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Blood Pact: The Warlock's way ahead, part 2

In my last article, we looked at the Warlock in alpha: Atrocity, Metamorphosis (yay, demon form!), Decimate, and new synergies between our spells. All three top tier talents seem to have more utility in PvP and the Arenas, with Atrocity possibly having some amazing utility in some PvE situations. The synergy between DoTs and nukes is something to watch, particularly Eradication and Everlasting Affliction. New additions to the Destruction tree that seem to encourage cross-school casting turn out to be just minor improvements to the tree's PvP viability in their current form.

We turn our attention now to the other talents, and Blizzard definitely plans to make Spirit matter to warlocks.

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Kalgan offers a possible WoTLK sneak peek for Warlocks

Kalgan chimed in on a thread in which the original poster insisted that Warlocks, despite dodging the bullet on life tap, still have a nerf bat incoming somewhere. He rebuffed the poster with a nice little tidbit that may intrigue Warlocks. He also ensures us that, no, he does not hate certain classes.

He says that they'd like to give Warlocks some type of escape or defense mechanism so that they don't have to balance warlocks around the idea that they'd be "tanking" melee classes in PvP. By melee classes, I assume he means Warriors, who can shake off a Warlock's main defense, Fear, with very little trouble in multiple ways.

He even brings up a spell that Warlocks may be getting in the expansion.

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Kalgan confirms the Life Tap and Flametongue rollbacks, offers up some Arena numbers

Sweet, back to taking over the world. Warlocks rejoice, Kalgan has just officially confirmed that previously mentioned removal of the Lifetap nerf was intentional. While they were originally concerned that Warlocks were still too overly represented in the arenas, he said, a recent downtrend in their numbers convinced them to withdraw the nerfs, at least until the numbers settle down again. He also shared a chart that revealed Blizzard's analysis of the number of a class in each arena type vs. their desired numbers for the 2200+ and 1850 score ranges. The numbers are shown as a percentage by class and team type. A Percentage of 100% means they're at Blizzard's expected representation level. Above that means they outpace it, below means they're below it.

We'll show you the charts here after the break.

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Lifetap and Flametongue changes rolled back on the PTR?

While the PTRs are still down to apply the latest round of changes, World of Raids has already sniffed out a few changes and additions to the latest patch files.

Possibly the most interesting change is the fact that the Warlock Life Tap nerf seems to be currently completely reversed. The spell is restored to its 2.3 status, with the highest rank swapping 580 health for 580 mana at the base value.

In addition, the Mortal Strike debuff appears to have been removed from the description of the Flametongue weapon and totem for Shamans.

Priests will now also be able to dispel up to 10 friendly and 10 hostile targets using Mass Dispel.

Also added this patch were the musical files for the Sunwell, as well as a handful of new effects with names such as "Quest Complete," "Summon Festival Scorchling," and "Guzzle Beer," which look to most involve the seasonal content for the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Welcome to progressive patching, folks. This is an incredible turn of events for sure. Not only is one of the most controversial nerfs in WoW history completely reversed, but it seems that Shamans can't quite celebrate their re-ascension to PvP power just yet. These could be temporary, of course, and we'll see what happens when the dust settles. If Blizzard has simply decided to revert these changes in the short term, how will they tackle the underlying issues of Warlock mana usage and Shaman PvP viability? Will they put it off for another patch, or take a different angle as testing continues? We'll be eager to find out!

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Latest Life Tap change is up on the PTR

With the PTRs up again, the biggest thing everyone was looking for was to see how Life Tap was adjusted. The reports are in, and it seems like not only was the change adjusted quite a bit, it's almost arguably a buff to the skill.

Tipster Fortine linked us this thread, where a handful of Warlocks are reporting a return of 15% of their max mana at a cost of 5% of their max health, without the Improved Life Tap skill. The question, of course, is whether this is intended or not, but with no blue confirmation, it is hard to say at the moment if this was someone misplacing a piece of code, or an actual intended change.

It's definitely an improvement from the last iteration of the skill. However, scaling concerns could come into play. 5% of max HP may make this a buff in PvP, with Warlocks able to give up less health per Life Tap. However, PvE Warlocks will still have to lifetap more often to get the same amount of mana as before, which will mean less DPS for them while they wait on global cooldowns, and more Stamina will still technically be liability for them, even if not as much as before. We'll see if it's tweaked further though, it seems likely that the 5% figure on the HP may be deemed a bit too low, and we doubt Blizzard meant to buff Life Tap in PvP while nerfing it in PvE.

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Blood Pact: Locks tapped out

Between Arenas, V'Ming spends his time as a lock laughing ominously in AV, tanking Olm with his own minions and pondering troll fashion from Zul'Aman. He's recently started to plumb the depths of SSC with his 0/21/40 build and bragging about 8k shadow bolts.

This has been a sad week for warlocks, ironic given that I was just celebrating the summoning changes two weeks ago. Life Tap - a class-defining spell for locks - has been overhauled on the PTR to return 15% mana for 15% health a few days ago. The Warlock community was incredulous at first - "No way, this will be rolled back like the drain mana change" - that quickly turned to dismay when Eyonix clarified how Improved Life Tap will work with respect to this change.

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What does the Warlock lifetap nerf mean?

Ok, if you're going to take my Lifetap, at least let me keep the giant pumpkin.
We've mentioned it in passing, but it's considered by some to be a pretty massive change in the way Warlocks will be played in the future, and thus deserves a closer look. Life Tap will now take a certain percentage of your max hp (26% at the highest rank on the PTR currently), and give you a certain percentage of your max mana (26% at the highest rank on the PTR currently, as well). Before, it took a set amount of your max hp and gave all of it to you as mana.

But what exactly does that mean? How does it change Warlocks, and why do so many Warlocks hate it? Let's look at it closer after the break.

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