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Episode 4 of The Guild's second season released

The latest episode of The Guild is up, and as has been the case with previous episodes of this season, if you're not seeing it on XBox Live or Zune yet, it'll surely be there soon. It's a great episode, with plenty of the laughs we've come to expect from The Guild. I'm curious to see what impact this new character will have on the crew!

In other Guild news, a gag reel for episodes 1-3 is also available. It's short and sweet, but their bloopers are just as funny as some of the real scenes. It's not super surprising that even their flubs would be hilarious given the cast they have, I suppose. I'm almost as much of a fanboy of Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis as I am of Felicia Day. Almost.

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The Guild, episode 3 of season 2 out now

The latest episode of The Guild is out now (should be up on Xbox Live and Zune soon if the last few weeks are any indication), and it's a good one -- we get a peek into the life of the man, the myth, the legend, the guildleader Vork himself (played perfectly by Jeff Lewis), Felicia Day gets naked (you read that right), and a mysterious new face appears at the end. This might be one of my favorite episodes yet.

In other Guild news, Felicia twittered just the other day that shooting has now wrapped on season 2, so while I'm sure there's plenty of editing yet to do, the cast and crew can now take a little bit of a break. Good for them -- the switch to the weekly schedule was probably a big jump up in workload, but so far they've stayed right on top of things. And while we haven't seen or heard actual numbers yet since the switch to the Microsoft deal, the new series appears to be doing well.

Good news for both The Guild and web video in general. Enjoy the new episode -- we can't wait to find out who Mr. Eyepatch is next week.

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The Guild episode 2 of season 2 out now

Episode 2 of The Guild's second season is out now -- you can view it right over on The Guild's website (you'll have to click to it), or in the other usual places: on Xbox Live in HD or on the Zune marketplace. This week's ep deals with all the craziness that got set up last week: the loot drama continues, Zaboo's T1 temptation leads to an unlikely quest, and Clara plots revenge. Vork has a new job as well, which will probably lead to trouble.

If you were eating turkey last week and missed it, don't forget to listen in to our talk with Felicia Day on the WoW Insider Show. We chatted about the new season and what's in store for these characters, the big exclusive deal with Microsoft, and how to best explain geeky things like guilds, choose your own adventure books, and loot drama to people who have never heard of any of them.

Weekly releases by The Guild is pretty exciting, we have to admit, even though the gang is working overtime to get them done. We can't wait to see what happens next week.

Thanks, Hatorihanzo of Mug'thol!

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