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Listen to the WoW Insider Show today with special guest Mary Varn

Yes, our podcast is back again this afternoon at 3:30pm EDT, and this week we're welcoming Mary Varn, the creator and artist behind NPC Comic, a webcomic about a girl and her two cats who all play World of Warcraft. She'll talk with us about her work and her own characters, and since we'll also have Kelly "Cadistra" Aarons of the new Byron the Tauren Rogue comic on again, maybe they'll be able to share some insight on putting WoW-related cartoons together.

Turpster and I will make sure it's not all about drawing comics, though -- we'll be answering emails and talking about the most popular posts from the last week, including what's going on with patch 3.3 and when it might drop, what's up with all of the outages lately, and what it takes to get all of the achievements. All of them. Should be a great show -- you can tune in over on our Ustream page at 3:30pm Eastern, or just head after the break. See you then.

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15 Minutes of Fame: WoW, Eh?

15 Minutes of Fame is's look at World of Warcraft players of all shapes and sizes -- from the renowned to the relatively anonymous, the remarkable to the player next door. Tip us off to players you'd like to hear more about.

It's not every day that your interview subject offers to whip up some custom artwork depicting the 15 Minutes of Fame interview process in action - but that's how WoW, Eh? creator Cadistra/Kelly Aarons rolls. She's cool like that. That's Cadistra above, chatting with my retired priestess (who's normally found flitting about Darnassus in a Festive Green Dress with my daughter, chasing Wisps and leaving sparkly trails with her Benediction [to endless whispers of "Hey man, where does that staff drop?"] - so it was time for the wench to finally get some work done, you know?).

Still, our enthusiasm for Cadistra's artwork can't top her own well deserved elation over a September win in Blizzard's monthly comic contest. As part of her prize package, Kelly received three volumes of Blizzard Entertainment manga. More importantly, she'll be considered by TOKYOPOP for contributions to upcoming volumes of both Warcraft: Legends and StarCraft: Frontline -- a heady opportunity, indeed.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Party time

Happy Thanksgiving weekend Canada! As for everyone else, well, you can enjoy the comics knowing that soon enough, you too will be feasting and we Canucks will have to hear about it. And watch all those mouth-watering food commercials.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: 98% agree

Another Sunday arrives, and now it is almost June! This means less than a month until servers flood with children, Barrens chat takes on new life, and we're all being asked for "golds" and dungeon runs. Savor the next couple of weeks.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Sheep are like bricks

We're nearing the end of May, and I'm trusting that all of you US players have been having a wonderful long weekend! For those of you who didn't get to go on vacation, or who snuck a laptop into your bags, here are the latest WoW-related comics.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Failed analogies

Can you believe it's almost April? I'm afraid of the impending warm weather.

This week, we have two absentee comic authors, not counting those that do not update regularly. Fortunately, both left us filler content, so it's almost as if we're not missing anything. We also have a new, one-time comic this week.
  1. Awkward Zombie: Bully Mammoth.
  2. Check out the latest from Cru the Dwarf. I like this one, or "heart" it as it were.
  3. Dark Legacy Comics points to Death Knights as our latest common enemy, but did anyone pause for the butterfly?
  4. Blizzard has a fifth game in development, you know. Experience Points.
  5. Flintlocke vs. the Horde shows that while Trolls might be questionably gruesome, they're also pretty forgiving.
  6. Giant Sewer Rat. GU Comics.
  7. Check out the latest from LFG. Man, I love that bunny.
  8. New Venture, from Monkey Punchers.
  9. NoObz filler.
  10. NPC: Toxic Guilt.
  11. Teh Gladiators: All he wanted was to play.
  12. More filler! Due to the flu, Disgraph is filler this week. I wouldn't recommend reading it though if you're eating or have sympathetic reflexes.
  13. World of Warcraft, eh?: The Horse Men Cometh.
  14. SMBC has posted a WoW-relevant comic. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Scrapbooking profession

This week's list has some real gems, including a new comic:

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Ding! webcomic is looking for your stories

Webcomic artist Scott Kurtz, the guy behind PvP and (more importantly) Ding! has recently posted that he'll be changing the format of his World of Warcraft themed comic. Currently, Ding! follows the comical exploits of his fictional guild, Panda Attack, but as of now that's all going to be changing.

Instead, Scott is looking to make his comic highlight the community, and be something of a community effort. He's looking for you, the players, to submit true stories about you and your guild. Has something hilarious or awesome (or hilariously awesome) happened to your crew recently? Submit it to Kurtz, and it just might be immortalized in Ding! If your story is featured in the comic, you'll be rewarded with an 11x17 print of the comic itself, which is pretty cool. It's always nice to have little memories of your guild in physical form like that. Typically you'd need to pay a decent amount of money for comissions from an artist as well known on the net as Kurtz, so that's a sweet little bonus beyond just having your story featured.

The full details on how to submit your story can be found on the PvPonline website, and I definitely recommend sending something in! If you or your guild gets featured, you should let us know, too! We'd love to hear about it, and it would probably be shown off on our site as well. That's two times the cool!

