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New TCG wallpaper is putrid, but in a sexy way

Blizzard has released a new wallpaper featuring exquisite artwork from the "Mias the Putrid" card from the WoW TCG. The work is just as fantastic as it was with previous TCG-themed work -- maybe even better. Well, nothing is gonna beat the Stefen Colbear thing, but still. It's fabulous.

I say it's "putrid, but in a sexy way" with tongue in cheek, of course. This evil Mias lady is half-naked. She's in chain-slave-bondage. Oh, and ... I'm not one of those guys who has all the cup sizes memorized, but I'm pretty sure that proportionally this is on the higher end. No, I'm not gushing; I actually have a point! WoW Insider has talked about sexism in WoW before, but usually we've focused on the actions and words of some male players, and not so much on things like the art style of the game or the TCG. I'm not making a judgment here; I'm just pondering.

See, when I saw this new image, I thought of a conversation I had with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago. She long since quit WoW, but she said that as a female gamer it's always a little frustrating when many of the female characters are half-naked elf-slaves with huge breasts. What a standard! But then, doesn't WoW's art style exaggerate the male characters' muscles and such, too? Ah, well. It's food for thought. Type up your two cents if you want. Or just download the wallpaper.

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Andrige's Tree of Life wallpaper (and others)

Just had to share this amazing "Tree of Life" wallpaper with you all, as seen on Resto4Life. It was commissioned by them, and done by Andrige, an artist who's created quite a few terrific WoW-related images. But man this is a great piece of work from start to finish, with a little Night Elf treeform backed up by the big Ancients in the background, all covered with that great purple Darnassian glow.

Very cool stuff, and very apt to grace the desktop of any Resto druids out there (or the people who appreciate them -- raises hand). My only complaint is that it's all druid centric -- where are my epic Shaman wallpapers?

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New Fury of the Sunwell preview page at the main US site

2.4's not out today, but Blizzard threw a nice little consolation prize our way: A new Fury of the Sunwell preview page, complete with a trailer and a very spiffy looking wallpaper featuring Kil'jaedan rising out of the Sunwell while Kael'thas looks on, as well as an in-game cinematic trailer in which Kael'thas tells the story of the destruction of the Sunwell and speaks of his plans to reignite it and summon Kil'jaedan. if you're a bit unclear on the Sunwell Lore, this page explains it succinctly as well.

There's also a list of some of the new features, such as all the new daily quests, accompanied by screenshots. In what might be considered a bit of tease for WotLK, the screenshot for the Arena Tournament features a Warrior wielding the fabled Ashbringer (the corrupted version, but still!). It's also worth noting that we can add another Kralnor cookie to the growing list of them, the screenshot also features everyone's favorite staff-using Warlock.

Blizzard's done a great job with this page, although I have to wonder if this is a harbinger of more PTR time. It seems strange they'd only release such a well done preview page a few scant days before the patch goes live, but we shall see. It's fun to have some new eye candy to keep us occupied until the patch drops.

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TCG wallpaper plus new fan art

Even if you don't play the official Trading Card Game, the latest wallpaper released is certainly worth a download. While you're there grabbing your new desktop background, you might as well peruse some of the newest fan artwork. My personal pick is the brooding dwarf, submitted by

Don't forget: Blizzard is currently seeking top notch screenshots from Auchindoun: Auchenai Crypts. Whether you focus on the beauty and architecture, or are taking real-time combat shots, Blizzard wants your submissions.

Not feeling confident in your photographic talents? Check out our mini-guide to getting the perfect snapshot.

Do you like to use World of Warcraft desktop wallpapers? If so, do you prefer the official ones released by Blizzard, or so you have another source for your decorative needs?

Bonus: If you are a fan of Chris Jahosky's Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn webcomic, I strongly recommend checking out the latest wallpaper he's released.

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Samwise's holiday wallpaper available now

As usual, Blizzard artist Samwise has presented us with a holiday-themed wallpaper, and here it is on Blizzard's site (you can use the links at the bottom to choose different sizes obviously). Just like the art in years past, the pic tends a little more cutesy than most Warcraft-themed creations, but hey, it's the holidays-- drink some cocoa and melt that frozen, war-torn heart of yours.

