • All core class and spec skills are now on one tab under the main Spellbook tab.
  • The Core Abilities tab gives you a rundown of the key abilities you'll use for your class and spec.
  • The What's Changed tab lets you know what's new for your class and spec.
  • The Mounts and Companions tabs are no longer in your main spellbook.
Let's take a deeper look at each of these points now.

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