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I know selling leveling guides isn't new, but who in their right mind would BUY one?

So, I'm sitting here today, looking for news to steal, I mean report on. When I see a blog post about an Alliance powerleveling guide. It's an innocuous one-sentence post that says, " I found a World of Warcraft Leveling guide that includes everything you need to power level any Alliance character."

Following the link brought me to a site that claims: "World of WarCraft leveling is both an art and a science. It is an art because getting to the next level requires much creativity." To help you unleash your chained-up creativity there's a link to a leveling guide. My first reaction to that line was side-splitting laughter. Leveling in WoW requires creativity like playing Whack A Mole requires a Masters in Fine Arts.

Now, I love me some leveling guides. I inevitably hit those weird spots where a zone is too low-leveled and the one next to it is too high-leveled. Having a site that listed zones appropriate to my level range was a boon leveling up. There's one, small difference between the links in this paragraph and the one above it: mine are free. His is not.

I've got two, hopefully easy questions: what sort of a snake oil salesman sells these guides, and who in their right mind would buy something that a quick Google on "world of warcraft leveling guide" should provide for free? What do you think? Is there any way in Azeroth you'd ever buy these things? And if so, I've got a lovely bridge for sale over the Hudson River for sale.

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More raid boss strat guides than you can throw a ret pally at

Raiding is a coordinated dance of precision, strategy and not having anyone go afk unannounced. Not that I have done that. Ever. No, really. Ok, that one time, but it's not like we couldn't recover from the wipe in time to try again, right?

Anyway, the first time you attempt a raid boss, it's great fun seeing what the event has in store for you. But after that first time, it's incredibly irritating to wipe out time and again. There are strat guides for boss kills here and there about the Internet, but I found one site that collects them all in one place.

For every raid target in the game, presents strat guides three different ways: they have an extensive strat guide written for their site; they have links to other popular strat guides for that boss; and they also have links to kill movies for each boss. For their own guide, it covers each phase of the fight including diagrams showing player placement, class roles with notes for different specs and gear requirements along with recommended buffs and consumables. If you don't agree with the strat, check out the many others they link to. Still having a problem visualizing the fight? Click on the many movie links they offer.

So next time you get ready to raid, you'll have no excuse to be unprepared for the big fight. If no one went afk unannounced.

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Adventures in Beta: Blood Elf Paladin, 6-10

When I returned to my blood elf, she was ready to go kill some Wretched and arcane patrollers in the wreckage of the Blood Elf starting area. The whole Ruins of Silvermoon area is very confusing. It's a city, but half of it is overrun by enemies, so you can't really figure out where most of the questgivers are supposed to be. As I swung away at magic-zombies and machines, I discovered that I was sort of enjoying playing a paladin. The whole system of seals and judgments was pretty cool, and my big problem with my long-dead human pally - the lack of a viable pulling spell - was solved by mana tap. I was going out of mana a lot less than with my shaman, too. I had to keep reminding myself, "You can't play one of these in the expansion - you'll get bored around 30-40 like with all your other alts, and you'll have to deal with other blood elves like 'Onmyknees' and 'Sefhirotth.'"

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Adventures in Beta: Draenei Shaman, Level 1-5

A couple weeks ago, I won a beta key. Pleased at getting to test out the expansion content, I happily waited for my key. And waited. And waited. Finally, on Wednesday, I received my World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Beta Key and installed the expansion. Then uninstalled the expansion. Then uninstalled my regular WoW, reinstalled it without patching, installed the Burning Crusade and patched that. I saved re-patching the live WoW for later, in case I began crying.

Finally, at 2:30 in the morning, I logged on and created my first character (my 60 main had yet to copy over.) Because I am lazy and want to see how the Horde and Alliance integrate their new classes, I chose to roll a draenei shaman. Also, I've never really tried to play a shaman or paladin, so it would be an experiment for me as well. I picked the "cute" draenei face, the Princess Leia buns that show off the the weird ear-tentacles draenei have, and some curly horns that looked slightly like racing stripes. And I was off!

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Levelling Locations: 21-30

Previously in the Levelling Location series: 1-10, 11-20.

At around level 20, things start to get really interesting. A lot of classes gain some particularly exciting new abilities at level 20, such as the druid's catform or the shaman's ghost wolf. Most of these will become invaluable for the remainder of your levelling time.

Also, at around level 20, it's time to move on from the 'starter' areas. There are several places to quest, with plenty of variety, though you may find quests more spread out than previously. Also, if you're on a PvP server, things can start getting nasty as you venture into contested territories and zones with towns for both factions. Unfortunately, ganking (being killed by higher-level players) is the order of the day -- grit your teeth, stay off the roads, and you'll soon be big enough to visit some revenge on your tormentors.

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Blackrock Depths Strategy Guide

For all of you out there looking to pick up your key to Onyxia's lair, or if you're just hunting for the head of Golem Lord Argelmach, WoW Vault has posted a comprehenside strategy guide for plumbing Blackrock Depths. The guide is very well-written & detailed, and covers quests for both Horde and Alliance, so be sure to check it out before you head in.

Repair-Bot I come!

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