And this also tells us what we originally suspected about the Blood Elves joining the Horde-- not only did players enjoy playing a "good-looking race," but it looks like the little Horde ladies did as well.

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/silly postponed until Thursday

Due to unforeseen circumstances brought about by that dreaded time waster between WoW sessions we call Real Life[TM], it unfortunately comes to pass that this week's /silly will not be ready for your Tuesday morning perusal. Fear not, good friends! Not only will I have a dumbfoundingly witty (or unwittingly dumb, depending on your point of view) comic for you come Thursday A.M., but I also have gifts today to tide you over until then. Below, you will find links to a wallpaper based on the art from the third installment of /silly, featuring the ever-lovable Shadowsilk in both hand drawn and in-game model forms. For a refresher on who she is and why you would want to have a wallpaper of her, feel free to click the image above and reread the original comic. To skip straight to snagging the wallpaper, select your screen resolution from the links below.
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1680 x 1050

I now return you to your regularly scheduled WoW Insider, already in progress.

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck apologizes for any inconvenience his murderous rampage may have caused, and reminds you that squirrels can be deadly when cornered.

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It begins: Dell and Blizzard teaser page is up

Dell and Blizzard are up to something. Last week a teaser page went up on Dell's site hinting at big news, but giving little detail. It's safe to assume that Dell has found a new way to market its XPS gaming line of notebook computers with the blessing of Blizzard, but how this particular pairing of corporate entities is going to play out is anyone's guess.

This is not the first time the two have worked together. Last fall Dell and Blizzard gave away five $3200 XPS M1710 Limited Edition notebooks. That was just for logging into the game and was promoted by Blizzard. This new pairing is being promoted by Dell, so they may have something different in mind this time.

Either way, you can sign up on the teaser page to be notified by e-mail when they are ready to send out their big announcement. There are also 6 beautiful pieces of World of Warcraft desktop backgrounds to download in various sizes.

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Wallpaper available from I'm So Sick machinima

Baron Soosdon's
Baron Soosdon's Warcraft music video "I'm So Sick" is one of the most visually stunning Machinima films we have had the pleasure of spotlighting. His use of various filters and colorization effects as well as his eye for composition and movement has set the standard for this fledgling art form.

Which is why I was excited to discover that he has made not 1, but 12 wallpapers from "I'm So Sick." And every one of them are direct captures from the video. You can see the quality of his work in the shot above that features Animia Everfrost, the lead singer of his music video.

Head on over to his site to grab the free pack of all 12 wallpapers.

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Screenshot quality tip for 2.1

[She doesn't trust me. Hmm. I wonder why...]As you've probably noticed, I like to do many of my own screen shots to accompany stories. Up until now, WoW has saved all screen shots taken in the program in a .tga format that has rich deep color and good definition. The only problem with that was that the .tga format was problematic for those who didn't have an image editing program to open their screen shots up with. (I have Photoshop, so not as much an issue here.) With 2.1 came a long-awaited change for those who weren't able to share their screen shots before (Or weren't interested in snagging a graphic program to do so, anyway). As of now, your screen shots will automatically save into .jpg format.

Why is this a change I'd want to change back, you say? While I like .jpg for compression, I will be the first to admit it's not the format I normally think of as being the best for graphic quality as someone who works with images a lot. That said, for all of you graphic fiends out there like me -- makers of icons, wallpapers, and various other graphic goodies -- here is an important imaging tip for you from your friends at the EU WoW Forums:

Read more →

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Panoramic Shots of Azeroth

While this site appears to have been around for a while (and without updates for a while), this is the first time I've bumped into it.  The site includes a number of screenshots from across Azeroth, stitched together into large, panoramic views which are quite impressive.  (For some idea of how the process works, there's a bit of  explanation here - though I'd be curious about more detail.)  If you're in the market for a new and interesting Warcraft-related wallpaper, this isn't a bad place to start.

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