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Cataclysm brings new launcher and patch process

Zarhym (Blizzard community manager) announced in the Cataclysm forums that the launcher as well as the patch download process will be getting overhauled as well. This new system will include a color-coded progress bar similar to a stoplight system.

There are three stages of download progress:
  • SETUP (RED): Core game content is being prepared. You cannot enter the game at this time.
  • AVAILABLE (YELLOW): Major game content is not completely applied. You can play, but your game experience will not be ideal.
  • PLAYABLE (GREEN): Final game content is almost complete. You may experience a few game issues with playing at this stage.

What does this mean for players? Once you're into the yellow part of the download, you can actually log into the game and play. Things that are missing will likely be along the lines of art, model and sound files. While this might cause lag or strange graphic issues, it will allow for players to get back onto their servers faster during patch days.

Those of you in the beta will see this relatively soon. However, it will require that you re-install the beta client from scratch.

The full blue post and instructions after the break.

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MMOUI Minion beta released

We saw a preview of it a little while ago, and now it's here in beta form: MMOUI Minion, the addon updater from the people behind WoWInterface. It's written in Java, and runs on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows, provided you have an up-to-date Java runtime installed. For Mac OS X users, the web site might warn you about your Java version, but if you've been keeping up with software updates, you should be fine.

As this is a beta, I won't be too hard on it, but I wouldn't recommend using it in its current state. It does show promise, especially with its extensibility (other sites can write plugins to allow Minion to download content from them). I ran into all kinds of problems, from the installer making it difficult to specify a path to the updater maxing out my CPU while idle to it detecting almost all my addons as out-of-date, even ones that aren't, but again, it's beta. The whole reason for a beta phase is to get the software out into the wild for wider debugging, so bugs are to be expected.

Overall, I'd say this could develop into something nice, but isn't quite ready yet. The icon, on the other hand, is totally adorable. If you do want to try it out, you would do well to follow their suggestion of backing up your Interface and WTF folders. I am excited to see what it will look like with more polish.

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Addon Spotlight: Curse Client updater

Well, BlizzCon is over and while there were few surprises, I'll have a review and analysis of interface and addon news from BlizzCon in a special Creamy GUI Center tomorrow. In the mean time we have the big 3.0 patch today to deal with. So this week on Addon Spotlight we'll take a look at how to securely and safely update your addons using the Curse Gaming Client. Let's get to it!

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Patches, addons and drama in the forums

While surfing the forums this morning, I came across a little gem of a thread protesting against Blizzard for the following:
  1. Breaking "our" addons and mods.
  2. Incorporating features from popular addons into the default User Interface, and thus breaking addons and mods. There's also a sentiment that Blizzard is "stealing" these ideas rather than being innovators.
  3. Fixing "their" bugs which in turn breaks "our" addons and mods. The suggestion is that they don't care, or could take steps to prevent this.
As you can imagine, all sorts of responses cropped up, including the usual people who get into arguments with other posters, players in agreement, joking and sarcastic responses, and of course, an awesome string of blue responses.

Gallery: Patch drama

The post that started it allFirst blue responseThe InterfaceSolutionTerms of UseDictionary

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Patch 2.4.2 is live

Yep, as expected after the test realm ended, patch 2.4.2 has hit the live servers, and is now available for download and installation. Daniel did a terrific roundup of what you can see in the new patch this morning. The patch notes aren't available online yet, but the only change I can see between the PTR notes and what's live is that the Druid Natural Perfection change didn't go through -- otherwise, everything else is in there as expected, including the Arena changes and the Growl changes (whatever they are).

Enjoy the new patch (and if you're an Outlands Hunter like me, enjoy your new pet!). This might be the last one we get for a while.

Update: BigDownload's got the patch, in case you haven't seen it yet.

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WoW Ace Updater for the Mac offers another update solution for Mac users

We have mentioned Mac Ace Updater in passing before (or rather, I think you commenters have-- thanks!), but if you've had problems with that one or are on the hunter for another Mac-based addon updater, here's a handy link from the LJ-- WoW Ace Updater for the Mac is designed to update all of your Ace addons on any OS X system you happen to have sitting around.

Here's all the Ace files-- as you can see, tons of popular addons are in there, from FuBar to Atlas to Omen. Odds are that if you use any of these, you probably already use WoW Ace Updater (or a program like it) to update the ones you need, but if you're on a Mac and for some reason have been having problems, this is another solution you could try.

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