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Are you going to use voice chat?

Kachra from Ursin asks a question that I'd like to know the answer to: are you going to use the voice chat feature? And just like the guys who built the Six Million Dollar Man, we have the technology. We can find out. So here's a poll. And hopefully, we can get a good, somewhat scientific reading on the community-- are you going to use the voice chat feature or not?

Keep in mind that TS and Vent aren't going anywhere, and as I said in my Voice Chat hands on, it's very likely that a lot of guilds (especially bigger guilds), will keep using those. But my guess is also that a lot of people will use both-- TS in raids, and the builtin voice chat in PuGs or more private groups. So if you're planning to use voice chat at all (even if it's in conjunction with a third party voice program), mark yes below.

And if you don't think you'll ever touch it, either because you're sticking to third party, or you don't want to voice chat, mark no. Who knows-- maybe Blizzard's overestimating demand for the feature in the first place.

Will you use the Voice Chat feature?
Yes3050 (69.7%)
No1328 (30.3%)

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How to normalize your Ventrilo settings

Every guild's Ventrilo has the one person who talks way too loud (usually a young and/or drunk person) and the one person who talks way too quietly (usually the raid leader, main healer, main tank, or someone else totally vital to the raid.) But luckily for us, Thrux of Darkspear has come up with a handy guide to normalize everyone's voice on Vent:

  • Go to Setup
  • Enable Direct Sound
  • Select the SFX Button
  • Select Compressor and click Add.
  • Under Compressor Properties use the following settings:
    Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be. (I use 15)
    Attack = 0.01
    Release = Around 500
    Threshold = Around -30
    Ratio = 100
    Pre delay = 4.0
  • Done!

Thrux explains exactly what each of the settings does in his post, but I've found that his recommendations work pretty well. I've been using them myself, and Vent is altogether a more pleasant and quiet place. Now if there were only settings to get rid of the "I'm so high" dude ...

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What is the ideal raid size?

Over at Elitist Jerks Quigon of Maraudor started a thread about raiding. In it he philosophizes about raiding as we knew it, and how things have changed since the expansion. Raids in the original WoW varied in size, but the main push was toward the 40-man grouping. We did it in MC, in Naxxramas, even with the world dragons. But with the large number of members the encounters were for the most part simplistic, since it takes a great deal of skill to coordinate a large number of people to do just about anything.

As Quigon puts it, the feeling of an epic fight has diminished somehow, despite the new encounters being more challenging. There isn't the same amount of excitement as a boss drops, that tangible electricity over the Vent channel. Is this because the encounters still need some tune ups, or is it because of the smaller group? Do you get the same swelling of pride as you form up as a group of 25 heroes to wage war as you would if there were 40 of your brethren around you? On the other hand, what about the 72-man raids in Everquest? Since we have so many variations in spec, build and class these days, wouldn't more people in a raid be better than fewer?

He raises a lot of stimulating questions, questions I'd love to hear your perspective on. What is the perfect raid size? Is it 10, 40, or 100?

[via Elitist Jerks]

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Dude, can you get on Teamspeak?

I can't remember the first time I was invited on Teamspeak (some people use Ventrilo as well-- I've got both free programs installed on my PC, just in case) for an instance-- for some reason, I'm thinking it wasn't until I got invited to a raid at level 60, but considering the way that things are now, I'm really surprised it wasn't earlier. Maybe it's just because almost every instance I run is with guildies, but TS is basically a requirement for grouping-- a requirement that most of us are happy to comply with, but a requirement nonetheless.

Yakov isn't so compliant-- he says Vent is a crutch, and the fact that every group he enters asks him to "jump on Vent" is rubbing him the wrong way. He says a simple 5 man run doesn't call for using Vent, and that he'd rather listen to his music then his guildies chatting it up on Teamspeak.

I disagree-- not only is it more fun to chat with people on Vent (I tend to know the guildies I've talked to on TS better than the others), but it's just plain helpful, whether the instance is hard or not. If you're disappointed that your guild isn't asking you to come on more instance runs with them, and you haven't downloaded Vent or TS yet, that's probably why.

Of course, like all things, Vent can go horribly wrong. You can be annoyed by your guildies' voices (I'll just say that some people's accents are a little offputting and leave it at that), or like Yakov, you can rather listen to music then random guild gossip. But especially if you're a player just getting to the endgame where there's a lot to learn, jumping on Vent is one of the best things you can do to make sure you know what's going on when. It's not a difficulty thing, although coordinating a pull on TS is much easier than typing strat in the chat channel. It's more of a communication thing-- the more and the faster comm there is, the better you'll all be.

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