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Patch 4.3 PTR: Transmogrification and Void Storage gallery

My first action after leaping onto the patch 4.3 PTR was to hunt down the Transmogrification and Void Storage vendors immediately. Apparently everyone else had the same idea too, as the little building was crammed full of players eagerly changing the appearance of their gear. Transmogrification is an incredibly simple process, and Void Storage is just as easy -- all that's required is dragging and dropping your gear and gold.

Did I mention gold? There's a lot of gold involved currently. In order to open up your Void Storage vault, there is a fee of 1,000g. Once you've opened the vault, it costs a whopping 100g per item to deposit it into your vault -- and another 100g per item to remove it. With 80 slots available to fill, that quickly adds up to 8,000g just to place all your items into Void Storage. Want to take them out? It's another 8,000g.

Keep in mind, however, this is the PTR and prices may change -- although most players have so much gold on their hands by now that this could almost be considered a needed gold sink.

Check out the gallery for a full step-by-step walk-through of the Transmogrification and Void Storage process, and keep your eyes peeled here at WoW Insider for more PTR news.

Brace yourselves for what could be some of most exciting updates to the game recently with patch 4.3. Review the official patch notes, and then dig into what's ahead: new item storage options, cross-realm raiding, cosmetic armor skinning and your chance to battle the mighty Deathwing -- from astride his back!

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Patch 4.3: Rogue legendary, new raid difficulty, and other details

The afternoon, The Escapist published an interview with World of Warcraft's Lead Producer J. Allen Brack on all things patch 4.3. Some of the topics discussed are topics we already know quite well: the nature of transmogrification, how void storage works, and so on. However, the interview also includes juicy bits we didn't know. For example, patch 4.3's legendary weapon, which was initially stated to have a "narrow audience" in the tanking edition of the Ask The Devs series, will be a rogue dagger.

Brack states that they haven't settled on a name, lore, or any such thing for the weapon, so who knows what its quest chain may bring. That is actually a very interesting detail in itself: If Brack is being truthful and Blizzard doesn't know anything about the dagger's design yet, are we as close to seeing patch 4.3 on the PTR as the armor previews suggest? Or will Blizzard need to cobble it together in a hurry late in the patch's development cycle?

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Recap of Blizzard Entertainment at Gamescom 2011

Blizzard has returned from Cologne, Germany, and the Gamescom convention with tales of triumph, competition, and tons of patch 4.3 goodness for us World of Warcraft players. The community site's blog was updated with a big recap of all of Blizzard's events from the show, in case you missed any of the fun from the live streams. World of Warcraft was represented by top guilds For the Horde and Ensidia trouncing through the Firelands in live raids for Gamescom attendees, as well as the new patch 4.3 features Void Storage, Raid Finder, and transmogrification.

StarCraft 2 showcased some cool show matches between top players, and Diablo 3 had a big hands-on gaming area that, obviously, filled up quicker than humanly possible. Seriously, can't that game just come out already? Blizzard wrapped up its recap with familiar dance and costume contests, with winners earning a trip to BlizzCon in October. Check out the full recap at the World of Warcraft community site for an awesome video of the Diablo 3 street art from the show.

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Arcane Brilliance: Old mage armor sets and how to get them, part 1

female mage blizzard official art
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Arcane Brilliance for arcane, fire and frost mages. This week, we're talking about the stuff I now pledge to spend all my waking moments and most of my sleeping ones farming outdated content to obtain: old mage armor.

So what's this I hear about some newfangled patchamajigger? Transmogrifica-hoochawhatsit? Whachama-void storage? You kids and your crazy doodads and gizmos.

There's a buttload of info being released about patch 4.3, but the following literally leaped from the web page as I was reading it, plunged through my widening eye sockets and jacked directly into the pleasure centers of my brain:
  • Patch 4.3 will be bringing us at least two massively important customization options.
  • We will be able to replace the look of our current gear with the look of any other mage gear we possess.
  • We will also have new storage space in which to store all of that gear.
There are more details, and you should go read about them if you haven't already. But what we really need to discuss here is how we can best start doing what I'm positive we all desperately want to be doing right this very second: hunting for sweet-looking gear sets. I don't know about you, but I am going to transmogrify every single bit of my tier 12 set the very instant it is possible for me to do so. I will log out on patch night in front of the spot where the transmogrifier guy is going to spawn; then when the servers come back up, I will log in and shove my gold in his pockets as forcefully as I can, so that I don't have to look like a stupid mage candle any longer than absolutely necessary.

But the questions I'm asking myself between that magical moment and this one are these: Which gear set do I want to replace it with, and what can I do right this moment to get that gear set in my inventory and ready to deploy the moment such a deployment becomes possible? Click through to see me attempt to answer my own questions.

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Official Void Storage preview

Blizzard has just released its official preview of the new Void Storage feature coming in patch 4.3. Void Storage is a new long-term bank storage option that will let you save old sets of gear and items that have sentimental value. It is not meant to be a replacement or auxiliary bank; instead, it's meant to complement the use of transmogrification (see Blizzard's official preview for more information on that).

In the UI example above, it shows three items being deposited into the Void Bank, costing a total of 300g, or 100g/item. Blizzard notes that the final cost of depositing items is not final.