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Child's Play auctioning off a Warcraft Wolfrider statue

Blizzplanet (with a shiny new design) reports that the big Child's Play auction this year is going to feature a special prize from Blizzard: a bronze statue of the Wolfrider that was given out to Blizzard employees. Child's Play, as you may know, was started by the guys over at the Penny Arcade webcomic, and collects money every year to purchase videogames for sick children in hospitals all over the country to play. Their annual dinner auction in Seattle is always a huge event (and Tycho and Gabe are always there), but there are also lots of other local events going on, including one here in Chicago that I'm going to be attending for WoW Insider, where we'll give away some Warcraft stuff from friends of ours like Swagdog.

If you happen to be in Seattle, though, and have some money to spend on a Wolfrider statue, this could be an awesome collectible. As we said, they were previously only handed out to Blizzard employees (though a few have leaked out to the public already), and there is a much larger version that will be installed outside Blizzard headquarters (I believe they have another copy in the lobby already).

Very cool piece of art that will be auctioned off for a very good cause. The auction's going to be held on December 9th -- seats are $125, and of course the statue will go to the highest bidder of the night. We'll keep an eye out to see what it eventually sells for -- our guess is not cheap.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Mob evolution

Sunday is the day to catch up on your homework, chores, Brewfest hangover, and the week's worth of WoW-related web comics. Because I cannot help you with your homework for ethical reasons, and I'm allergic to your chores, I compiled a comic list for you instead!


Humor with a plot-line

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Sunday Morning Funnies: 10-20 years and 50% off your teeth

Another Sunday, another list of comics, and a friendly reminder that the annual holiday, Brewfest, is underway! If you haven't headed over yet, or haven't done any of the holiday dailies for today, then move along! If you plan ahead, you can even get the achievement and title! There are also mounts, trinkets and a host of prizes to be had.

Humor on a plot-line

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Of edible size

This week we have a new comic up for scrutiny concerning Blizzcon, a comic depicting the humorous side of the Midsummer Fire Festival, and some pretty aggressive battle strategy.
  1. A new comic has sprung up about the adventures of two 'durids' attempting to get to Blizzcon. It makes use of a bit too much lol-speak for my tastes, but what do you guys think?
  2. The fellows of Dark Legacy Comics are going to require a Plan B if they hope to reclaim their place on the top of the hierarchy. Also, I am jealous of their murloc action figure.
  3. On LFG, the gnomes are coming to save the day! This episode actually stands well on its own.
  4. When stealth goes wrong. NoObz.
  5. Episode 21 of The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf is A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Are you ready to vote?

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Sunday Morning Funnies: WoW is not a religion

This week we have a nice long list of comics for you to sink your teeth or tusks into. As always, don't forget to leave your tips to other WoW-themed comics so that they can be featured here! We're also saying a special goodbye to Manic Graffiti. Great work and we'll miss you! Here's hoping this isn't forever!
  1. Connedromat from Awkward Zombie kicks off your Sunday morning with a little bit of logic.
  2. Ana Hala Balablah from Dark Legacy Comics seems intent on being contrary to logic.
  3. Shakes and Fidget have to decide whether their new acquaintance is Friend or Foe?
  4. If you liked our recent coverage of Blizzard handling director Uwe Boll, you'll get a laugh out of GU Comics' Especially Not You.
  5. Manic Graffiti sends us a parting statement, mixed with a little hope, in Good-bye is Not Forever.
  6. Monkey Punchers explores the Unplayable.
  7. NoObz #8 suggests that maybe, just maybe, justice will find that little beggar you can't stand.
  8. Ding! explores some of the effects of WoW on the body and mind.
  9. Teh Gladiators enter their first arena match with their new, unlikely teammates.
  10. From The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf comes WoW is Not a Religion.
  11. The Scout Report is a bit confused over Mr. Snuggles.
Head through the break to vote on your favorite.

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Working together

This week we have some exciting developments, from the infiltration of a Horde town, to Sunwell progression, to a pet dragon. As always, I welcome suggestions for comics we've missed, so post away in the comments section! We even have a new one this week.
  1. From Action Trip comes What's the opposite of Undead?
  2. Horde PuGs a battleground this week in Ding!
  3. NoObz #7 is highly recommended! Thanks for the tip, Gene.
  4. Cluck Cluck from Dark Legacy Comics teaches us the joys of cooking.
  5. Damage Done from Extra Life is funny on too many levels.
  6. Shakes and Fidget are going on an Infiltration mission!
  7. Fun with the Bloodrage from LFG.
  8. Monkey Punchers explores the ups and downs of Minimum System Requirements.
  9. Teh Gladiators get new teammates.
  10. Episode 11: The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Disgraph has some adventures when the Shattered Sun badge loot vendor becomes available.
  11. The Scout Report meets Mister Snuggles.
Are you ready to vote? Pop through the break to choose this week's favorite.

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The Scout Report returns, and there is much rejoicing

No idea how I missed this for so long (we reported on it once that I can find, way back in June of last year), but BBB is right -- The Scout Report is a terrific WoW webcomic that could probably use some more attention. From the very beginning, it's got pretty great timing and a healthy dose of cynicism. And it's super funny, which is always good for a webcomic.

Apparently it's been away for a while, but like BBB, we are happy that it's back (and I've got some archives to read through). We'll have to make sure to add it into the Sunday Morning Funnies from now on.

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