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Blizzard updates Under Development page with patch 4.0.1 details

In another sign that patch 4.0.1 is fast approaching, Community Manager Zarhym has posted to let us know that the Under Development page has been updated with patch 4.0.1 details, "to set the framework for the imminent release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm." Combine this with the imminent end of arena Season 8, and it's looking more and more likely that patch 4.0.1 is nearly here.

The Under Development page update is also worth looking at, as it provides a nice, concise list of what's coming in the final major patch before Cataclysm. We've included the list after the break for your convenience.

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The Isle of Conquest and Season 7

The new, rapid pace of Blizzard development continues as the Under Development page let slip that the new Battleground will be called the Isle of Conquest. We'd known for a while now that the next major content patch, Patch 3.2, would have a new Battleground, there were little details beyond that. For a while, there was some speculation that the abandoned development in Azshara would be revisited, but it looks like this is an entirely new Battleground that implements more siege weapons and vehicles.

Even though vehicle combat has gotten fairly mixed reviews, we know for a fact that it works rather well in PvP implementations such as Lake Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients. Wintergrasp, in particular, has been so popular that it has created all sorts of problems for Blizzard, leading to the development team finding ways to actually reduce the number of people playing in it. If Wintergrasp is any indication, the Isle of Conquest should be incredibly fun, as well. The key word here is "large-scale", which hopefully indicates a return to Alterac Valley-level epic battles.

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Official site updated with new UI additions

The official World of Warcraft website updated recently with an addition to their Under Development section. Call it a preview, reminder, whatever you want. They've added a listing of all of the new UI features coming in Patch 3.1, and I'm willing to say that there's more UI additions in this patch than in any content patch before it. Am I wrong? Possibly, but I can't remember this much coming all at once before.

If you've been following WoW Insider since patch 3.1 hit the PTR, not much of this stuff will be a surprise to you, we've tried to cover the UI additions as they were pushed onto the test realm. Regardless, the new UI page details all of the following:
  • Talent Dual Specialization
  • Equipment Manager
  • Updated Objectives Tracker
  • Looking For Group Improvements
  • Queueing for Battlegrounds From Anywhere
Go on, give it a read, and make sure you're not caught off guard by all of the shiny new UI elements slapping you in the face the day you load up patch 3.1. You can also check out the galleries below that we've done previously, which will walk you through a few of these things. If you're the type that likes surprises? Well, don't look at them!

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Patch 3.0.2: Echoes of Doom

From the North, a cold wind blows, and brings with it Echoes of Doom. A king is ready, after all these years, to return to his people...

Blizzard has named the last content patch before Wrath of the Lich King -- it's "Echoes of Doom." They've created a page for patch 3.0.2 in their Under Development section, and all of the features we've become familiar with over the past few months -- from Inscription to two new Arenas (no mention yet of the new battleground, unless they just meant Wintergrasp) and lots of UI modifications -- are listed right there as ready to go in with the new patch.

The page still seems like a placeholder, though, so expect to see it changed over the next two weeks or so -- we'll see more detailed patch notes, of course, near release, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some information about the World Event that will likely kick off Wrath. "Echoes of Doom" -- are you excited?

Update: WoW Insider has obtained this exclusive video of what the new patch may be like.

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