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WoW Moviewatch: Petite Nikita

Baron Soosdon's latest Unlimited Escapism, Vol 0 was a whopping 13:37 long. It's non-narrative style wasn't to everyone's taste. Those who didn't watch through the whole piece may have missed the real star of the show: a female gnome, rendered in 3-D guns ablazing.

Fear not. The Baron has pulled out just that section and cut it together into one, short :42 piece. Behold Petite Nikita in all her compact, but lethal glory.

Oh yes, as with most Baron Soosdon's movies, I recommend the high quality Stage6 Stream over the YouTube embedded link above. Much of the pleasure of watching the Baron's movies comes from appreciating the visual style.

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WoW Moviewatch: Unlimited Escapism Vol. 0

Baron Soosdon is at it again. His fourth installment of Unlimited Escapism is just as surreal and mind-bending as the first three. I'm not sure how many video games he integrated into this Trance-driven, fast-paced, editorial whip-saw of a Machinima film. But who's counting anyway when you have burning Murlocs, raid bosses on acid and a 3-D Ninja Assassin Gnome using John Woo super slo-mo moves to plow bullets into an emo Night Elf?

For once, I can recommend watching the embedded link for a Baron film. He found a streaming site that puts out very high quality video. If that's not your speed, you can go to the WarcraftMovies page for this film.

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