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The Guild on Mahalo Daily

Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily had the opportunity to interview Felicia Day (Codex, the healer) and Sandeep Parikh (ZABOO, the warlock) of The Guild at SXSW. The interviewer gives the viewer a picture of how the guild got started and where it will going from here. Sandeep/ZABOO gives us a brief lesson in the true meaning of an online winkie. ;) Take a look at The Guild Drama so far: Episode 1; Episode 2; Episode 3; Episode 4; Episode 5; Episode 6; Episode 7; and a very Guild Christmas. If you like what you see, remember that today is the last day to vote for The Guild on the 2007 YouTube Awards.

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Save your Stage6 raid videos

Many raiders and machinima fans will be disappointed to learn that Stage6, one of the best purveyors of high quality DivX videos, will be shutting down. Moo announced yesterday in her his WoW Moviewatch the shut down will take place this Thursday. This is a big blow to not only the WoW community due to all the superb WoW videos hosted there, but also to the larger DivX community.

If you're like me, you probably have half a dozen boss videos that you either need to watch, or do watch after wipes to learn from them. Stage6 has an option to save these videos to your hard disk, and it looks like after this Thursday, that will be the only way to enjoy them.

In light of the closure of Stage6, what video sites will you use to get high quality boss and strategy videos from?

Edit: A sincere apology to Moo for my gender mistake. Having not met any of my fellow bloggers in real life yet, I mistakenly assumed Moo was a masculine identity. /red-in-the-face. /apologize.

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BlizzCon videos on YouTube

One might have thought that BlizzCon was long over, but there's an excellent cache of videos available on YouTube which brings the experience to life again for me. A number of our WoW Insider bloggers were there at BlizzCon, of course, and they did an excellent job covering it -- I felt as though I got everything I needed by reading them. But now looking at the videos, I see how neat it must have been to be sitting there watching it for real. You can definitely get a feeling of how the developers think when it comes to designing our favorite game.

The links to the youtube videos are just beyond the jump, copied directly from the compilation forum post by Monsoon (who deserves a lot of thanks for sharing them with us!). Take a peek for an even deeper appreciation for the game and for what went on at BlizzCon.

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WoW Moviewatch: Wrath of the Lich King

Fresh from Blizzard today, here's the trailer for Wrath of the Lich King. My first impressions? It looks surprisingly similar to old-world Azeroth -- which shouldn't be surprising, I guess, because it is in the same world, after all. "So come then, you heroes" is the new "You are not prepared." I can't wait to make a Death Knight.

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Arena battles and "Must-See PvP"

Terra Nova has a good piece up asking a question I've been thinking about ever since I saw video of the WoW arena fights at WSVG: even if Blizzard (or anyone else) sets up the technology for us to watch professional arena fights live, are they really going to be "must see PvP"?

Joshua from TN says yes-- he says he enjoys watching for tips, including how the players move, what targets they take, what strategies they employ, and so on. Personally, I have to disagree. I enjoy playing arena or fighting in the battlegrounds as much as the next guy, but when it comes to watching just the ingame fight, I just can't get into it. Part of it really is the presentation; WSVG could do a much better job explaining what's happening, just by showing the teams' makeup and their separate goals before they mix it up, and also by getting a new announcer ("It seems" like he repeats himself, and "that's going to be the case"). They do pull it off once-- in the China team vs. the Pandemic match (which I can't direct link to for some reason-- WSVG should fix that, too), the fight comes down to a mage vs. a warrior, and that fight is simple and easy enough to understand that the tension actually builds to an amazing victory. With the rest of the matches, though, things are too crazy and chaotic for anyone but a really knowledgeable viewer to keep it interesting.

So even if the presentation was broadcast quality, I would think that the only people interested in watching these videos were the top arena players themselves. No one else would have the knowledge they need to catch every spell interrupt and every strategy choice. And the natural appeals of other sports, I think-- the glory of a football player making the play for his team-- don't apply here unless you show the actual people behind the keyboards, or at least show what that big Tauren warrior is doing when he goes for the priest instead of the mage. Will arena PvP ever be a really good spectator sport?

