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Warlock Q&A with Ghostcrawler and pals

Blizzard just released their Warlock Q&A with Ghostcrawler and pals. This follows in the series of many others, which you can find in's Guide to Patch 3.2.

Some of the highlights of this Q&A session include:
  • Blizzard is considering giving different models to Warlock pets.
  • Blizzard wants to make the Warlock experience more different from that of a Mage.
  • Affliction and Destruction are doing good damage, Demonology is lagging behind.
  • Warlocks are underrepresented in PvP currently, this needs to be fixed.
  • Basic idea for the new Soul Shard system: Soul Shards will provide a combat (damage) boost, but should not be something Locks need to farm. This change will be beyond Patch 3.2., with more information ideally at BlizzCon 2009. A new Soul Shard system sure would be a Cataclysmic event, right?
  • Soulshatter cooldown is going to be lowered to 3 minutes.
Read the full Q&A after the break.

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