The big points of Void Storage:
  • Up to 80 slots
  • Access by talking to a Vaultkeeper in Stormwind or Orgrimmar
  • Costs gold each time you deposit or withdraw an item from Void Storage
  • Deposited items will be stripped of gems, enchants, and reforging
  • Item restrictions exist (not specified yet)
  • A new bag, bank, and void storage search field will appear in all inventory windows
Blizzard's full blue post on Void Storage, after the break.

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Transmogrification and the dismissal of the silhouette theory

Blizzard recently announced at the Gamescom gaming convention in Germany that patch 4.3 is coming, and it's coming on strong. With brand new features like a separate bank for your old gear, a transmogrification NPC who can change the look of your gear, and even Deathwing himself as a raid, patch 4.3 opens up a ton of possibilities for the future of World of Warcraft that we might not have seen coming.

For me, the most stark change that patch 4.3 is bringing about is not a change to the systems or gameplay, but a philosophical change at the heart of World of Warcraft that spells out some of the potential big announcements that might be coming our way during BlizzCon.

Transmogrification is bigger as a philosophical leap than we think, and here's how.

The silhouette theory

World of Warcraft's factions are rooted in an idea called silhouette recognition. What this means is that you can easily tell who your friends or enemies are based on their aesthetic look. The reason there are no "humans" on the Horde side is because Blizzard wants you, as a Horde player, to point out a human on the battlefield. The same goes for every race. No two sides have races that feature identical silhouettes. This is even the reason worgen are forced into their bestial forms in combat -- players need to know that you're a worgen.

This goes for gear as well. Blizzard practically invented the gear tier system in raiding and made it so your two most prominent pieces, shoulders and headpieces, were the sought-after marks of power and prestige, and a physical reminder of player accomplishment. My shoulders currently tell you that I've been to the Firelands, killed many bosses, and taken their stuff. My silhouette is instantly recognizable as a raider who is geared and powerful.

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More details emerge on Void Storage -- 80 slots of space

More details are emerging from Blizzard's recent talk at Gamescom. Kotaku sat down with Blizzard's Chris Metzen and Tom Chilton to talk about it all, and one of the things they covered was the upcoming void storage, slated to be released in patch 4.3.

The details on the new void storage are as follows:
  • 80 slots to store items
  • All items put in void storage will have the following removed from them:
    • Enchants
    • Gems
    • Name of player who crafted the item
Kotaku's article doesn't list what exactly are the item restrictions in the void storage. It does say "extra items," which could lead one to believe there are no restrictions. However, in the past Blizzard has said it wants to do a gear-only storage for older gear sets, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise if there are some item restrictions in place. We'll be finding out about that as patch 4.3 is released on the PTR (eventually).

The full bit from Kotaku's interview with Chris Metzen and Tom Chilton is as follows:

Another addition coming with the patch is "Void Storage", a new 100 to 150 [See Editor's Note] items slots. Like transmogrification, void storage comes from the Ethereals. Void storage is a pocket dimension created for a player that allows them to store extra items, but there is a downside.

Anything stored in the void is stripped of its enchantments and gems and the name of the person who crafted it, Chilton said. The stripping isn't tied to the lore of the game, either, but is the byproduct of a technical issue that makes this new storage system possible. (Read: Silly databases!)

Editor's Note: Blizzard has sent word that it's actually 80 slots in the Void Storage, not 100 to 150 as originally reported at Kotaku.

Brace yourselves for what could be some of most exciting updates to the game recently with patch 4.3. Look at what's ahead: new item storage options, cross-realm raiding, cosmetic armor skinning and your chance to battle the mighty Deathwing -- from astride his back!

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Patch 4.3: Deathwing, cosmetic armor skins, and armor storage

European gaming convention Gamescom is in full swing this week in Cologne, Germany. German entertainment site sat down with both Tom Chilton and Chris Robinson to discuss the details of the upcoming patch 4.3, the patch where your dreams come true. It was revealed that the patch will include:
  • Deathwing's raid and three new 5-man dungeons
  • Cosmetic armor skins (!)
  • An armor closet to store old gear, freeing up bank space
As patch 4.3 will include Deathwing's raid, that probably means it will be the final patch in the expansion's overall narrative. If you doubted for a moment that Blizzard will announce the next expansion at this year's BlizzCon, doubt no more. We expect that these new 5-man dungeons will provide a new tier of heroics as well, pushing difficulty about Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub.

Follow us past the cut below for details on cosmetic armor skins and more!

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Blizzard drops "Glimpses" screenshot with 3 unknown NPCs -- possible patch or expansion hint?

The above picture titled "Glimpses" was just posted on Blizzard's Facebook page. It shows ethereals hanging out, offering arcane reforging, transmogrification, and "void storage," whatever that is.

We don't know where this is from, and the picture is presented by Blizzard with the comment, "Interesting." So we know it's a glimpse at something coming up. What could that be? It's possibly related to patch 4.3 or the next expansion. And on that note, it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibilities for Blizzard to start dropping hints for the next expansion now.

Our staff picked up that it's a generic Stormwind building right away. In fact, the NPC and layout looks very similar to Cordell's Enchanting in the Mages District in Stormwind; that's pictured below. Obviously, the doodads and room decorations are different, but the layout and NPC spacing are the same.

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