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WoW Moviewatch: The Gnomish Crusade

As we all know, the Burning Crusade cinematic does not contain any gnomes. One brave machinimist has now corrected this outrage, bringing us this cinematic intro to World of Warcraft: The Gnomish Crusade. One question, though -- at a few points in that vid, it really looked like one of the gnomes was a priest. She seemed to resurrect and cast Holy Nova. What's up with that?


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YouTube contest: "Azeroth Exposed"

The internet may not be a series of tubes, but I know at least one site that is. Yes, YouTube, in conjunction with Intel, is running a WoW video contest called "Azeroth Exposed:"
  • YouTube and Intel are looking for your funniest World of Warcraft® moments. Show us your biggest debacle. A PUG gone wrong. An amazing prank. And be entered for a chance to win an unbelievable gaming rig powered by the new Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor. It's time for you to expose the funny side of Azeroth.
Oh, that's what they meant by "exposed?" Excuse me, I have to go put my character's clothes back on...Anyway, according to the contest page, submissions are open from March 1 through March 21, after which stage the videos will be voted on, with results announced April 26.

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WoW Moviewatch: "Level Up"

Here's a nine-minute mini-documentary on MMORPGs in general, with a focus on WoW. It attempts to investigate possibilities of addiction, effects on socialization, and the feeling most of us are familiar with that sometimes WoW is more work than play. This is perhaps not a piece that asks any new questions, but it's a nice summary at any rate. As far as addiction goes, I have to agree with Editor in Chief Shawn Rider that talking about WoW and other MMOs in terms of addiction is generally "a way of hyperbolizing the situation to make it sound much more dramatic than it actually is."

[thanks, Dave]

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WoW Moviewatch: Armor set double feature

Neither of these two are the greatest or best videos in the world. However, they do give us a look at the appearance of some upcoming gear that as far as I know hasn't been seen yet.

First off, here's a showcase of what the poster is calling 'Dungeon Set 3', whose power at 70 is supposed to be analogous to what Tier 0.5 (a.k.a. Dungeon Set 2) is like at 60. The probable conclusion is that it is composed of mostly or entirely blues, not epics. The video has every set except Hunter (sorry!). Skip to 1:40 for the actual armor sets, unless you want to see some footage of flying mounts and some bits stolen from the Burning Crusade cinematic. Check here for stills, including the Hunter set (but not the Shammy one -- go figure).

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WoW Moviewatch: Tier 6

For your late-night/early-morning/whatever-time-it-is enjoyment, I present to you the following sneak peak at the Tier 6 gear that awaits you in the expansion. Sadly, the Paladin set is missing from this video compilation, but the rest is sure to bring you joy. These all seem surprisingly class-appropriate to me (except the Hunter, but that's only to be expected).

[Thanks, Bet]
Previous Moviewatches

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Leaked Burning Crusade Alpha Videos

Within the past few days, as you're probably aware, the Burning Crusade Friends and Family alpha disc has leaked its way out onto the internet, and recently videos have sprung up made by people who were able to reverse engineer (or otherwise emulate) the WoW servers. It's probably worth noting at this point that that's definitely against the Blizzard TOS, if not completely illegal.

But if you're hungry for Burning Crusade information (and don't care about spoilers or seeing unfinished product), there's a ton of information to be seen in these videos. One more disclaimer: besides the fact that watching these will probably spoil a lot about the expansion for you, these screens are all from the alpha version of the game, and so every single thing here is subject to change, or could even be faked-- there's no guarantee about any of this, and it's definitely not confirmed by Blizzard. But hey, if you're still interested, here they are.
Personally, I can't wait for the expansion, so I'd rather be surprised by what I see in the game than spoil it by either watching these videos or playing on a hacked server. But as I said, there's lots of information in these videos already, and we'll probably see more and more of this as we get closer to release. Enjoy.. if you want to.

[Thanks, Slipknot, and others]

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