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WRUP: Good news everybody!

When you say news around here, you frequently get a wide variety of results. After all, we're a WoW news site, and it's easy to assume were talking about in-game news. But, sometimes, recent world events are so troubling that we might be talking about those affairs. Or we might be talking about some personal news. After all, "news" is a big word. So when we asked your intrepid WoW Insider staff what they thought of the news this week, we got some surprising answers.

Kick back with a bottle of your favorite legal beverage, and join us in the freshest installment of WRUP: What R U Playing? Leave a comment below and let us know as well; we love hearing what our fellow players plan to do with their weekends.

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WRUP: Something I noticed edition

As we were preparing for this weekend's WRUP, I noticed something. In the past, you may have noticed Alex noticing that some of us had forgotten the P in WRUP. This is to say, that many of us were not playing WoW, and in fact were not playing any video game whatsoever!

I noticed that not only are we back to playing games on this lovely Labor Day weekend, but that we're specifically playing WoW. Well, except for Alex, Adam, and Sacco. They all hate Azeroth and want the Scourge to win.

  • Adam Holisky: (@adamholisky) - um... Champions Online
  • Alex Ziebart: (@aziebart) - Now that BlizzCon and all of that is behind us, I'm going to show my personal blogs a little love. I finally put up my little sister's Neri Ame review, which I'd been sitting on for weeks. Beyond that, probably working on my Paladin's Ret gear and tackling Trial of the Grand Crusader with my raid.
  • Robin Torres: (@cosmiclaurel) - There will be more Itchee with The Spawn, but mostly there will be leveling my drood in Battlegrounds. I will of course intend to complete the daily BG quests and go into Strand of the Ancients because it is the holiday, but I will actually be in AV most of the time.
  • Lisa Poisso: (@eMused) - Uh-oh – the faction transfer happened sooner than we thought, and our newest team of PvP stealthers is coming together fast. Time to zip up to level!
  • Michael Gray (@writegray) - Warsong Gulch weekend. Needeth I sayeth moreth?

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