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Old School WoW: Patch 0.7

Welcome to Old School WoW, the reincarnation of Patches of Yesteryear -- the column that is magically back from the dead, just like these long lost patches! In the last (and previously only) edition of this column we took a look at patch 0.6, which was the first recorded beta patch that we have public records for. Now we move a couple of months forward...

World of Warcraft
beta patch 0.7 was released on April 13, 2004, a whole 63 days after patch 0.6 was released. The time in between these two patches is notable in and of itself. Back in the day, 63 days between beta patches wasn't a big deal. If there were 63 days between Wrath beta patches or the upcoming open Cataclysm beta, there would be so much pent-up nerd rage the internet would explode. You can't have this kind of patch silence today (and it's something that Blizzard is aware of, I'm sure).

Patch 0.7 represented another step forward in Blizzard's development of WoW. Some of the major things that we'll take a look at:

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