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SK release Kil'jaeden video

As promised, SK Gaming have just released their video of their world-first kill of Kil'jaeden. They call this fight "all about absolute perfection in terms of execution," and "definitely the hardest boss ever made and an impressive final boss." Of course, this video contains full spoilers for the KJ fight. I'm just going to assume SK's site will go down, so I'm embedding it from Filefront above, and linking to WarcraftMovies if you want to download it. It's shot from five points of view, though SK promises that it is not "messy" -- hemo rogue, resto shaman, enhancement shaman, and two different destro warlocks.

And since people are always curious, the music used in the video is, according to SK:
  • Airbase - Ocean Realm
  • Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Walk the Edge (B2B Woody Van Eyden Mix)
To download in glorious 1680x1050 WMV, head on over to WarcraftMovies (edit: apparently a WCM premium account is required to download the full-res version). An H.264 version is due in a few days.

Edit 2: Here's a high-quality version at Filefront; thanks, bdew.

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A shinier WoW

WoW is a fairly good-looking game, especially when compared to some other MMOs, but let's face it: it hasn't had much of a change to its graphics quality since its release in 2004, and you can tell. To give you an idea of how pretty it could be, Youtube user qelss has rendered several models from WoW with more light and some additional filters; you can see one above, and more on his profile page. As MMO-Champion notes, these are fan-made and not previews of anything, but it's still fun to look at the gleaming swords and armor.

[via MMO-Champion]

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WoW Moviewatch: With a little help from Wowhead

This may be the first time I've seen a video about a WoW web site. Wowhead is a site I'm very fond of personally, for reasons that I think this video makes clear: how else are you supposed to know where your SWORD is? The animated short is by the people behind the "Looking for Group" comic, and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the animation quality. Take that, rat!

Previously on WoW Moviewatch

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WoW Moviewatch: Nether ray mounts

In 2.1, once reaching exalted with the Sha'tari Skyguard, it will be possible to get a brand-new type of flying mount: a nether ray! Pretty nifty, if you ask me; I was just recently lamenting the lack of flying mount variety. But what does it look like? Peep the video, friends! (For those who do not wish to peep it: its flying motions look pretty much exactly like the nether rays mobs in the game.) I wonder how hard that rep is going to be to grind...Props to Fibb, of Burning Blade, for making this.

And I know I always talk about the music in these videos, but...why does every WoW vid have to be set to hard rock or metal? I swear, if I ever make one I'm gonna set it to Pavement or Ella Fitzgerald or something...

Previously on Moviewatch...

[via MMO-Champion]

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WoW Moviewatch: University of Stormwind

Loyal reader SirCasey took the trouble of leafing through all our Moviewatches to make sure we hadn't posted this vid already, and then tipped us off to it -- thanks! I like this piece quite a bit, even if it is a bit old (July '06). I'm pretty sure my school would be Darnassus, out of the options presented here. To update it a bit, what do you guys think Exodar College would be like (Exodar Institute of Technology?), or the University of Outland at Shattrath? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go raid my kitchen...

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WoW Moviewatch: Nihilum kills Magtheridon

I would've titled this "How to Kill Magtheridon," except there's not very much strategy that can be gleaned from this video. Still, it's an entertaining watch, and I love PvE vids. Unfortunately, there's no embedded version that I can find anywhere, which means if you do want to watch it, it'll be a 255 MB torrent or direct download. [Edit: YouTube version now in place; muchas gracias, Aphext] It alternates between MT and Paladin point of view, and it took me until halfway through the video to figure out what seemed so odd about the pally -- he's a Blood Elf! I know BC leveled the playing field gear-wise, but it still surprises me that a less-than-two-month-old character is doing bleeding-edge content, and winning at it. There's a raid warning towards the end of the video reading "Bravo first try" -- was this really Nihilum's first try on the boss? If so, bravo indeed! Also, I couldn't quite make out what the loot was, aside from one of the T4 chest tokens and some gold. Anyone have any guesses?

[thanks, Babbon]

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WoW Moviewatch: The Gnomish Crusade

As we all know, the Burning Crusade cinematic does not contain any gnomes. One brave machinimist has now corrected this outrage, bringing us this cinematic intro to World of Warcraft: The Gnomish Crusade. One question, though -- at a few points in that vid, it really looked like one of the gnomes was a priest. She seemed to resurrect and cast Holy Nova. What's up with that?


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YouTube contest: "Azeroth Exposed"

The internet may not be a series of tubes, but I know at least one site that is. Yes, YouTube, in conjunction with Intel, is running a WoW video contest called "Azeroth Exposed:"
  • YouTube and Intel are looking for your funniest World of Warcraft® moments. Show us your biggest debacle. A PUG gone wrong. An amazing prank. And be entered for a chance to win an unbelievable gaming rig powered by the new Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor. It's time for you to expose the funny side of Azeroth.
Oh, that's what they meant by "exposed?" Excuse me, I have to go put my character's clothes back on...Anyway, according to the contest page, submissions are open from March 1 through March 21, after which stage the videos will be voted on, with results announced April 26.

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