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The five step process to have a vote kick pass no matter what

I've been running more dungeons lately for the rep bonuses so I can gear up my tank a bit faster, and I've notice something... there are a lot of players that just like to troll or screw around. Especially during the day it seems every 13-year old smart guy likes to play WoW. (My apologies to the 13-year olds out there that do not fit into this category, I know you're cool.)

Now this isn't to say that there are not good players on during the day, and that every bad player should be kicked. Sometimes all that's needed is a friendly hand to help out -- in fact in the vast majority of time that's all that's needed. You'd be amazed at how simple it is to just say to someone "Hey, can you do X instead of Y? It'd help us make this run faster and smoother." People love getting tips like that, and most of the people you meet respond wonderfully.

But for the other group that doesn't... well, it's time for the vote kick. Throughout the last month I've perfected the method of getting a successful vote kick or correcting the problem. Here's my five step process;

Step 1: Politely ask the player to fix the problem
Really, most of the time, this will solve the issue. People don't want to be a bad player -- and even though there's a ton of WoW information and strats around, most don't read them. Just asking them to fix something will usually get their brain working on solving the problem on their own. Be sure to do it politely too -- and not fake politeness either.

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