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WoW Insider Show episode 46: When the cat's away

We had a very special WoW Insider show last Saturday. With the usual suspects out of town Daniel, Robin, Duncor and I had a blast talking about all kinds of juicy goodness. You can download the show and listen to it whenever you like.

  • I've recently gotten my new Blizzard authenticator, and I'm really happy about it. Other folks are not quite as enthusiastic about it.
  • We discussed the current state of Mages and Paladins.
  • We had a number of great emails from our listeners. Daniel told us all about Death Knight Role-Playing.

I didn't talk about my car once, but I did throw a motorcycle reference in there. I got a chance to play the role of host, sorry folks, no giggling or flirting involved. Was it as good for you as it was for me? We shall have another special guest host for the next podcast. Be sure to join us every Saturday on WC Radio at 3:30 PM.

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WoW Insider Show Episode 22: Fake patch notes, rumored loot and wild speculation

Episode 22 of The WoW Insider Show is now available streaming on the WoW Radio site. Turpster, Matthew Rossi (our Warrior & Shaman class columnist) and I mixed it up about a number of current topics, including:
In addition to those conversations, we had a number of fun diversions into Paladin issues, Druid Feral tanking and Turpsters obsession with tea.

Join us every week on Saturday at 3:30pm EST for an hour of live debate on The WoW Insider Show.

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The WoW Insider Show episode 19: Looking back on 2007

Miss out on hearing last week's WoW Insider Show live last weekend? Never fear -- because you can listen to it at your convenience on WoW Radio. For the first episode of the new year, Elizabeth Harper, Elizabeth Wachowski, John Patricelli, and Turpster look back on 2007 and cover WoW Insider's top ten stories of the year, including:
And be sure to tune in for this week's show, broadcasting live this Saturday at 3:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM GMT on WoW Radio!

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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Lunasmile

[Lunasmile's WoWspace of the Week!]
Keeping up with the fine tradition of readers letting the rest of us WoWspace voyeurs peek into their own gaming spaces this week is Lunasmile. He actually let me know he'd dropped a submission to me by sending me a whisper in IRC while I was doing the WoW Insider podcast with Elizabeth H. two weeks ago. But he didn't just send pictures of his WoWspace -- he also sent along a great description to go with a nice numbered photo of his WoWspace! (The numbered photo shows up if you click the above picture or link) This week, I have the honor of presenting Lunasmile's letter and WoWspace to you all.

Hello WoW Insider Readers,

My name is Michael, and I play a 64 Blood Elf Warlock named Lunasmile on Hellscream US in the guild "Devils Horde. " I thought I would share my WoWspace with all of you. I took a page out of Krystalle's book and added numbers to explain the main features of my WoW Space. Without further ado, let's begin.

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