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WRUP: The answer is always 42 edition

Among this weekend's distractions from WoW are recent releases Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake, and although not new, the browser-based Echo Bazaar has stolen some of our souls away to ... well, wherever in Fallen London it is that they keep souls. There's probably a lost warehouse of souls somewhere in game that I hope to find eventually. But some of us, still, are spending an hour here and there in Azeroth.

Though this week's edition of What Are You Playing didn't come with a bonus question, some of the staff did come up with bonus answers:
  • Gregg My bonus answer is, as always, 42.
  • Mat There was no bonus question, but my answer to any question is probably "cherry."
  • Rich My bonus answer is my new favorite show: Dhani Tackles the Globe. Combines travel, culture, food, and sport, plus the host Dhani Jones is very entertaining.
  • Zach My bonus answer to the question is, "I solve them all."
And if you'd like to see what the team is playing -- or just talk about what you're playing -- read on!

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WRUP: All mounts are equal edition

This week's edition of WRUP takes its name from Basil, who kicked off this week's discussion of everyone's favorite mount with some controversy:
Basil Berntsen: I'm not including a pic because all mounts are equal, unless they go faster.
C. Christian Moore: Also Frostheim, WHOA. All mounts are equal? I think not.
BB: Frostheim? Ouch...
Chase Christian: All hunters are the same: their dumb pets pull the boss before everyone is ready, they FD to avoid a repair bill, and when the boss is dead, they roll on any weapon that drops.
BB: Small price to pay, imo. I do way more DPS than you sissy dress wearers.
BB (five minutes later): Wait, you play a rogue, of course. Well, I still... uh... do more DPS... provide better debuffs... can transfer threat better... I can roll on your leather.
CCM: Gah, it's hard keeping track of you hunters, with your ever-changing pets and whatnot.

I think there's only one solution to this problem: a level one battle to the death. But the actual participants might disagree with me. While I wait for them to see this post and sort out their problems, why not look in on what the staff is playing this weekend? And, if you're feeling brave, join the debate and tell us what your favorite mount in the game is.

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March Guild of the Month: The Holy Crusade of Bleeding Hollow

We are, unfortunately, late in awarding our first ever Guild of the Month winner, but we've got a good reason: when we contacted Nytrok, the guildmaster, he was away in France for the 60th anniversary of NATO, and as an Air Force Corporal in the Canadian Forces, was meeting with the Prime Minister and Chief of Defense Staff. Very impressive! But fortunately, he found the time to send us some information about the guild, and we're glad to award him and | The Holy Crusade | of Bleeding Hollow our first Guild of the Month.

For winning, they'll recieve not only a profile right here in this post (check after the break to see why we chose them as winners this month), but also a raid pack from, which includes a big stack of custom-made guild apparel for them to distribute among their guildies and officers as they see fit. If you didn't win but still want to show some guild pride, Swagdog has hats and t-shirts that can be emblazoned with your guild's name and tabard, as well as your character's name and class logo. Huge thanks to them for sponsoring our content.

And of course we're now opening up nominations for the April Guild of the Month. To enter, send us an email (no more than 200 words please) to stating why your guild deserves to win. Please note that you must be from the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) and age 18 or older, as them's the legal rules, and also note that even if you sent us an email last month, you must re-nominate your guild if you want to be considered again. You can send us the same message if you want (there were a lot of good guilds that we had to pass up because there was only one winner), but we've got to keep everything current, so please re-send. Official rules are still here, and this month's deadline will be midnight on May 7th.

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Breakfast Topic: The best time to play

What's your favorite time of the week to get some good WoW gaming in?

It used to be that I really enjoyed playing on the evenings weeknights -- I'd rush home from work to sign into Azeroth and enjoy the primtime evening crowds. Then, I started raiding, and I looked forward to raid nights every week -- usually Tuesday and Sunday. Nowadays, I'm mostly soloing my way through daily quests and new content, and strangely enough, I enjoy logging on early on weekend mornings. I start around 8am on Saturdays and Sundays, and then play through until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Of course, those aren't the only times I play -- I like signing in whenever I have a chance, either to level up or run a group with a few friends. But I really enjoy playing on weekend mornings, with my coffee and maybe a DVD on in the background. What's your favorite time of the week to play?

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It's Friday night... what are you playing this weekend?

Another week's ending which leaves us an entire weekend open for World of Warcraft. So the question is -- what are you up to this weekend? Grinding out levels on a main or alt? Grinding faction for the Aldor or the Scryers or someone else entirely? Questing in one zone or another? Running instances for some particularly interesting piece of gear? Playing around in Halaa or any of the other world PvP objectives in Outland? Training professions? There are countless things to do and only so many hours in a weekend.

I'm going to be leveling my rogue's herbalism and alchemy skills -- a recent switch from mining and engineering. And so far, leveling a profession from zero has been just as tedious and unexciting as I remember.

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