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Vin Diesel confirms his presence on the list of WoW-playing actors

It seems that WoW is more popular among actors than one might imagine, as well-known actor and director Vin Diesel posted a video of himself and a friend gallivanting around pre-Cataclysm Tanaris. While it's not confirmed in the Facebook post itself, many are not unfairly assuming that the two characters are Vin himself, and the late Paul Walker.

We'd heard in the past about Vin Diesel being among the list of actors and general high-profile people who play, but this does rather seem like it might confirm our suspicions.

It makes sense, if you think about it, that actors might enjoy immersing themselves in a virtual world, where, to some extent at least, they're playing a role. Reading the most recent 15 Minutes of Fame, with actor Jake Stormoen, the discussion of escapism and a world to hang out in on long shoots in strange places, it makes even more sense. Every time a high-profile person tells the world about their love of WoW, it gets a little less stigmatized, a little more accepted. It's good news.

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The Light and How to Swing It: Beating the GCD

Every Sunday, Chase Christian of The Light and How to Swing It invites you to discuss the finer side of the paladin class: the holy specialization. This week, we examine how do deal with our biggest limiting factor: the GCD.

Playing a holy paladin is a lot like participating in illegal street racing. We drive as fast as possible, have no respect for law or our fellow man, and we live our lives a quarter mile at a time. Well, at least the last part is true. We play our class one second at a time, with only a moment's time to process our raid's status before making our next move. We play in a GCD-capped environment: limited by the game's own internal pacing instead of our mana.

It's because we're already capable of casting as fast as possible that our multi-target healing suffers. Most other healers can increase their number of spells cast per second to boost their healing output, whereas we're limited by the fact that we can really only heal one person per second. There are some tricks we can use to beating this GCD limit, and therefore raise our output over simply mashing Holy Light for five minutes a time. Knowing how to work efficiently in these short, one-second windows will ensure you're healing every last bit possible.

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Tuesday Morning Post: Vin Diesel is better edition

So here we are. 5 AM Pacific is almost upon us, then we'll have downtime until 11 AM Pacific (Unless they extend it again). That means it's closing time. One last call for exp, so finish your grinding or quest, and whatnot. As usual, I'm going to suggest that you fill that WoW-less void in your life with some browsing of WoW Insider.

But first, I have something to get off my chest. It's something I have felt needs saying for a long time, and I'm now I'm going to say it, so listen up: Vin Diesel could beat Chuck Norris any day.

I've been saying it for years, seriously. Vin Diesel is so much better than Chuck Norris. Whoever first replaced Chuck Norris with Vin Diesel in all those Barrens Chat jokes, you and I need to have some words, I swear. And now I have even more evidence that Vin Diesel is the true master of badassedness: He actually plays WoW.

But anyway, back on topic. That wasn't the biggest piece of news this week, as weird as it may seen. We just got solid confirmation of a new Battleground, not to mention the new gamer fuel and a bunch of UI and Addon news that everyone's still buzzing about. Since we're all stuck not playing WoW for a bit, why not check all that out now? As always, I have a list of the best and hottest news under the cut.

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Vin Diesel plays WoW. Probably.

Reader Nick tipped us to this one -- Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel had a guest appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, where he alludes to playing World of Warcraft. While he plays coy about any details about the character(s) he plays, an interesting part comes when popular British host Ross reveals that his wife plays a green, Spectral Tiger-riding Level 80 character. Diesel gets up to shake Ross' hand at the mention of this, and proceeds to some helium-induced hilarity.

It shouldn't be a huge surprise that Diesel actually plays that game, considering that he's known to be a hardcore gamer and even wrote the foreword to the D&D 30th Anniversary retrospective coffee table book. In fact, he leads the discussion from D&D to World of Warcraft by saying that games nowadays are MMOs. This should corroborate what baseball player Curt Schilling has mentioned in a past interview about Diesel playing WoW. It would've been interesting to learn his class and faction (rumors say his character's name is Dish), but I guess players will just have to find that out another day. Maybe if he talks over vent, his Iron Giant voice should give him away...

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Know Your Lore: High Overlord Saurfang

Welcome to Know Your Lore, where each week Alex Ziebart brings you a tasty little morsel of lore to wrap your mind around. Sweet, sweet lore. Mmmm. Have suggestions for future KYL topics? E-mail us! Or, if you have a question for our sister column Ask a Lore Nerd, e-mail us those, too!

Did you know that Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms were actually separated by a stray swing of High Overlord Saurfang's axe? Did you know giraffes are just zhevras that were on the receiving end of a Saurfang Uppercut? Did you know that Saurfang doesn't have a face beneath his mask, just another axe? Overlord Saurfang is only afraid of one thing... Mrs. Saurfang.

Okay, I'm sorry, none of that was true except for possibly that last one. It was just as obnoxious to type out as it was to read, trust me. (Un)fortunately, it's a pretty good introduction to Saurfang, as he somehow evolved into a fan favorite bad ass over the last few years while his Alliance counterpart remained a Blizzard Employee ego stroke. It took me awhile to buy into the hype around this guy, but he's been winning me over as of late.

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